Main technical features


Since this handheld telescope is water and fogproof it is ideal for use in a variety of viewing applications.

Not only do you have the advantage of its durable and rugged construction, this handheld telescope from Ueasy is also comfortable to use.

With its full multi coated lens and 10 times magnification power you can easily see objects at a distance.

It comes with everything you need to ensure that it will last for years, at a price that most consumers can afford.


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In-depth information


If you’re looking for a handheld telescope that is rugged and durable, this model by Ueasy might be the perfect choice for you. Its sturdy construction can survive almost any outdoor conditions, and it can even withstand occasional falls from a low height. What really sets this handheld telescope apart from similarly priced models are the barrels that are filled with nitrogen gas. This effectively prevents fogging that can obscure your view. Since it is also waterproof you really can take it with you almost anywhere.

It won’t matter if a telescope comes with a durable build, unless it is also comfortable and easy to use. This won’t be a problem with this handheld model since it is designed for beginners and experienced users. It is easy to adjust the focus thanks to the conveniently place knob, and you don’t even have to take your eyes of the object you are viewing. This makes this telescope ideal for everything from watching concerts to sports and scenic viewing. Its lightweight construction also makes it convenient to carry. Best of all even if you wear glasses this telescope will still be comfortable to use.

Seeing objects at a distance isn’t a problem with this handheld telescope. It comes with a fully multi coated lens and 10 times magnification capabilities. A wide field of view allows you to scan the area, and easily track moving objects. Even though this is a handheld telescope it still packs a lot of power in its small size.

One of the reasons this handheld telescope is a good value for your money is the fact that it is easy to care for. This helps to prevent damage from normal wear and tear so you can enjoy crisp clear viewing for years. The lens cover protects against scratches and there is even a cleaning cloth to gently wipe away dust and fingerprints. The included bag not only protects the telescope from damage when it is not in use, it also makes it easy to pack with the rest of your gear. When you can take of your telescope properly it can provide you with years of use.


Known issues

One consumer did mention that it was difficult to view distant objects through the lens, but this is typically a problem with focusing and not the performance of the telescope.


Buy from for ($39.98)




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