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Wingspan Optics NatureScope – Review | Optics and Lab Equipment

Wingspan Optics NatureScope – Review

Last Updated: 17.11.19

Main technical features


The 10x magnification will help you see even the tiniest detail in the plumage of the birds you are observing. You will also get a clearer and brighter range of view thanks to the 42mm lens and the fully multi-coated glass surface that will let more light enter the objective and reach your eyes. This will result in increased performance in low-light conditions.

The outer body sees the use of a durable armor that will provide a secure and non-slip grip. The durable external protection will also help the monocular handle drops or shocks. What’s more, this option is entirely waterproof and fog proof and is great for any weather and environment.

In addition to that, the monoculars also come with adjustable eyecups for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses. In spite of it being one of the most affordable options on the market, you also get free bonuses to help you get started.


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In-depth information


Bird lovers and wildlife enthusiasts delight in this easy-to-carry and compact monocular that tucks away when you are on the go and that manages to pack features and performance that are only found in more expensive models.

It can deliver crystal clear viewing precisely when you need it since the compact nature means that you can carry it in your pocket or around your neck and have it ready to use at a moment’s notice. The 10x magnification will enable you to see the subtlest details from up to 1000 yards without compromising on clarity.

Users have commented that they were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the images and focus that this model produces. Even when you find yourself far away from your intended target, you will be able to make out fine details such as individual birds, trees, and more.

Another feature that we were glad to see present in this model is the fully multi-coated glass surface. Normally we would expect to see such a high-quality coating only on premium models, but Wingspan seems to know how to build a powerful and affordable handheld bird watching monocular without cutting corners.

The fully multi-coated glass surface will work hand in hand with the generous 42mm objective lens to deliver pristinely bright images even in low-light conditions. What’s more, the coating will also protect the sensitive optics of the monocular from scratches.

Speaking of protection, the waterproof optics are sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from entering the monocular. Internal fogging will also not be a problem. To help keep the optics clean and performing as they should, you get a free lens cleaning cloth and a lens cover.

Furthermore, the package also contains a quality carrying case and a shoulder strap to help transport and store the unit.

Known issues


Since this model offers a very high magnification, it can be tough to keep it steady, especially if you have shaky hands or you plan to use it in windy environments. Thankfully, this issue can be corrected by using a compatible tripod.


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