Main technical features


This tiny scale hides many features under a small footprint. For example, it is very accurate, as it has quality sensors. Its body is sturdy, and overall, it is user-friendly and ideal for many tasks that need fast results on which you can rely without having doubts. Moreover, it is lightweight, and it can be stored anywhere. The values can be read on its LCD screen, and AAA batteries power it.


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In-depth information


Quality craft

One aspect that clumsy people will resonate with is the fact that the model is crafted from high-quality materials. The build is ideal for heavy-duty tasks and transforms it into something that can be dropped and still offer accurate readings. Plus, the piece has a scratch-resistant surface that shows no imperfection that could get in the way of your weighing processes. It has a silver finish, as well as a premium vibe to it that everyone will appreciate, especially if used in a lab. All of these essential construction details matter not only for superficial reasons like looks and vibe, but because they are ultimately going to make the piece have a long life and be suitable for any working environment.


The product is versatile, a thing that buyers emphasize whenever they get the chance to. It is constructed for kitchens and cooking purposes, but it can as well be used in a pharmaceutical lab, or for any other situation when it is vital that you know how much each ingredient weighs. Some people even use it to weigh letters. Due to its rather compact body, reduced dimensions, and light materials, portability is ensured. It can be stored in any drawer, and if you’re going to put it in your bag, you might forget it is there as it won’t add any unnecessary load. Moreover, the scale is powered by two AAA batteries, a thing which only enhances the fact that it is meant to be a pocket scale.



The digital scale is very fast, user-friendly and can be calibrated with the push of a button. It also includes a piece counting function for more rapid measurements when the clock is ticking, and you have to hurry up. As a premium feature, it rocks an LCD screen lit by an energy-efficient bright blue backlight, and it allows you the possibility to display the readings in many measuring systems. It is manufactured to include high precision sensors that don’t lose their accuracy in time, as some models do. In the package, you also get two plastic trays to aid with the tedious process of measuring dust and liquids. Furthermore, its range is from 0.01oz or 0.1g to 105oz or 3000g, which is quite a lot for a product this size.


Known Issues

One downside that you should know about is its footprint, digital pocket scale reviews tell us. The piece is quite small and compact – and although this makes it ideal for travel purposes and fine measurements, it might be hard to weight larger items with its help, so make sure you understand this aspect.


Buy from for ($16.15)




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