Smart Weigh SWS100 Elite Review


Main technical features


This product is a work of art and nothing less. Not only does it look good, but it also packs all a chemist or a cook might need from a product in this category, without making any compromise. One guaranteed highlight has to be its long life and sturdiness. It is created from premium materials and can be used to fulfill a wide range of purposes. Just like a high-quality item should, it comes equipped with an LCD screen for easy readings, it has enhanced sensors and, more importantly, a capacity of 100g or 1543 grains in increments of 0.01g or 0.15 grains. If you want a scale that won’t let you down, there’s hardly any other product that meets all that criteria.


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In-depth information



This is a unique pocket scale which was crafted to be strong, accurate, durable, and to come in a pocket-size, with a minimal footprint, so that it can meet many of your portable weighing needs. You can use it to weigh things such as food, powder, gemstones, jewelry, gold, or silver. And its functions are designed to make your weighing tasks convenient, and why not, efficient. You can use the sought after tare function to determine the net weight of any substance by subtracting the weight of your tray or bowl. It’s little things like these that make it such an attractive product, no matter what you’re buying it for or for whom.

Other aspects that matter

When it comes to design highlights, its tactile easy-touch buttons are a standard in the industry. The backlit LCD screen shows large size digits and has a stark contrast so the measurements are easy to read, which might come in handy if you have sight problems. The scale’s platform, made from equally premium materials, measures 2.5 x 3.0 inches. It also includes all the necessary international unit measurements for easy weight translations, great if you are part of a multicultural team: gram, grain, ounce, and even carat.


It should be quick

Set the nifty scale to your desired scale system, by just pressing the mode button. That is all you have to do, as the readings will be almost instantaneous. Manufactured by experts with high-precision sensors, the machine aims to ensure accurate weight readings in all temperature and humidity conditions. You can as well use the scale’s protective cover, which comes in the box, as a weighing tray. The Smart Weigh scale review will also reveal that the product is ideal for medical and pharmaceutical purposes.


Known Issues

When it comes to less attractive aspects, digital pocket scale reviews tell us, new buyers seemed to have received products that weren’t calibrated out of the box. This is not such a big deal if you consider the fact that the manufacturer made it very easy to calibrate it with just the push of a button.


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Brilliant Calory Scale – Review



Main technical features


The gadget includes an LCD which shows results in many different units that can be selected in accordance with the preferences of the user. Made with a tempered safety glass platform, its capacity has been significantly increased, allowing you a massive 22 lbs of payload, more than enough for your everyday needs.

It has four strain gauge sensors, which guarantee accurate and precise measurements. Eight keys for Kcal calculation are provided. This reliable nutrition scale operates using 4 1.5 volts AAA batteries.


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In-depth information


The digital multifunctional kitchen scale made by Brilliant is one of the most effective tools available for calculating your daily intake. It is appreciated for its great accuracy; this is provided by the four strain gauge sensors which were used to equip this model.

These will measure the weight of the ingredients, while the built-in calculator will display the Kcal intake for one of the eight possible foods included in its database. This way, you can keep track of your calorie intake without having to use other gadgets.

The eight keys for calculation are meant to cover the necessary ingredients usually found in diet food – chicken, butter, sugar, flour, egg, chocolate, and beef. Furthermore, you can find out the volume of water or milk measured by converting its mass into a volume with the particular function.

If you are using the item as a simple kitchen scale, it will display the results in 3 different units: grams, pounds, and ounces.

With a modern and elegant design, this item will not only look great in your kitchen, but it will also be easy to store since it compact and pretty lightweight.

The materials used for this good electronic scale are of the highest quality, the tempered safety glass platform enabling you to weigh anything up to 22 lbs. It covers a surface of 27 x 18 centimeters, so it does not require too much room on your table.

Powered by 4 1.5 volts AAA batteries (which are not included in the package and have to be bought separately), its LCD is large and comfortable to read, the font being suitable even for those with poorer eyesight. It incorporates the tare option, which eliminates the weight of the bowl from the calculations.

Available for an attractive price, the Brilliant digital scale has excellent value for the money. This essential and easy to use model is efficient for tracking daily calorie intake.

Known issues


Even though you can calculate the calorie intake by using this product, some customers believe that, given its price and overall quality, a function to determine the nutrients contained would have been helpful.

It is pretty basic and does not include many additional extras, which are nowadays featured on most smartphone apps for diet tracking; the latter can be used for more specific calculation.


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Spirit Digital Kitchen Review


Main technical features


This tiny scale hides many features under a small footprint. For example, it is very accurate, as it has quality sensors. Its body is sturdy, and overall, it is user-friendly and ideal for many tasks that need fast results on which you can rely without having doubts. Moreover, it is lightweight, and it can be stored anywhere. The values can be read on its LCD screen, and AAA batteries power it.


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In-depth information


Quality craft

One aspect that clumsy people will resonate with is the fact that the model is crafted from high-quality materials. The build is ideal for heavy-duty tasks and transforms it into something that can be dropped and still offer accurate readings. Plus, the piece has a scratch-resistant surface that shows no imperfection that could get in the way of your weighing processes. It has a silver finish, as well as a premium vibe to it that everyone will appreciate, especially if used in a lab. All of these essential construction details matter not only for superficial reasons like looks and vibe, but because they are ultimately going to make the piece have a long life and be suitable for any working environment.


The product is versatile, a thing that buyers emphasize whenever they get the chance to. It is constructed for kitchens and cooking purposes, but it can as well be used in a pharmaceutical lab, or for any other situation when it is vital that you know how much each ingredient weighs. Some people even use it to weigh letters. Due to its rather compact body, reduced dimensions, and light materials, portability is ensured. It can be stored in any drawer, and if you’re going to put it in your bag, you might forget it is there as it won’t add any unnecessary load. Moreover, the scale is powered by two AAA batteries, a thing which only enhances the fact that it is meant to be a pocket scale.



The digital scale is very fast, user-friendly and can be calibrated with the push of a button. It also includes a piece counting function for more rapid measurements when the clock is ticking, and you have to hurry up. As a premium feature, it rocks an LCD screen lit by an energy-efficient bright blue backlight, and it allows you the possibility to display the readings in many measuring systems. It is manufactured to include high precision sensors that don’t lose their accuracy in time, as some models do. In the package, you also get two plastic trays to aid with the tedious process of measuring dust and liquids. Furthermore, its range is from 0.01oz or 0.1g to 105oz or 3000g, which is quite a lot for a product this size.


Known Issues

One downside that you should know about is its footprint, digital pocket scale reviews tell us. The piece is quite small and compact – and although this makes it ideal for travel purposes and fine measurements, it might be hard to weight larger items with its help, so make sure you understand this aspect.


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