A student microscope may not seem like a purchase that has a lot of influence on the future of your kids, but you would surprise to know just how much can this simple instrument teach and shape the interests of an individual.

We tend to think of student microscopes as a sort of toy that younger kids can use to “pretend” to do a bit of science. While that might have been true in the past, it is important to know that student microscopes nowadays are pieces of technology and science that can be just as effective as research microscopes in studying complex components of various organisms, cells, and tissues.

It still begs the question, why should you buy a student microscope? After all, depending on the model you choose, this will not be a cheap purchase. So are there enough reasons to purchase such an instrument for your child? We believe there are, and in the article below, we will try to present a few of the reasons that had us convinced that a student microscope is an investment that is well worth the money.


Whet your child’s appetite for science

Science is not always fun, theory without practice can make this fascinating subject quite hard to digest. Unless you try and start their passion for science from a young age, you risk removing a wide range of opportunities that they can follow when they grow up.

This is where a microscope comes into a play, but you have to make sure that you choose the right model because otherwise you risk wasting money for nothing. A cheap model that is merely a plastic toy and that reveals nothing will only help to quash any interest that your kid might have had.

The good thing is that finding excellent student microscopes these days is quite easy since models are packed full of features, and they all offer great magnification and excellent viewing experience. The secret to getting a good instrument is not being afraid to spend a little more than what you would normally be used with.

This does not mean that you will have to spend a fortune since brands such as AmScope and others offer models that are aimed exclusively at students and young kids.

You should also consider the fact that they can use their microscope for school assignments. Not all schools afford to have a microscope for every student so having your very own will help your kid focus on what the teacher is trying to show to the class.

With your very own student microscope, you can even have classmates around and turn what would otherwise be a dull task, such as doing a biology assignment, into something fun and social. With the amount of fun they’ll be having, they won’t even notice that they’re doing work.


Think of the future

It is crucial that you help your kid experiment as much of what life has to offer from a young age, as that is the only way he or she can get to know themselves better. The sooner they learn what they like and what they dislike to do, the sooner they can start focusing on their energy on their passions.

This is why it is important that you offer them as many opportunities to learn and experience different and unique things. A microscope is no different as it can be a gateway to another world. Ask any scientist around the world, and they’ll probably tell you that their passion for science started when they were young, by using instruments such as a microscope or a telescope.

These simple instruments can have a big impact on the worldview of your child; they can easily awake a passion that laid dormant until you presented them with the right tools. Watching a leaf, an insect, even their own skin up close with the help of the microscope is an experience that they can’t get from other places.

This passion of theirs for science can easily transform into a career. If they end up working in an area that requires the use of a microscope, the years of using their own device can be of great help. He or she might not need to train, and the fact that using a microscope feels natural means will help them a great deal.


You can use it to have fun

Now that we’ve talked about what parents want from a telescope, it is also important we take a second and acknowledge the thing that is most important to a child: fun. That’s right, a microscope may seem like a sober instrument to us, but the truth is that kids absolutely love using it.

Kids are fascinated with the way the world works, they’ve been on it for such a short time that they want to learn all it has to offer. In a sense they are very much like your average scientist, the world is a mystery, and their goal in life is to make sense of it.

A microscope will help them do that while also offering them countless hours of pure fun. Be ready to be amazed by the number of objects they’ll start observing, and most importantly, be ready to join them and lose the track of time as you become a child again and view the world through the lenses of your new microscope.


The magic of technology

Another reason for getting a student microscope is the fact that you now have a ton of alternatives to choose from. Perhaps you’re used with models that are so massive that they risk toppling your desk, or maybe you’re used with microscopes that rely on glass lenses.

Those models are still around but the future is here, and it has come with loads of choices that can satisfy even the picky customer. You can now get portable models that fit even in the smallest backpack and that make exploring on the go a fun and effortless experience.

What’s more, if you don’t want to worry about fragile and easy to break optics, you can now go for digital microscopes that use technology that is similar to that of your phone’s camera. Speaking of your phone’s camera, you can even turn your phone into a microscope by using a magnifier that can be attached to the back of your phone.

With so many options to choose and the many benefits of having your own microscope, there’s really no reason for you not to get one right now.



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