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Smart Weigh Slim Jewel Review | Optics and Lab Equipment

Smart Weigh Slim Jewel Review

Last Updated: 21.10.19

Main technical features


The first element that strikes you when you see the digital scale is its design and just how beautiful and elegant it looks. It does indeed look like a jewel, just like the manufacturer says it does. Moreover, it has an ultra-sensitive sensor, offers speed readings in all working conditions, and it is accurate. When it comes to portability, the piece is lightweight and three batteries power it so that you can take it with you anywhere you have to go.


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In-depth information


What matters the most

This has all the potential features to be a standout in its category. It is ideal for on-the-go tasks and for all types of items or objects such as tablets, letters, and coins. Moreover, it weights everything with precision. Manufactured with modern electronic sensors, this grand scale provides readings you can rely on and that are constant, even if you test them with another product. The craftsmanship of the object is for sure of superior quality, so if you look at the price, you’ll see that it is a bargain.


This Smart Weigh scale review would also like to point out that the product has a capacity of up to 20 grams or 308 grains, which is more than enough for multiple tasks. Plus, it comes with the professional accuracy of 0.001g or 0.015 grains. The flip-open lid, included in the set, is there to protect and conserve the delicate platform from scratches and other microaggressions. It also doubles as a weighing tray where you can place your items. The backlit LCD, a nifty addition, will make the quick measurements easy to read. Also, for extended versatility, it features the tare function technology, which users need to calculate the net weight, especially if they use heavy trays.


Energy efficiency

The JDS20 offers all the necessary unit measurements, and to take advantage of that, all you have to do is set the scale to your desired one via the mode button. In the scale’s box, you also get a set of tweezers, which can be handy for the right mission, and two 10 g (154 grains) calibration weights, in case you need accurate recalibration after months of extended use. Furthermore, this premium scale is powered by 4 AAA batteries, which are also included. You won’t be required to change them often as the unit doesn’t need a lot of power to function correctly.


Known Issues

Some digital pocket scale reviews point out that the scale has a very low weight limit, at only 20g (308 grains). But, as the same people mention, for its intended purpose, this is more than enough. You buy this for its classy design and its accuracy, not because you have large items to weight.


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