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Portable scales – Buying guide & Comparison


Looking for the best portable weighing scale? If time is of the essence and you can’t find several minutes to go through our comprehensive guide, perhaps this paragraph might help you choose wisely. Based on our research and most of the consumer reports we have come across, it appears that you should consider the Amir 500g/0.01g if you’re looking for a high precision scale that isn’t particularly heavy and that can be used under multiple circumstances. The model boasts most of the features you might need from such a product, so you’ll find that it is outfitted with a Tare, a backlit display, as well smart button functions. Also, it doesn’t take up too much space, so it can be used both in the lab and at home. If the Amir 500g/0.01g is no longer available, maybe you ought to bear the Proster COMINHKPR127467 in mind.


What is the best portable digital scale available for sale these days? If you are having a bit of trouble coming up with an answer to this question, we’re here to help. Check out our straightforward buyer’s guide as it can tell you all the factors you ought to give some thought to if you wish to invest your cents in something worth the while.

Just make sure to look at your own specific needs and preferences to make sure that you don’t risk getting a hardly usable product. Some people may have certain expectations, but they might not be the same as those of others.


Consider your purpose

The first thing that ought to be on your mind when you’re in the market for a new scale is what you’re trying to achieve with its help. Because the idea of portability is somewhat vague, you need to decide whether you need a postal scale, a lab weighing scale, or one that you can use in your kitchen or for any task in your home.

While some argue that this matter might be of minor importance, the fact is that not all products are made the same. For example, lab grade scales are designed to be extremely specific because the data has to be precise.

The same goes for postal alternatives because they define the price that one has to pay for sending out a parcel. On the other hand, scales used in the kitchen or for DIY-ing don’t have to be so exact, so that is why they are often priced lower.


Look at the capacity

It goes without saying that a unit that has gathered the best portable scale reviews isn’t particularly heavy or large. Therefore, it’s probably not a winner in terms of capacity. Usually, such compact alternatives are capable of weighing up to 1 pound or even less. Keep in mind that most lab digital scales have their capacities specified in grams instead of oz or lbs.

So, what are the samples you’re going to use the scale for? This is a question you have to ask yourself to make sure you don’t risk ordering the wrong option. Scales designed for jewelry making and other DIY activities have a lower capacity, but many kitchen scales boast capacities up to thirty pounds.



This feature is a good indication of the quality of the scale. The accuracy of a balance can be defined as the smallest increment that the unit can provide in a readout. It stands to reason that models that are designed for lab use are particularly accurate, as are those for jewelry making, for example. Less portable options such as postage scales don’t have to be extraordinarily precise.

Convenience and ease of use

When shopping for such a device, you need to make sure that you’re aware of your expertise in the field. Obviously, if you’re in the market for a lab scale, you’ve probably worked with one before. If you haven’t utilized such a device, you have to make sure that the model you are ordering is usable and fits your skills at this time.

Look for models with digital displays, buttons that are easy to push, and self-calibrating features. Also, you will have to decide on the way you’re going to supply the energy that’s necessary for the scale to do its job. Portability ensures that the unit is compact and easy to carry around, but it doesn’t automatically mean that the device has to be used only with batteries.

If possible, opt for a model that can be powered both by batteries and a typical outlet.



Top portable scales reviews in 2017


To make it somewhat easier for you to make up your mind, we’ve showcased some of the critically acclaimed alternatives below. All of these units have been highly spoken of by those who have chosen it, whether they’ve used them in or out of the lab.



Amir 500g/0.01g 


This Amir unit is a particularly versatile product that doesn’t cost a fortune, so it is definitely destined for those who aren’t prepared to make an investment, at least not when it comes to purchasing a new scale. A great thing about it is that it’s quite accurate as the minimum weight it can measure is 0.01g. The maximum capacity is 500g.

Unlike many other choices we have come across, this one can withstand the test of time as it has been constructed using high-quality stainless steel and ABS. Since the platform is made out of stainless steel, all you need to do to get it clean is wipe it with a damp cloth.

This pocket scale is small and convenient and comes with a clear blue backlit LCD display. Something that needs to be added with respect to this model is that you can convert the measurement so as to visualize the data in g, oz, tl, or gn.



This Amir alternative is convenient and easy to utilize and can measure anything up to 500g.

There won’t be anything stopping you from calibrating the device in accordance with your preferences, so if you prefer another unit, you really have nothing to worry about.

The compact design of this pocket scale makes it possible for it to take up as little space as possible, whether you want to place it on your desk or somewhere else.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, this model is a winner as it boasts a stainless steel platform that you can wipe with a damp cloth.



Some owners have complained about the fact that the scale needs to be on an entirely flat surface in order to provide accurate readouts.

Other buyers note that the scale might have a tendency to switch itself from pounds to ounces to grams.


Buy from for ($11.99)





Proster COMINHKPR127467


This Proster alternative is another space-saver; so, if you’re looking for a scale that does not take up too much space on any countertop, lab island, or desk, this one is surely worth considering. What’s more, the Proster is quite affordable and won’t ruin your budget for life.

As is the case with other models we have mentioned in this selection, the Proster boasts a platform made out of stainless steel, so it is quite easy to clean. The neat thing about this option is that it is accompanied by two ABS plastic trays that can be utilized either for protecting the platform or for actual weighing purposes.

As this is a digital scale, it has been outfitted with an LCD display that can tell you the weight of the objects, substances, or supplies you’re trying to weigh. You can switch between weight units by pushing the M button.



