While helping your child getting involved in all sorts of educational and sports activities is nice, you should never neglect his or her curiosity. If you want to expand the universe of your precious little one and show a new world, then there’s no better option other than getting one of the quality and safe microscopes for 7-year-olds available for sale.

Doing so will give your kid plenty of benefits in all sorts of areas that you might not have even thought of. Here are a few ways in which your child might benefit from a microscope.

Exploring a new world

One of the things you should never do is oversimplify things for your kids. You’d be surprised to find out that they’d actually love to know a lot more about the world that you would have thought. Children are like little sponges when it comes to absorbing information about the world, and offering them a microscope is a great way to allow them to learn a lot about microscopic wonders.

Even if biology classes weren’t your thing in school, your kid will benefit immensely from getting a scientific instrument able to unravel a hidden world filled with all sorts of interesting and captivating details. Your kid will learn to use the microscope with some assistance, and you can also choose to get some pre-made slides with various plant and animal species.


Learning more about living things

Especially with so many things going on in the world, from climate change to the shrinking of national parks to the extinction of species, now is a great time to teach your child about the importance of life. He or she can observe numerous species, from exotic ones to small creatures living in your backyard.

You’d be surprised to see how fast children catch up and learn. Besides having obvious educational advantages, a microscope can also provide your kid with loads of fun, especially when there are so many things to look at through the magnifying glass.

Getting involved in a wonderful after school activity

In addition to discovering more about the microscopic world that is hidden from our naked eyes, getting a microscope will provide your 7-year-old kid with a productive and entertaining after school activity.

In this modern world that’s dominated by iPhones, computers, and television, it can be a true blessing to get your child to go outside to collect samples and then spend quality time in the company of his little newfound little friends. This would be in contrast to having him stuck in front of a computer for hours on end.

A microscope might actually help your child with school work as he could participate in a science project and bring his own contributions. This would surely stimulate creativity, boost confidence, as well as possibly improve overall attitude towards education.


Developing cognitive and motor skills

A microscope is surely not the easiest devices to learn on, especially when the child is young. However, these optical devices come with numerous benefits in terms of improving both cognitive and motor skills.

Your kid will have to learn to operate all those little dials, knobs, and buttons so he might get quite good at handling them. Of course, you can always help when things get complicated, and you can also go for a simpler microscope in the first place.

Another advantage to getting a microscope for your boy or girl is that he or she will also benefit from mental exercises by trying to identify species seen through the eyepieces, putting information together, looking at characteristics and comparing these with those of other species.

You may not realize it yet, but all of these fun ‘exercises’ could help immensely with educating your child and creating a path for a more certain future.


Studying to be a scientist

In the world of Silicon Valley companies, everyone wants to be an IT specialist. However, there are few who choose the path of a scientist. This can be a highly rewarding choice, especially given the hefty salaries scientists from top institutes receive.

According to plenty of studies, it can also be rewarding in terms of satisfaction with the job and with life in general. This is because it appears people with higher academic studies and accomplishments tend to be happier.

A microscope might just tip the balance of curiosity and help your child decide on a future career in life sciences. Many of us, grown-ups, regret not having made a choice earlier in our lives, and there’s a great advantage in providing your kid with the means to figure out what he or she would like to do when growing up.

Getting an easy-to-use device

If all the above may sound serious and complicated, you might be glad to learn that you can find plenty of microscope models that are quite easy to use, not to mention extremely fun. You probably shouldn’t actually think of a plastic toy microscope since it would add little to no real value.

Yet there are some instruments that are easy to set-up as well as use. Your child can learn to twist all those dials in no time. There are quite a few beginner microscope sets out there, ranging from the down-right simple to the more complex variants that should still be manageable even by a 7-year-old.


Enjoying a versatile device

One of the best things about microscopes nowadays is that they come with plenty of eyepieces, zoom options, lighting systems, adjustments, accessories, etc. What this means for you is that you have a wide range of options at your disposal so that you can make the right choice for your child.

You can get a normal glass microscope that comes with extra safety features, or a smaller and lighter plastic variant that you could upgrade later on, as your kid learns more.

There are also quite a few USB microscope cameras out there that could enable an easy connection to a laptop or computer so that your kid can record and review slides and experiments. This in addition to getting a much clearer view in the first place if you plug the microscope camera into a large screen.



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