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Wingspan Optics NaturePro

Last Updated: 14.11.19

Main technical features


True color image quality is guaranteed for this pair of binoculars that was designed with the needs and requirements of a bird watcher in mind.

The focus wheel is one of the most fantastic features of these binoculars, as it lets you enjoy the pleasure of focusing on details you might want to examine in the species of birds you meet in the wild.

Another thing that you will surely appreciate as a bird watcher is the extra large field of view that practically lets you cover most of the landscape, which is ideal for following birds in flight.

Exposure to water will not be a problem, as these binoculars are both waterproof and fog proof; nothing will affect your ability to examine nature from up close.

Users also appreciate that this model is also drop proof, as it comes with a firm anti-slip grip, which reduces the risk of slippage even when you manipulate your binoculars with wet hands.


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In-depth information


Color fidelity is also an essential aspect for bird watchers, a fact that is well known by the manufacturer of these binoculars. The image offered excels in sharpness, as well as in the vividness of the colors, which means that all in all, you will be able to examine the world around you in maximum clarity. The same rule applies to studying objects that are close, as well as those that are far away.

The easy-turn focus wheel is one of the most appreciated features employed on this model. Sometimes you may want to make use of the magnification offered to bring the image close to you, but other times, you might want to focus fast on objects that are closer. The ease of use of the focus wheel makes your experience a delightful one, and that is why so many people like this model so much.

You will get an excellent field of view for covering the landscape around you. It is well known that one of the most important advantages a pair of binoculars for bird watching should offer is an extra-wide field of view, so it is good to know that these binoculars won’t let you down.

Take these binoculars with you, even when the weather gets nasty. As long as you can stand sitting in the rain to watch your favorite species of birds, your faithful binoculars will stay by your side. They are waterproof, and also fog proof, which means that they are well protected and continue to offer excellent image quality regardless of weather conditions.

The anti-slip grip is another aspect that must be mentioned. Many people are afraid of using their binoculars too much, because of fear that they might drop them, but you shouldn’t worry about such things when you’re using this model.

Known issues


While the binoculars look small in size, they are a bit on the heavy side, as noticed by some buyers. If you are going to use them for extended periods, you might feel the strain.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($117.92)




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