Even though there are still a few months left before the winter season officially starts, it’s never too early to look for new skiing equipment. The best part of it is that you’ll most likely find a lot of products on sale and you can finally afford the coolest items. And if you’re still pondering on the importance of a new pair of goggles for skiing, here are some reasons that we hope will convince you to choose such a product as well.

Sunnies or specific goggles?

Some inexperienced athletes that practice skiing might argue that goggles are not a necessary investment and that you can go just fine with a regular pair of sunglasses. Unfortunately, regular sunglasses may not offer the necessary protection for your eyes on the slopes. Most of them are made of flimsy plastic or can easily break or scratch. They won’t do much against wind or snow either.

And, if they don’t provide full UV protection, they may do you more harm than good when it comes to the light reflected from the snow. On the other hand, the right pair of goggles will be able to protect your eyes better and help you focus on your skiing techniques rather than on constantly adjusting your gear.


Protection from all weather conditions

The most important feature of ski goggles is that they offer complete protection against all elements in the atmosphere and against all weather conditions. Unlike sunglasses that can easily fall off, goggles will seal your eyes from harmful sunlight, excessive wind or snow. Thus, you can perform your favorite winter sports even when the skies are not perfectly clear or, on the contrary, when there is too much light outside.


Protection from accidents

Beginners may find it difficult to keep their balance on the skis or properly use the ski sticks in the beginning, so extra protective gear is in their best interest. Just think of skiing being similar to learning how to ride a bike. In the beginning you needed helmets and knee pads, right?

The right pair of goggles will not only keep you safe from harsh weather conditions but could also prove helpful in cases of impacts, shocks or minor accidents. They will keep your eyes protected and won’t allow small wood chips or harmful parts from getting into your eyes.

Keep in mind that you may easily go off track if you’re a beginner so hitting a few branches might not result in injury to your eyes.

Goggles stay in place

No matter if you choose a more expensive model or you’re looking for the most affordable pair of ski goggles under 50, these are designed to stay in place. You can adjust your goggles to benefit from the best fit for you, and you can also keep their straps behind your ski helmet to help them stick to your face all day long. Unfortunately, regular sunglasses will simply become uncomfortable after just a couple of hours.


Different color lenses provide different protection

You should know that finding the right pair of ski goggles for you could prove difficult, especially if you’re new in the field. The shape, size, and color of the lenses often differ from one model to another, so you’ll need to do some background search before deciding on the best product for you.

For instance, goggles with clear or light lenses are perfect for skiing during the night or in low-light environments. They won’t cause fatigue to your eyes and won’t distort the colors of the image, helping you see any obstacles ahead.

On the other hand, dark lenses are mandatory during sunny days when you need increased protection for your eyes and want to enjoy a good image contrast to see what’s ahead of you. Polarized lenses will do the trick as well, but photochromic ones are even better as they can block the light depending on the amount of sunlight existent.


How to look after your goggles

Assuming you already purchased the right type of ski goggles for your needs, you still have to properly look after them if you want them to last you longer. Therefore, here are some easy ways on how to protect your favorite skiing accessories.

First of all, don’t overdress. Most skiing gear is specifically designed to keep your body warm during harsh weather conditions but adding extra layers of clothing just to stay covered may not seem like the perfect idea. Your body can get easily overheated and cause your goggles to collect condensation, which will diminish your visibility.

You should also purchase specific cleaning products such as anti-fogging wipes or cleaners, especially if your goggles haven’t been pretreated.



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