If you’re not entirely a newbie in the kitchen, you must already use a number of different appliances, pots, utensils, and accessories. So why should you invest in a food scale as well?

Believe it or not, there are many reasons why you need to start baking and cooking with a scale, and some of the most important are showcased below.

Use your money wisely

If one of your hobbies is related to cooking, then a food scale is a must. You spend thousands of dollars on other hobbies, so why not invest a couple of hundreds in a good and reliable mechanical kitchen scale? Chances are you already paid large amounts of money for appliances and pots you don’t use on a regular basis, so why not invest in a product that’s actually helpful every day?


It’s the professional thing to do

If you decided to start baking or creating new recipes, you need to invest in high-quality equipment first. This also includes a lightweight and precise digital pocket scale that you can use anywhere you want. Keep in mind that some recipes require high precision in order to obtain a balanced taste, so measuring the ingredients by eye is not a good option.

If you intend to start your own business in the cooking industry, a measuring scale will also increase your profit by maximizing the use of each ingredient. In the long term, you’ll probably end up saving gallons of milk and thousands of ounces of flour.


You’ll spend less time

Believe it or not, by simply measuring all your ingredients you’ll end up saving precious time in the kitchen. A measuring scale allows you to weigh the entire quantity at once without having to add up each cup or tablespoon.

And, since time is money, you can easily reach the conclusion that efficiency is the best policy in the business. In addition, you’ll never lose count on the number of cups you added and how many you have left.

Consider you’d have to bake hundreds of cakes daily – you’ll probably end up forgetting how many cups you already added, which would be bad for business. By investing in a food scale you will make the entire cooking process more efficient and will also prevent hand fatigue from all that measuring.


Measurements are not always standardized

You’re probably used to measuring your ingredients with the help of cups, teaspoons, and tablespoons. Unfortunately, not all of these cups and kitchen utensils have the same volume, which is extremely confusing.

Each manufacturer uses its own scales, materials, and designs, which can easily lead to differences. And, when it comes to cooking gourmet meals or sophisticated dishes, even the slightest ingredient imbalance can destroy the taste or consistency of the final product.

At the end of the day, ounces or grams are always more reliable than cups and teaspoons.  


The shape and size of the ingredients interfere with the weight

Let’s assume that liquid and powder ingredients have the same weight no matter if you use scales or regular measurement cups. But what about the rest of the ingredients that vary in size, shape, and volume? Does a cup of blueberries still equal 10 ounces of blueberries?

When cooking small portions, these differences may not be noticeable with the end products, but in professional cases, all these minor interferences matter a lot. At the end of the day, it’s not only about maximizing each ingredient but also about finding the perfect balance between these ingredients.

You’ll clean fewer dishes

Instead of using all sorts of cups, spoons, and pitchers, why not use a single kitchen tool? Keep in mind that each of these products must be washed after use, which could lead to a tremendous amount of time spent to clean after you’re done cooking.

So, instead of purchasing a dishwasher that will be filled with countless measurement cups, a single food scale seems more efficient. In the long term, you’ll save water, energy, cleaning supplies and, most importantly, time.


It’s easier to travel with

If you plan your next outdoor adventure and decide to also cook some recipes, packing numerous measurement cups is not only difficult but also time-consuming and inefficient. So, next time you need to travel, instead of bringing all these useless accessories, you can invest in a single kitchen scale and carry it with you. It is compact and lightweight and will fit even in the smallest backpacks or luggage.



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