This product is an affordable alternative that needs to be borne in mind as we’ve noticed that it usually costs under thirty dollars.

The mode comes with excellent accuracy and has been found to weigh anything ranging from 0.01 to 500g.

There are six weight units you can choose from. So, if you want to utilize the scale in your kitchen, you can use the oz scale; if you plan to use the device in your lab, you can safely utilize the gram unit.

To save power, this model shuts itself off in a matter of 60 seconds after having been used for the last time.



This is not the right alternative you should take into account if you want to weigh more than 500 grams.

In order for the results to be entirely accurate, it is recommended that the objects are placed in the center of the platform.


Buy from for ($11.95)





Fristaden 1000g


Although it is slightly bigger and heavier compared to other choices in this selection, the Fristaden unit is definitely worth considering, especially if what you are searching for is a model destined for laboratory use.

Because the unit is a digital analytical precision balance scale, it is impressively reliable and comes with a variety of features that recommend it. While units designed for kitchen use and other activities cannot be calibrated by the user, this one can.

Besides, this unit comes with an internal battery that can be recharged so that the services of the scale aren’t utilized strictly in one place. The model has been outfitted with a digital display and can measure anything in grams and ounces. The deal also includes a weighing tray, a power adapter, a 500g standard mass, as well as a plastic shield.

Most of those who have opted for the Fristaden unit say that it is accurate and does what it’s been designed to do.



The model comes with calibration pieces, both Tare and Zero function keys, a low battery indicator, as well as two types of weighing units.

The platform that the model has been outfitted with can be cleaned with ease, which enables you to save some time if you aren’t a great fan of fiddling with your equipment.

One of the core benefits ensured by the design of this product is that it comes with an internal battery that can be recharged. This way, you don’t have any limitations in terms of the places you could use the scale.

The box includes a variety of accessories ranging from a plastic shield to a power adapter and a standard mass weighing 500 grams.



There have been owners who have complained about the user manual as it isn’t particularly comprehensive.


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Toprime 8006


Yet another versatile choice is this Toprime alternative as it doesn’t seem to be designed for any particular purpose. It’s an accurate pocket weight scale that can prove its value both in the lab and in the kitchen. Just like some of its competitors, it can weigh both grams and ounces.

The model comes with a transparent plastic cover of which the purpose is to protect the platform from any mishaps involving spills. As stated above, the neat thing about the 8006 is that it can serve you whether you plan to utilize it for mailing, cooking, office purposes, or making handmade jewelry.

The design includes four buttons that are easy to push. Both the taring and the calibration can be done conveniently and efficiently, so you needn’t worry about anything if you decide to opt for this alternative. Some of the buyers note that they’ve used it for weighing powder, water, and virtually anything weighing up to 600g.



This budget-friendly digital pocket scale can prove to be a friend in need in a plethora of situations, whether you plan to use it for DIY-ing or in your laboratory.

The maximum capacity of this model is 600g, and its accuracy is 0.01g.

If you are not accustomed to using grams and can’t be bothered to make any calculations in this sense, you don’t have to worry about anything as there are six settings you can use with this scale.

The platform of this unit is made from stainless steel so as to ensure that the product is a winner when it comes to durability.

The backlit LCD display, as well as the buttons that the product has been outfitted with, are easy to utilize.



As the tray is made from plastic, it is not the epitome of durability.


Buy from for ($23.99)





Ohaus CS200


Ohaus makes some of the most popular scales out there, so it goes without saying that you have a high chance of being entirely satisfied with the features offered by this choice. Its maximum capacity is 200g, so it is not destined for a plethora of uses, unless your samples are truly lightweight.

Both in the lab and at home, this model can give you a hand with performing a variety of tasks. The unit has been equipped with a pan made out of stainless steel and boasts an ABS plastic housing. There haven’t been any complaints regarding the durability of the item, so it’s safe to say that it can withstand the test of time.

The backlit LCD can tell you the weight you’re trying to measure without too much effort. What’s more, the CS200 comes with a battery saving feature that makes the unit shut itself off when it’s no longer in use.



The CS200 comes with an auto shut off feature that you might fail to find in other portable models in the same line.

To ensure that the scale withstands the test of time, the manufacturing brand has constructed the pan using stainless steel.

This model boasts a mechanical and software overload protection.

This product can be used to measure solids and liquids that weigh up to 200 grams.

Because it has a height of just 1.5 inches and a length of just 8 inches, this Ohaus choice is one of the most compact and portable alternatives available these days.



It’s rather obvious that, due to the limitation imposed by the maximum capacity of this option, you won’t be able to weigh items or substances heavier than 200 grams.

Some of the features of this product are somewhat basic when compared to those of its many competitors.


Buy from for ($104.4)




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Best spring scale


Spring scales – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best spring scale, this short paragraph should help you get exactly the model you need. According to our findings/research, the Ohaus 8008-PN is the best because of its reliable use as a weighing instrument for general applications, action-reaction demonstrations and force experiments. Boasting premium quality and craftsmanship, this spring and hook scale is equipped with a metal face plate that is very easy to read, complemented by its metal spring, hook and pointer that provide lasting use. The plastic housing makes it easy to clean and ensures resistance against rust. Designed with an 11.25 pound/50 newtons capacity, this spring scale has a metal face that shows measurements in 0.25 pound or 1 newton increments to make it easy to add or subtract exact values from what is being weighed to minimize the guesswork during the task. If the Ohaus 8008-PN is unavailable, your second option should be the Ajax Scientific ME505-0250.




