If you are a motorcycle rider, you’ve probably asked yourself why the specialists recommend that one uses special goggles while driving his/her bike. To be of help to you, we have composed this list of reasons why it is vital that one invests in an item of this kind.

They keep your eyes protected

One of the most annoying things that can happen to you while riding your motorcycle is having debris and insects getting in your eyes. This is not only irritating and distracting to the rider, but it can also cause damage to one’s eyes.

What is more, there have been cases where motorcyclists that drove without eye protection were left blind after bugs and road debris hit their eyes while riding at high speeds. Therefore, investing in high-quality eye gear is a must if you want to make sure that your face is protected against such unfortunate accidents.

Goggles are particularly important if you do not have a helmet that offers full coverage of your face. However, before you invest in any motorcycle and ATV goggles, you should make sure that the product that you have opted for meets the required standards.


No more side impacts

When it comes to deciding between glasses and goggles, some users seem to prefer using sunglasses as a means of protection. However, it has been proven that goggles are better at keeping your eyes safe. This is the case because goggles seal themselves around your eyes better.

Furthermore, goggles can provide better protection from side impact. Hence, if a bug hits you while you are looking off the side, you won’t have to deal with the painful consequences. Still, it is worth pointing out that newer sunglasses models are also worth your attention as they have enough lens curvature to also deflect side impacts.


They protect you against the wind

If you ride at high speeds, you probably already know that glasses simply cannot keep the wind from entering at the edges. As a result of the impact of the wind, some riders end up suffering from a condition called the dry eye. In other words, your eye is predisposed to drying out faster than the blinking can replace the lost moisture.

This condition is not only highly uncomfortable. According to the specialists, in the long run, eye dry can lead to eye inflammation, a predisposition for eye infections, corneal ulcers and so on. From this point of view, goggles are the perfect choice for eye protection as they can create a seal around your eyes that shields them from dust and drying out.


Better fitting

One common problem that bikers have with their eye protection is the fact that it can fall off if it does not fit well. However, such issues can be avoided if you decide to invest in goggles, as these gadgets usually feature an adjustable nose piece and strap that guarantees an excellent fit, regardless of the shape of your head.

They can be used off-road

If you like riding off the road, near fellow bikers, you probably know just how difficult it is to deal with the dust that gets in your eyes. Because of these challenging conditions, some visors are not suitable for the job.

However, differently from glasses, when wearing goggles, because of the tight seal that they form, dust is not able to cling to the inside lens surface. Because of this, most MX racers invest in racing goggles, rather than in glasses. Still, you should know that the models that they purchase have been specially made for off-road riding and, thus, they have a better design.


They are versatile

Another significant advantage that goggles have is that they are quite versatile. Therefore, when not worn while riding, they can be utilized when practicing extreme sports where eye protection is crucial.

This is possible because motorcycle goggles come equipped with various anti-glare coatings, UV protection filters, and other similar practical features.


They are compatible with useful accessories

Last but not least, goggles are worthy of your attention as they are compatible with a handful of accessories that can make the experience of riding even more enjoyable, no matter the weather conditions.

For instance, you can purchase an accessory called a tear-off. A tear-off is a thin film that covers the lens of the goggle, and that can be used to instantly clean your field of view if your vision is suddenly impaired because of the dirt and debris.

Moreover, you can also purchase roll-offs, an alternative to tear offs, as they do pretty much the same thing. What is more, some of the available goggles also come provided with replacement lenses. This way, when your goggles get too scratched, you can just swap the old lenses out, and place the new ones in.



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