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Why You Need a Borescope in Your Home | Optics and Lab Equipment

Why You Need a Borescope in Your Home

Last Updated: 21.10.19


You might have heard of borescopes and how various industries use them. But have you ever thought about whether you need such an item in your home? There are many applications for borescopes, and that is why it is often recommended to get one for home use, as well.

If you have read our most recent article, you already know a few things about borescopes in general. Now, we are going to tell you a few things about what uses you can find for one around the house.

What does a borescope do?

To start with what’s the most crucial aspect, let’s talk about what a borescope can do. Typically, such a device is used for inspection work. Whenever there are areas challenging to examine with the naked eye, a borescope comes in handy. As an optical instrument, a borescope comes in a few configurations.

Some have an eyepiece on the distal end and an objective lens on the other. Consider this system something very close to a monocular, with the difference that the image captured through the eyepiece is transmitted using the fiber optics the cable is made of, and not a lens system like it is the case for a monocular.

More sophisticated systems have a camera on the distal end, and they can take pictures and record videos, which are transmitted via a USB connection to a mobile device. They are quite popular, as they can be used extensively for inspection work and maintenance by a variety of industries.

They are a good idea for home use, as well. Some systems are rigid, others are semi-rigid, and others are flexible. Depending on where you need to reach with the help of the borescope, you can quickly discover which one is the best option for you.


For home use

While it is now clear to you why various industries can make great use of borescope, you may wonder how it is possible for you to take full advantage of such a device.

For starters, imagine all the DIY work you can perform with one. Let’s say that you have a problem with the water pipes, but reaching inside the walls will mean that you should either call a professional or start demolishing the wall to see where the leak is happening.

Of course, the latter recommendation is extreme and hardly practical. But the point is that, if you are handy with your hands and tools, you might discover that many problems can be solved without paying a plumber a hefty fee.

A borescope will help you reach inside the walls, and see where the damage took place. The same thing goes for electrical issues. Many times, the wires get damaged inside the wall, and it can be a real pain to discover where the malfunction occurred.

That said, you can make great use of a borescope if you have small repairs to make around the house. Also, you can run your own diagnostic for malfunctions in the water pipe system or the electrical system, and that alone can save you some money in the long run.


Non-destructive inspection

The main advantage of a borescope is that it offers anyone the possibility to run non-destructive inspection. For industries, as well as homeowners, such aspects are essential for the simple reason that they cut expenses.

You can establish whether the pipes or the electrical wires in your home are in good working order, thus ensuring maintenance work that can prevent some more significant issues later on.

Not to mention, you can use a borescope to inspect the engine of your car, in case it needs cleaning, or there are small issues that must be taken into consideration. You can examine any surface for signs of damage. The optical piece or the camera installed on the borescope can show you what you cannot see with the naked eye.

For car repairs, it can display an image of residue build-ups, or any small cracks, burns, scratches and so on that may appear on components. Any machinery you have at your disposal, and it would be a pain to take apart for maintenance work or repairs, can benefit from this type of non-destructive inspection.

But aren’t borescopes expensive?

That might be one of the first things to occur to you, now that you are convinced that you should get a borescope for home use. While in the past some models were quite costly, now there are some that sell for very low prices.

Since you don’t need a particularly sophisticated design, you can invest a little in a model that is, most probably, less costly than most of the tools you have in your garage.

Also, think about how much money you are going to save up in the long run as you use the borescope for home and auto repairs. That, in itself, should be an argument enough in favor of getting such a device, especially if you are a passionate DIY-er.


What should you focus on when shopping for a borescope?

There are inexpensive options on the market, so let’s talk a little about what features you should focus on. We would recommend getting a borescope that is easy to connect with a mobile device. This will offer you the possibility to see, directly on the screen of your phone or tablet, what the camera of the borescope sees.

In case you need to show the respective images to someone else, a repairman, or a friend for a second opinion, you can store the pics and the videos and share them with whoever you want.

You will notice that there is quite a debate on whether a rigid model, a semi-rigid, or a flexible model is better. We prefer the more flexible versions, as we think they can get to areas that are not easy to reach, and also we opt in favor of those with long cables, to expand the usability of the borescope. You never know what you might need it for, seeing how versatile its applications can be.



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