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Wasserstein Digital Nutrition Scale – Review | Optics and Lab Equipment

Wasserstein Digital Nutrition Scale – Review

Last Updated: 12.12.19



Main technical features


The precision of this unit is guaranteed by four highly accurate sensors which have an error range within .1 ounces or 1 gram. It will zero out pretty fast, giving you a pinpoint result. The nutrients, amount of protein, fiber or carbohydrates are immediately calculated by using the expansive database containing almost 1000 different ingredients.

This reliable nutrition scale also has a large LCD screen which allows you to read the results without problems. Furthermore, it has unit conversion and a memory function which displays the nutrition facts for an entire meal.


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In-depth information


Another great alternative when it comes to nutrition scales, this item boasts excellent value for the money, a wide variety of functions which give it versatility and a well-crafted build, increasing its durability and lifespan.

Apart from working as a scale, it has a built-in database with almost 1000 different foods, each with its code.

By inserting this number, it will automatically calculate the exact data about that ingredient, such as calories, salt, fat, carbohydrates and other vital information for those on a diet.

Weighing is done by four precision sensors which have a reduced error of .1 ounces or 1 gram. After measuring it, the result will be displayed in one of the following units, depending on your choice: ounces, pounds, grams, and milliliters.

To calculate the nutrients contained by an entire meal which includes different foods, save the facts for each ingredient and then the scale will sum them up, offering you a detailed perspective regarding your intake.

When it comes to design, attention to detail is what best describes this elegant and modern looking scale. It has an Onyx black tempered glass surface which will resist high loads; this makes it very easy to clean and wash after use.

This excellent nutrition scale has a generous LCD screen with backlighting, to be used in poorly-lit rooms, too. Storage is facilitated by the slim build, which requires little space for long-term depositing.

Other cool features you will find useful include the unit conversion and the alphabetized manual with codes for the food database. The memory function is also highly appreciated by most users who have to measure their daily intake carefully.

An automatic tare feature can be used by placing the bowl on the weighing surface before you turn on the gadget. This way, it will automatically calibrate itself and indicate 0; after this, you can measure the ingredients with ease.

Known issues


Some customers consider the only downside of this product to be the lack of additional memory for adding their ingredient nutrition data to the base. Apart from the pre-programmed foods, you cannot use it for anything else; however, there are 999 options provided.

Even though some units can be damaged with ease, the brand’s customer service will replace the ones with manufacturer defects straight away. Another minor disadvantage is that if you accidentally push the ON button repeatedly, it will turn off and reset.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($24.99)




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Gisela Meneses
Gisela Meneses

Hello, I am making a cake and would like to add each ingredient separately to calculate the total nutritional values. I can’t find the code for sugar, do you have more codes online?

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