Known for its simplicity, robustness and pocket friendliness, a spring scale works by measuring the weight of an object through the opposition of the force of gravity moving against the force of an extended spring. A spring hanging scale is typically a small instrument that, in simple words, measures the magnitude of forces which is, in this specific case, weight. How can you distinguish a good quality product in the best spring scale reviews from one that has lower ratings?


Readability and suitable capacity for your application

For a spring scale to live up to its primary purpose of measuring weight, it should be easy to read the result of the weigh in. The numbers should be easy to read especially at eye level, since you’ll be working with the scale hanging by its attachment hook and the user in a standing position. The numbers should be in small enough increments to allow the addition or removal of any items from the object being weighed while minimizing the guesswork you have to do to facilitate the process. Small hash marks are helpful for calculating the total weight. The divisions or lines between the numbers or hash marks should be evenly spaced.

How much weight the scale can measure denotes its range. This element is especially important if you intend to use the instrument for measuring heavy objects. While mechanical hanging scales can measure up to 100 kilograms, the smaller models measure up to 250 grams to 5 kilograms. Other models measure up to 5 newtons only, while some measure to 11 pounds or so. Remember to choose a model that has more than enough capacity to handle the objects you intend to weigh.


Quality materials and craftsmanship

Premium scale manufacturers use metal components combined with durable plastic material in their products. A metal face plate provides lasting use while ensuring resistance to corrosion, with the spring housed in tough metal housing that is not easily breakable. Some models are equipped with a strong polystyrene case with a flat anodized metal scale that allows you to read in both grams and newtons.

Ideally, the back of the scale should be longer than the length of the spring itself when it is stretched out fully, and this will also include the size of the hook and the plastic housing. The best spring scales carry a design that is simple so there are fewer components that could get damaged, break down or stop working. The spring should be thick and durable, capable of stretching to its full length and going back to its original tightly coiled state after every measuring procedure. This component should withstand multiple and repeated use by having a high elastic limit. The ring stand clamp should be durable as well. Some models have chrome-plated rings and hooks.


Dependably accurate weighing performance

Although spring scales are not expected to be as accurate as other types of scales, it still pays to know that you can measure items using this type of device with more-or-less the same accuracy as you would using a standard weighing scale. The scale should be easily adjusted to start precisely at zero, and the readings obtained should not be enormously off. Some models even come with a zero adjuster to ensure consistent accuracy. A vintage spring scale with a dial face should be robust and compact with a large dial housed in a strong metal case to hold the spring components in a solid configuration.



Top spring scale reviews in 2017


There are plenty of different spring scales on the market, which can overwhelm any first time buyer. The buying guide above is designed to help you make an easier buying decision. We have also showcased the best products below to help you enjoy a smoother shopping journey.



Ohaus 8008-PN


1-ohaus-8008-pn-pull-type-spring-scaleEquipped to handle up to 11.25 pounds or 50 newtons, the Ohaus 8008-PN is designed for quality, consistency and innovation.

Thanks to its fine craftsmanship under strict quality control supervision, this product is engineered to ensure accurate measuring every time.

The pull type spring scale can be used for action-reaction demonstrations in the classroom. It can also be used in the lab setting for performing force experiments. It provides the perfect means to do general weighing. The housing is constructed of shatterproof plastic or ABS for years of use. The metal face plate, spring and hook and pointer ensure resistance to corrosion.

The faceplate is easy to read, with black gradations on a clean aluminum background. The small increments make it easy to add or subtract segments or items from the object/s being weighed. The faceplate is large enough to ensure hassle-free viewing of the readings.

This model offers a rugged construction and an economical choice for field use. Manufactured by an American company, this spring scale boasts top quality craftsmanship and materials for years of dependable use.



Suitable for general weighing, experiments on force, as well as teaching about the action-reaction mechanism, this pull type spring scale features a metal face plate, hook, spring, and a pointer that work together to show you the weight of objects.

To facilitate effortless cleaning during messy types of use, the spring scale comes with a plastic housing that provides easy wipe-off of dirt and grime.

This model is equipped with handle up to 50 Newtons or the equivalent of 11.25 pounds for general weighing applications.

The scale face shows measurements in 1 Newton or 0.25-pound increments, so you won’t have too much trouble figuring out the weight of objects.

Engineered with consistent performance, innovation, and dependable quality, this spring scale offers consistent weighing performance thanks to its dependable craftsmanship and fine materials including the metal and plastic components.



Although this model is made for accuracy, sensitivity seems to be not one of its finer points, according to a customer.


Buy from for ($16.8)





Ajax Scientific ME505-0250


2-ajax-scientific-plastic-tubular-spring-scaleThe Ajax Scientific ME505-0250 is a tubular spring scale that ensures easy use. It has a tightly coiled spring with high elastic limit to stretch the scale to the right level during readings and then go back to its original state after the weigh in.

The clear plastic body is calibrated in both newtons and grams to give you the exact reading every time. Both the hooks and rings are chrome plated to ensure better surface hardness, make cleaning effortless and ensure resistance to corrosion.

The dimensions of the scale are around 18 centimeters long and 2 centimeters in diameter without the ring and hook included.

The blue color makes the device a nice, decorative item that you can simply hang on your backpack like a regular keychain. This device makes the perfect on-the-go weighing instrument when you need to make gross weigh ins outside the lab. It also works great for classroom force experiments.



