Although winter sports might have to wait for at least a few months, it is never too early to start buying your winter equipment for the slopes. Whether you’re skiing or snowboarding, you have to wear the right type of gear and try to stay warm as much as possible.

So why would summer seem like the right reason to stock on new snowboarding attire? You’ll get plenty of items on sale and should be able to benefit from major discounts on your favorite brands. Therefore, you can end up buying more products for the same amount of money.

And, while the right suit and gloves are mandatory, some people might question the importance of goggles for snowboarding. Do you have to invest in such accessories as well or can you go along just fine with a regular pair of shades? There are plenty of reasons why snowmobile goggles are mandatory on the slopes, especially for those planning on long sessions of fun in the snow.

Why regular sunglasses don’t do the trick

If you’re an inexperienced winter sports enthusiast, you might think a regular pair of sunglasses will be enough for your exercises on the slopes. Unfortunately, most sunglasses are flimsy and easy to break. They are not resistant to shocks, might scratch or simply fall off your eyes at high speeds. They might also not provide the necessary UVA and UVB protection.

So we strongly advise you invest in a comfortable pair of goggles specific for winter sports. Here are some of the reasons that might influence your decision.


They protect your eyes from the cold and debris

Whether you’re skiing or snowboarding, chances are you are going to reach high speeds on the slopes. The lower the temperatures you’re dealing with, the higher the chances that your eyes will become more sensitive. Therefore, your eyes will most likely start to tear.

Due to their elongated shape and special aerodynamic form, snowboarding goggles will seal your eyes and will keep them away from the harsh effects of negative temperatures. They are also perfect for protecting you against snowflakes or particles of debris or dust in the atmosphere that might cause allergic reactions.


They protect your eyes from accidents

Beginners will often find it hard to maintain their balance and ride the snowmobile perfectly. Any obstacle on the road could lead to them losing control of the vehicle and causing a crash. In this case, goggles are perfect for protecting your eyes against minor crashes or accidents. They will also prevent wood chips or small debris from getting in contact with your eyes.

They keep you protected from harmful sun rays

High altitudes make for a thinner air which causes direct sunlight to be more harmful. However, by using the right pair of goggles, you’ll be able to shield your eyes from dangerous UVA and UVB rays and make sure you see the path.

Keep in mind that you should pick the color of the lenses according to your needs outdoors. Regular lenses can be worn during the night or when there isn’t too much light outside. They won’t distort the image or the contrast, and you’ll be able to see clearly.

On the other hand, polarized or dark lenses are the ideal choice for bright and sunny days. Photochromic lenses are even better for people with sensitive eyes because they can change the lighting and the contrast depending on the amount of sunlight there is outside.


Choosing the right color of lenses

Now that you’re convinced of the necessity of wearing specific snowboarding glasses, you also have to consider the right color of the lenses. For an improved contrast, you should opt for brown, rose or amber lenses. These are suitable for cloudy days although they can also block a decent amount of sunlight during hot days as well.

Clear lenses can only be worn at night because they will only keep your eyes protected from snow, coldness, and debris but won’t be able to do too much for you on sunny days. Again, you should stay away from dark lenses during the night because they will reduce visibility even more and make you more prone to losing control and having an accident.


Other considerations

Wearing the right pair of snow goggles is also good for people who usually wear contact lenses. Prescription or not, these lenses tend to easily dry because of the coldness and the wind in the atmosphere, which may cause your eyes to blink more often and produce tears. So, if you want to prevent a blurry vision or increased discomfort, wearing a pair of goggles over your contact lenses is mandatory.



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