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Solomark Blue-infrared LYSB00THZ2NFE – Review | Optics and Lab Equipment

Solomark Blue-infrared LYSB00THZ2NFE – Review

Last Updated: 14.11.19



Main technical features


A real night vision device, this unit comes equipped with a low light sensor that will be able to improve image performance in dim conditions, for maximum convenience.

You will get the ability to record videos and pictures and store them on the included 4GB micro SD card that comes with your purchase.

Displaying the media files you record with your night vision monocular on a TV or a PC is easy because you can hook it quickly with other devices.

It is tripod-mountable, and it can be attached to a neck strap, or a binocular strap, for easy transportation when you need to move a lot.

Varying the illumination intensity, as well as the image zoom, is smooth, and the comfortable operation contributes to its overall appeal.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($129.99)




In-depth information


Various applications can benefit from the many advantages of a night vision monocular like this one. You can successfully use it for surveillance purposes, as well as for exploring areas with bad illuminations, such as caves. If you’re a hunter, and you want to increase your chances of success at nighttime, nothing could be more comfortable than using this device to help you identify your targets in the dark. The maximum distance you can cover with it is 328 feet, so it may not be that good an idea for hunters who want to spot prey with good eyesight, but overall, it proves to be handy in a broad category of situations.

Image performance is decent, as the optics are multi-coated, increasing light transmission, while the high sensitivity sensor will provide you with the means to see in complete darkness, something that your regular binoculars or monocular cannot achieve. Since illumination is what makes this monocular different from those designed for daytime viewing, we need to say a few other things. For instance, you can adjust the illumination level by choosing from seven different settings. This feature is considered a plus by many users, as they want to be in control of how much light their device emits in nighttime viewing conditions.

The number of extras that comes with this night vision monocular may convince you that this is a great deal for you. You will receive a 4GB micro SD card that you can use for storing the videos and images you will record, while the neck strap and the carrying case make it easy for the user to carry it around. The fact that the manufacturer also offers the necessary cables to hook your night vision monocular with your TV or PC is a nice touch and proves the company’s care for details and desire to provide its customers with excellent value for the price.


Known issues

Some users say that the camera mode is not particularly useful, but, for a product this cheap, they do not find it a reason to give up on the unit and its many other benefits.

The cap used to protect the sensor seems to come unscrewed quite quickly, which means that you might end up losing it.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($129.99)



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