This is a tubular spring scale that features a clear plastic body to enable you to view the measured weight of an object quite easily. No need to do conversions because it is calibrated in both newtons and grams.

For fine craftsmanship and to ensure resilience against corrosion, both the hooks and rings are chrome-plated. Simply use the metal nut at the top to zero the scale.

Just 18 centimeters long and 2 centimeters in diameter, this device makes a handy tool you can bring anywhere in your pocket or purse, for those spur-of-the-moment measurements.

This is a handy weighing scale with a total capacity of 2.5 newtons or 250 grams for small measurements on the go.

The tightly coiled spring inside offers a good elastic limit to suit the small applications that the scale can handle. This blue-colored item also makes a lovely key chain while providing weighing functionality.



The plastic tubing might make some customers think the unit’s quality is not that good, but it is.


Buy from for ($8.16)





Brecknell 235-6M-220/100 235 Series


3-brecknell-235-6m-220-100-235-series-mechanical-hanging-scaleThe solid and reliable Brecknell 235-6M-220/100 belongs to the impressive 235 Series that boasts products that are portable, accurate and easy to read. This hanging scale provides a low-cost solution to your lab or classroom weighing needs.

Be assured of accurate weighing and total ease of operation while ensuring a solid design for years of functionality.

The 6-inch diameter dial is housed in a traditional metal case to ensure durability plus protection for the sensitive weighing components. This scale offers accuracy to one part in 250 plus up to 10 percent zero adjustment for consistency and accuracy.

It is supplied with both top and bottom hooks for easy hanging of the object to be weighed at the bottom while providing support from the top. The scale is made resistant to corrosion for lasting use. It is 1.85 inches thick for problem-free carrying and storage.

The low friction acetal bearings ensure positive movement of the dial. This mechanical hanging scale is easy to zero out for enhanced accuracy every time. It enables inexpensive and versatile weight determinations in laboratories, classrooms, field studies and lots more.



With its 100-kilogram capacity and the dial-type display, this tool is practical to use for performing gross weighing.  

Portable, easy to read, and accurate, the device provides an affordable solution to address classroom and laboratory weighing needs with ease.

This solid and reliable weighing scale offers accuracy while being easy to use. Its 6-inch diameter dial is encased in a conventional metal case to protect the sensitive elements involved in its functionality.

Accurate to one part in 250 and with up to 10 percent zero adjustments, it ensures accuracy and consistency.

The top and bottom hooks facilitate hanging on a beam at the top and the object being weighed below for ample support from up and down.



Perhaps owing to the scale being manufactured by a less popular brand, it has not gotten noticed by too many customers on the market.


Buy from for ($67.88)





Ajax Scientific 3 Piece ME495-0003


4-ajax-scientific-3-piece-spring-balance-setOffering value for money, the Ajax Scientific 3 Piece ME495-0003 comes with three spring balances in all to accommodate a variety of weighing applications.

The maximum weight for the red scale is 5 newtons, the blue scale is 1 newton and the green scale is 2.5 newtons, giving you the exact tool you need to fit any weighing need in the classroom, lab or out in the field.

The scales are made of a strong polystyrene case that protects the internal components against damage. Polystyrene is a durable type of plastic.

The scales are made of flat anodized metal, which ensures a very long life span, is able to resist chipping and peeling, provides ease of cleaning to restore to its original appearance, and is not harmful to your health.

The scales can be used to measure weights via spring elongation or elasticity, which is proportional to the force applied by the weight of the object placed on the load hook.



Ideal for those who go for value for the money for their every investment, this three-piece spring balance set is suitable for laboratory use. Each of the scales in the set is good for determining the weight of objects by the extent of spring elongation that is in direct proportion to the force applied by the object being weighed.

The flat anodized metal scale is housed in a strong polystyrene case and read in both grams and newtons for simplified weighing operations.

To ensure near-perfect accuracy and consistency of measurements, the scales all come with a suspension ring for hanging, a zero adjuster for hassle-free calibration, and a load hook for holding the item to be weighed.

The three spring scales have maximum weights of 1, 2.5, and 5.0 newtons to accommodate different sizes and weights of objects.



Although the accuracy of the scales is not perfect, one customer believes they are within the acceptable range for classroom demonstration.  


Buy from for ($12.19)




Ohaus 8018-50


5-ohaus-8018-50-dial-type-spring-mechanical-scaleOutfitted with a large, bright colored dial face, the Ohaus 8018-50 provides a versatile and pocket-friendly solution for displaying measurements.

This dial-type spring scale makes it easy to read measurements of weights for objects in the classroom, lab or field. It displays weights in newtons with an easy readability of 200 grams or 2 newtons per black gradation.

The black hash marks are easy to read against the frosted aluminum background. The metal faceplate, top and bottom hooks and dial offer strength and durability. The large faceplate facilitates easy viewing with its clear black hash marks that are evenly spaced to ensure accuracy and consistency in your measurements. The numbers on the faceplate are large enough to enable viewing from a distance.

This dial plate weighing scale is convenient for use in force experiments, general weighing and action-reaction demonstrations.

This scale produces repeatable results and comes with a budget friendly price. It is easy to adjust to zero simply by rotating the pointer counterclockwise.



Suitable for force experiments, action-reaction demos, and general weighing applications, this spring scale offers a versatile way of displaying measurements on its large, brightly colored dial face.

