It’s never too early to start practicing your snowmobiling tricks and purchase the right attire, especially if you want to be the first one who enjoys the slopes when the season opens. However, finding the right snowmobiling equipment and accessories could prove quite difficult, especially with so many options on the market.

But, while suits, gloves, shoes, and helmets are mandatory, people still debate the usefulness of a new pair of goggles for snowboarding. We reckon they are not only helpful but indispensable, and here are a few reasons that might convince you too.

The difference between goggles and sunglasses

Most people don’t understand the importance of investing in a new pair of glasses if they’re skiing. Instead, they insist on wearing regular or polarized sunglasses which, even though they offer a certain UVA and UVB protection, they are not enough to keep you safe.

The main reason why sunglasses should be immediately replaced with goggles is that their design is often flimsy and not reliable. The lenses are made of plastic, and the polarized coating is not powerful enough to keep you protected. Also, sunglasses may easily break, scratch or chip and you’ll need to constantly re-adjust them, which may distract your attention.


They protect you from wind and snow

Unlike regular sunnies, goggles can protect you from extreme weather conditions, including snow or wind. Sunglasses won’t do you much good when the weather is windy because they can easily fall from your eyes. Also, since there is a considerable distance between the lens and your eye, there are high chances of snow getting into your eyes, especially due to the heavy winds.

Wind can dry your eyes, causing them to tear more to maintain the necessary humid environment. This will clearly lower your visibility and create discomfort which can further affect your ability to drive the snowmobile.

The right pair of snowmobile goggles will perfectly seal your eyes and won’t allow any wind or snow to penetrate. Therefore, your eyes will remain safe and will maintain the optimum level of moisture without producing more tears.


They protect you from obstacles

Another reason why goggles are better than regular sunglasses is that, due to their rough and sturdy construction, they can protect your eyes from obstacles and minor injuries. We know that riding the snowmobile can be a little hard, especially if you’re a newbie. It is hard to maintain direction, especially if the snow layer is uneven.

If you enjoy off-road snowmobiling, you’ll need a pair of suitable goggles to keep you protected and shielded from branches, trees, minor impacts, shocks, scratches, and others. Bushes and trees are almost impossible to avoid when going off-road, and a pair of strong goggles will help you stay safe. Also, the large size of the goggles offers you protection for your forehead, temples, and the upper part of the cheeks.

They can help you ride day and night

Different types of goggles provide distinct contrast and can reduce glare. These are essential aspects if you plan on going for a snowmobile ride in all weather conditions. Whether it’s foggy, sunny, windy, cloudy or even dark outside, specific goggles will help you easily see the road and what’s ahead of you.

Goggles with dark or polarized lenses are perfect for the bright sun as they provide the best contrast. Therefore, you will be able to focus on your driving skills rather than seeing the obstacles around you.

However, due to their high contrast ratio, they won’t work wonders during the evening or night. To safely ride during the night time, you’ll have to order a pair of goggles with clear and unpolarized lenses.

The color of the lenses also provides increased visibility during cloudy, foggy or sunny days. Pink lenses are suitable for almost all types of weather while the brown lenses should be mainly used under clear skies. The colors don’t appear as bright on goggles with brown lenses. Therefore it may be difficult to spot bushes or trees from a distance.


Other aspects

Riding a snowmobile is challenging, especially if you are not a professional. Many other aspects are influencing your riding skills, including the light, the type of terrain, the obstacles, the wind, and the speed. High speed combined with the coldness outside may cause your eyes to tear even more, so staying focused on the road can become difficult.

Luckily, these problems are eliminated if you know how to choose the perfect pair of goggles for you. In addition, these accessories will prevent your contact lenses from drying out.



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