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Sparoma Indoor Humidity Temperature Review | Optics and Lab Equipment

Sparoma Indoor Humidity Temperature Review

Last Updated: 22.10.19

Main technical features


Knowing the humidity levels and temperature in your home is a must if you want to maintain proper living conditions in your household, and that is exactly what this unit provides you with.

You will know more than just the temperature and humidity at a particular moment. The unit is capable of showing you information related to the highs and the lows registered.

The large numbers on the display are easy to read, and while the unit is compact, you will find it comfortable to read even when it is placed at a distance from you.

With two mounting options available, you will find this unit to be quite versatile. Whether you want to hang it on a wall or use it as a tabletop model, you will find it easy to take your pick.

The model works with batteries, so it is portable. 2 AAA batteries are required, and these are quite standard.


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In-depth information


Most hygrometers you see on the market are also indoor thermometers, but you will be pleased to find out that there is one more function that this model has. It also has a built-in digital clock, which means that you will get all the information you need from the same place. Created by a company specialized in making home products, this hygrometer provides you with useful information on the conditions in your home. Once you know details about humidity and temperature, you will be able to take the necessary measures to maintain proper values for healthy living.

This model is accurate and will provide you with precise readings. The temperature values can be measured between 32F and 122F. The unit can measure the temperature in Celsius, as well, which means that the range mentioned earlier is between 0C and 50C. The hygrometer can evaluate the humidity between 20% and 95%. Finding the right values for proper living conditions is not difficult, once you have such a unit to help you see what you are dealing with. The unit takes its readings once every 10 seconds so that you can count on them.

You can use this hygrometer anywhere you want. Be it that you want to place it on a flat surface or mount it on a wall, it is all possible. That means that its applications are very versatile, and you can move it and place it anywhere you want. You can place it in your garden, or your baby’s room. No matter where you put it, it will do its job.

The unit works with AAA batteries, so it has no outstanding requirements. The manufacturer provides a user’s manual with your purchase from which you can learn all the details you need.

Known Issues


Some buyers mention that the figures for the clock are way too small and that denies the full functionality of this hygrometer.

Another minor complaint mentioned by the reviewers is that the clock will not change to DST on its own.


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