It has easy-to-read black graduations on a frosted aluminum background so you can easily carry out measurements. They eliminate the need to make double measurements.

The large, bright-colored dial face enables you to see the measured values clearly, with the black graduations made large for problem-free reading even from a distance.

Weights are measured in newtons with an easy readability of 200 grams or two newtons for every black gradation. This eliminates the need to convert between the two units.

You can expect repeatable results for multiple measurements. Adjusting the scale to zero can be done easily by rotating the pointer counterclockwise.



Because of the large gradations and gross measuring functionality, this is not suitable for operations that require extreme sensitivity to the smallest milligrams.


Buy from for ($49.65)




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Best moisture analyzer


Moisture analyzers – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best moisture analyzer, this short paragraph should help you get exactly the model you need. According to our findings/research, the Ohaus MB25 is the best because of its halogen heating element that dries samples quickly, saving you time on moisture analysis comparison procedures using a standard oven. Made by one of the trusted moisture analyzer manufacturers in the world, this model delivers precise moisture content determination with values provided in easy-to-read format on the backlit LCD display. The easy one-button setup and menu navigation ensures simple use and makes the device extremely user-friendly. The integrity of your samples is consistently ensured thanks to how easy this moisture balance is to clean, while equipped with a compact design that ensures hassle-free placement on your workplace countertop along with problem-free storage when not in use. If the Ohaus MB25 is unavailable, your second option should be the Ohaus MB23.



Any R&D lab or quality control department would be incomplete without one of the best moisture analyzers as part of its equipment collection. What is a moisture analyzer? When developing new criteria or meeting new ones for established manufacturing, a moisture analyzer provides information on correct moisture content to help ensure that this factor is in accordance to established standards by regulatory authorities and industry trade associations. Now what sets apart a premium quality moisture analyzer from a mediocre one?


A suitable heating profile for your needs

When examining which of the products among those featured in the best moisture analyzer reviews is perfect for your lab, remember that in a moisture analyzer, different substances react variously to heat. Some moisture analyzers come with a fixed heating rate while others allow you to choose the heating profile that determines how heat is delivered to the sample. The heating profiles are generally set through trial and error but once this is done, can be stored in memory on the device and then recalled accordingly when performing analyses.

With standard drying, the sample is heated rapidly to the set temperature. This is a commonly used process thanks to its general suitability for most substances. Gentle or soft drying is designed for substances that don’t work under fast temperature increases or that have a tendency for crust or skin formation, which limits the drying process. You can adjust the rate at which the device reaches the set temperature.

With fast heating, sample testing can be accelerated especially with substances that have a moisture content between 5 and 15 percent. The temperature increase is achieved extremely quickly and can exceed the set drying temperature briefly, after which the temperature can be regulated down to what has been set before. Substances such as gypsum, that let free moisture go at one temperature and release bound moisture at a higher level,are perfect for the step drying process. With this system, the sample gets heated to the first selected temperature and held there for a specific amount of time, after which it is then heated to the second selected temperature. With step frying, you can select the individual heating increments. This heating profile is suitable for samples with at least 15 percent content.


Ease of use

How does a moisture analyzer work? The answer lies in how easy the device is to use. A moisture analyzer provides precise and accurate determination of a sample’s moisture content. Basically, you have to check the unit’s readout, also known as its readability or resolution. This refers to the smallest unit that can be viewed on the control panel and is presented in percent moisture and grams. On the other hand, the ability of the device to present the same result after the sample has undergone repeated testing is referred to as the repeatability. Expressed as a standard deviation, this value ensures the reliability of the device.

Once the moisture analyzer has been correctly assembled, you should be able to work comfortably when doing moisture analysis. Make sure the machine is level using built-in foot height adjustment screws and checking out the leveling bubble. Operation should involve at only a few simple steps. After turning the machine on and allowing it to warm up, you simply insert the empty sample pan and press the tare button. Then, load the sample and press a button to engage moisture analysis functionality. Some models have the rest of the moisture test, including the moisture test analysis recording and shutdown done automatically. Ideally, once the device gets to the operating temperature, it should be able to go into standby mode when not in use so you won’t have to warm it up every single use.

Erroneous readings can be avoided if the machine is easily calibrated by following instructions in the user manual. Some models need a separately bought calibration weight for this purpose. Recalibration is needed when the instrument is transferred to another location. It is also sensible to perform regular calibration tests.


Helpful features

The sample pan and heating chamber should be easy to load and clean up. If possible, the device should allow you to link it with a computer for convenient recording of results. Models with an RS232 bidirectional interface provide the solution for this requirement. Because accurate calculation of moisture content is vital both for ensuring quality control and the development of new products, the device should provide accurate readings that can be viewed on a convenient backlit LCD screen. Go for machines with a tough die-cast metal and ABS plastic housing that ensure durability for lasting use. You want the machine to be light enough for easy transportability and compact enough for problem-free countertop placement and storage. Some models come with different measurement programs to allow you to choose from manual, automatic, standard, timer and quick drying processes.



Top moisture analyzer reviews in 2017


There is a wide variety of products available on the market for moisture analyzers. Although this can complicate the entire buying process, we urge you to check out the tips in the guide above to help you make an easier decision. The best products have also been showcased below for more shopping assistance to the consumer.



Ohaus MB25


1-demo-unit-ohaus-mb25-moisture-analyzerDelivering precise moisture content determination at an affordable value, the Ohaus MB25 lets you read measured values easily on its large backlit LCD display.

This model easily links with your computer or printer thanks to its built-in RS232 interface. Equipped with a halogen heating element, this device provides moisture analysis for any budget. Samples are dried quickly, saving you time on performing moisture analysis procedures using a standard oven.

The backlit LCD is supplemented by the easy one-button setup and effortless menu navigation. This tool is extremely user friendly and easy to clean so the integrity of your samples is ensured . the compact design ensures easy countertop placement, portability and storage.

This device proves to be indispensable for percent moisture and percent solid determination as well as weighing. The supplied power cord enables out-of-the-box use.

Constructed with an ABS housing and metal pan support and handler, this device also preserves your sample with the in-use cover. Shut off can be manual, timed or automatic so you can opt for the most convenient process for your needs.



It comes with a user-friendly design and a digital LCD screen to easily read moisture level values on it.

The product can be easily connected to your computer or printer thanks to its built-in RS232 surface.

It comes with a halogen heating element so that samples are quickly dried, saving you time as opposed to using a standard oven.

It is also equipped with a supplied power cord so that you can use it safely out-of-the-box.

The item offers a high quality and is also suitable for weighing.



Although portable, the Ohaus MB25 cannot be rated as a cheap product. If you have a couple thousand dollars to spare we suggest opting for this moisture analyzer. Most of the customers who purchased the product were very pleased with its quality so, again, if money is not a problem, we suggest giving this item a try.


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Ohaus MB23


2-ohaus-mb-moisture-analyzerPerfect for use in a laboratory, contract laboratory, wastewater treatment plant of for food processing and preparation settings, the Ohaus MB23 employs a metallic sheathed glass-free infrared heating element to deliver Percent Moisture Determination, Percent Solid Determination, and sample weighing.

This state-of-the-art device dries samples quickly with its heating element to ensure precise moisture content analysis.

Measured values are easy to read on the large backlit LCD display. Linking the device with your printer or computer for recording of results is easy thanks to the built-in RS232 port. The instrument comes with a power cord for out-of-the-box functionality.

The metal pan support and metal pan holder ensure integrity of your samples because they are easy to load and clean.

Constructed with an ABS housing, this instrument is sure to give you years of service. The in-use cover protects your samples from contamination from external elements. This moisture analyzer shuts off automatically and through timed and manual settings.



This product works great both as a moisture analyzer as well as a weighing unit, being able to weigh up to 110 grams.

It works great and is precise and quick with all moisture contents in samples.

The backlit LCD displays weight and moisture readings so you can easily make your measurements and analyze them in real time.

The item is made out of die-cast metal and an ABS plastic housing for increased durability in time. Purchase this item and you will enjoy its performance for many years to come.



This item will definitely not come cheap but its great performance will pay off in time. You can purchase it for over two thousand dollars, depending on the distributor, but you will definitely acknowledge its high speed and performance.

Most of the customers who purchased the product were pleased with what they received, but they did note that it takes around 25 minutes to run a test cycle of cereal samples.


Buy from for ($2125)





Radwag PMC 50/NH


3-radwag-pmc-50-nh-moisture-analyzer-balanceEquipped with a capacity of 50 grams and a readability of 1 mg, the Radwag PMC 50/NH facilitates percent moisture determination and weighing in any quality control laboratory to ensure compliance to product standards.

It can accommodate a sample 20mm high on its 90 mm aluminum sample platform, which is resistant to corrosion and chipping. The strong metal and plastic material used in the construction of this device ensures years of use.

Its drying temperature range is up to 160 degrees centigrade to ensure accuracy in readings. The device offers four drying modes: standard; quick; step; and mild, giving you a variety of options to perform moisture content analysis and evaluation.

It also proves to be a reliable device for testing the permeability of water vapor through samples of different substances. Lightweight at just 8 pounds, this instrument has a sleek and compact profile measuring 10 by 12 by 10 inches (HxLxW) to ensure effortless placement on the counter and hassle-free storage and portability.



For what it offers, the product comes with a highly affordable price, so we suggest you give this one a try.

It is made out of plastic and metal, materials strong enough to last plenty of years from now on. The product also features an aluminum weighing pan with dimensions of 90mm in diameter, large enough to place small samples.

The moisturizing content is measured with accuracy 0.01% with this tool, making it more than reliable for almost all lab samples.

The product offers four different drying models – standard, quick, step, and mild.



The maximum sample weight cannot exceed 50 grams, which makes it suitable only for small batches and samples. While the weight is enough to run tests in small labs, high-performance ones will require more powerful tools.

First-time users might find it hard for them to wrap their mind around how they are supposed to utilize the device.


Click to see the price on Amazon!





Nevada Weighing A&D ML-50NW


4-nevada-weighingtm-ad-ml-50-moisture-analyzerEasy to use in food processing plants and other lab applications, the Nevada Weighing™ A&D ML-50NW offers extremely quick cycle times and consistently accurate readings.

Easy to calibrate and quick to set up, this moisture analyzer does the job it is designed to do using the halogen heating element that delivers fast sample drying. It also comes with built-in RS232C interface to enable effortless linking with a printer or PC so you can easily record results for thorough review, comparison and analysis.

This model comes with a Self Check Function and Quick Reference Card to ensure that it delivers consistent and repeatable results every time. It is equipped with five measurement programs that include Standard, Automatic, Manual, Timer and Quick, to suit the application and required procedures. The Super Hybrid Sensor technology ensures that all moisture is removed prior to measurements for high levels of accuracy.

Engineered to conform to GLP, GMP, GCP and ISO standards, this instrument provides the time/date, ID, calibration data and check record outputs, making it perfect for food, chemical and pharmaceutical processing or any moisture analysis application.



This choice is suitable for food processing plants as well as other lab applications and makes the perfect addition when you are on a tight budget.  

It comes with a Super Hybrid Sensor technology which ensures that all of the moisture is removed from the sample prior to measurements in order to have an accurate measurement. This way you can make sure all your results are as close to 100% precise as possible.

You can easily link this product to your PC or printer and receive all data required directly on the screen of your computer.

Given its reliable and sturdy construction, you will not have any issues with the durability of this alternative as it will allow you to utilize it for as many times as possible.



While some argue that this moisture analyzer is budget-friendly, others might find its cost to be downright off-putting. Therefore, it depends on what you’re prepared to spend on such a device.


Click to see the price on Amazon!





Nevada Weighing’s Radwag PMC 50


5-nevada-weighings-radwag-pmc-50-nhDelivering European-precision solid and moisture balance analysis, the European-made Nevada Weighing’s Radwag PMC 50 has a capacity of 50 grams and is perfect for testing solids in wastewater.

Lightweight at 12 pounds, the PMC 50 operates at a temperature range between 50 and 160 degrees centigrade for accurate results every time. The backlit LCD display makes it easy to read results even when lighting is poor.

This instrument comes with four drying profiles including Standard, Mild, Step, and Rapid to suit your specific application using a halogen heating element. Shut off is done automatically, manually or set to time defined parameters.

The 90mm sample pan size provides accurate weighing of samples while being easy to clean. This instrument delivers GLP/GMP printouts and reports. Moisture display can be as low as 0.01% for totally reliable accuracy in the lab. The two-year warranty ensures premium quality craftsmanship and materials for reliable performance through the years.



The maximum storage capacity for samples is 50 grams, similar to other products reviewed.

The product is very lightweight, weighing only 12 pounds as opposed to 14 – 16 pounds of other items from the same price range.

It includes a backlit LCD display to help reading results easier in all light conditions, especially when lighting is poor.

Similar to other products of its range, the Radwag PMC 50 also comes with four drying profiles – standard, mild, step, and rapid.

The shutdown is done both automatically or manually, depending on your preferences and needs.

Last, but not least, it’s worth adding that the item is made in Europe, vouching for its quality and high-performance.



The PMC series from Nevada doesn’t come with USB support, meaning you won’t be able to export your data to your computer or print it out. If your job requires this, we suggest opting for other products within the same price range.


Buy from for ($1125)




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Best mechanical balance


Mechanical balances – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best mechanical balance, this short paragraph should help you get exactly the model you need. According to our findings/research, the Ohaus 80000012 thanks to its reliable 610g capacity plus 0.1g readability or accuracy. Equipped with three sliding weights and tired and notched beams that ensure repeatability of results, this mechanical balance provides easy use in the laboratory or classroom thanks to its durable foundation and solid build that both ensure stability. This mechanical balance scale has built-in magnetic damping that makes weighing procedures quicker to increase productivity, supplemented by the spring-loaded zero-adjust compensator that enables fine modifications to the zero range. The metal beams and base ensure durability and the top loading platform enables problem-free placement of samples, no matter what shape, size and material they are. If the Ohaus 80000012 is unavailable, your second option should be the Ohaus .80000003.



Because experimentation is an essential and complementary element of gaining knowledge and information in the classroom or laboratory setting, you have to be equipped with the proper tools and equipment to carry out the different scientific processes needed to establish fact from theory. This is where the best mechanical balances prove to be indispensable for measuring masses and weights. What segregates the top quality mechanical balances on the market from the competition?


Reliable construction for a variety of purposes

The laboratory and classroom setting can be demanding on the type of equipment used on a daily basis. A mechanical balance can be used for chemistry and physics experiments, medical hygiene weighing, foodstuff, analytical weighing in chemical works, textiles, agriculture, mines, electronics, high school science labs, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and plenty more. This means the gear you decide to buy from the best mechanical balance reviews should boast a high level of durability to withstand the rigors of daily use.

The components themselves should be of high quality and the finest materials. Metal beams and bases ensure durability. Quality models are equipped with Aluminum pressure cast bases and beams. A stainless steel pan, tray or platform is resistant to rust and chipping and is easy to clean. The triple beam should be made of high quality aluminum alloy for years of use. Some models come with an aluminum housing to ensure durability and strength. The best ones have earned certification for compliance with ISO 9001:2000 standards.


Easy and quick use

It will be easy for users to know how to read a mechanical balance if the instrument itself is engineered to facilitate the entire process. Most models feature a single weighing unit and application mode so you won’t have to be overwhelmed with complicated procedures for finding the correct weight and mass of objects. The pointer and angled beams should be easy to read to help reduce operator errors, with steel knife edges if possible. Quick zeroing is facilitated with special floating agate bearings and a counter balancing knob that ensures the beam balance stays in position. A spring-loaded zero-adjust compensator enables fine modifications. Dial operations provide convenience and speed.

Reading is also more effortless at the center if the mechanical balance has notched and tiered beams. Some models feature a tripod assembly that raises the device several inches off the countertop surface to enable effortless density determination. Oscillation can be slowed down with magnetic damping, which provides fast and accurate readings every time. Dual pointers allow easy dual side viewing of results. You want the platform to be removable for easy placement of samples and to facilitate cleanups. The weighing pans should be large and washable. A tare function enables repeatable, fast weighing. Some models come with a hanging pan balance and a stainless steel pan with pour spout for easy unloading and viewing of samples. Others have built-in storage for the supplied counterweights.


Reliable performance

How does a mechanical balance work? A large mother beam is supported by a fulcrum, with one side outfitted with a pan on which the object to be weighed is placed. The other side carries a primary beam split into three parallel secondary beams, with each one supporting a single weight of its own. Instead of adding additional weights when measuring the weight of an object, you simply slide the weights along the respective beams to increase their lever arm. Just like a seesaw, the one with the heavier weight sits closer to the fulcrum section to decrease their lever arm. To make this possible in a mechanical balance, the zero adjustment should be easy to use for repeatability and accuracy. Most mechanical balances feature a tare capacity for fast repetitive weighing.

With magnetic damping, the pointer is brought to rest with minimum oscillation or swings. Some devices come with pre-calibrated weights to extend their weighing range. With positive poise positioning, repeatable results can be obtained. Level adjustments are eliminated if the balance works with special floating bearing principle and beam design. Zero adjustments are made easier with a zero adjust knob at the end of the primary beam.



Top mechanical balance reviews in 2017


There are many different mechanical balances on the market. To enable you to make an easier decision, consult the above buying guide for helpful information. We have also showcased the best products below for even more shopping assistance.



Ohaus Specialty 80000012


1-ohaus-specialty-mechanical-triple-beam-balanceEquipped to handle up to 610 grams with 0.1 gram accuracy/readability, the Ohaus Specialty 80000012 makes the perfect equipment for any laboratory or classroom setting.

It has three sliding weights that supplement the notched and tiered beams to help ensure accurate readings as well as repeatable results every time.

The built-in magnetic damping function hastens weighing procedures by making the beam come to rest quickly, which helps increase productivity in the lab.

The zero adjust compensator is spring loaded to allow the execution of fine modifications, to enable you to get genuinely accurate readings. Boasting a solid and strong construction, this mechanical balance has metal beams and base to ensure durability for many years of use.

Easy to use, the balance has three sliding weights/poises or riders in 1g, 10g and 100 gram increments that move along the three notched and tiered beams to enable fast and accurate weight measuring. The tip loading weighing platform makes it easy to access and place samples while providing unobstructed view.



It features three sliding weights and notched and tiered beams for accurate readings.

The built-in magnetic damping enhances weighing for increased productivity so that you can weigh more in the same amount of time.

With a history of over 100 years, the Ohaus brand is known all over the world for offering a wide variety of scales and balances for all uses – from a laboratory to educational, food, retail, and jewelry.

It has 0.1 grams readout accuracy, making it extremely reliable whenever weighing.

The item also features a stainless steel plate for long-term use.



Although the vast majority of buyers were extremely pleased with their purchase, we cannot help but realize that the item features the same design that used to be fashionable in the 1970s. In other words, if you are nostalgic for retro times, you will definitely need this item in your lab or kitchen.


Buy from for ($112.77)





Ohaus Harvard Trip .80000003


2-ohaus-stainless-steel-harvard-trip-mechanical-single-beam-balanceThe Ohaus Harvard Trip.80000003 is a fantastic piece of equipment for the modern classroom or laboratory. It features a single weighing unit and application mode for simplified weighing procedures.

The angled beams and pointer are easy to read so measurements are quick and effortless and operator errors are reduced.

Equipped with a weighing capacity of 2000 grams with accuracy to 0.1g, this mechanical balance boasts quality craftsmanship and materials for long lasting use through the years.

The special floating agate bearing works nicely with the counterbalancing knob to provide quick zeroing and to make sure the beam stays in position, for fast and accurate readings.

The device also has a metal base and beam for durability. The stainless steel pans resist corrosion and allow easy cleanups. This is a precision weighing instrument that provides years of service with virtually zero maintenance. It is very easy to use and can increase productivity in your work setting.



Another qualitative item from the Ohaus manufacturer, the Harvard Trip Mechanical balance features a single weighing unit and application mode.

The product is made from high-quality materials, including a metal base and beam, as well as stainless steel pan, and hardened steel edges for safe and easy transportation. Thanks to the high-quality materials, this item is designed to last you a lifetime.

The angled beams and pointer are easy and fun to use while helping reduce operator errors and delivering accurate measurements.

The item is ideal both for lab and kitchen use so we suggest buying one for yourself.



The vast majority of the buyers rated this product with 5 stars, meaning it is extremely reliable, accurate, and features a modern, stainless-steel design. Nevertheless, the price is quite high so if you are only looking for a regular kitchen mechanical balance, we suggest opting for less expensive items.


Buy from for ($259)





Ohaus Cent-O-Gram 80000010


3-ohaus-cent-o-gram-overhead-mechanical-balanceThe Ohaus Cent-O-Gram 80000010 features a single weighing unit and application mode to simplify weighing procedures in the lab or classroom setting.

It has notched and tiered beams that work with finely crafted sliders to ensure effortless and accurate measuring. The spring loaded zero adjust compensator ensures quick zeroing for increased productivity. Repeatable results can be achieved every time thanks to the positive poise positioning.

This fine piece of lab equipment is constructed solidly to ensure years of use, with its aluminum pressure casted base and beam, the removable stainless steel pan that makes it easy to place, remove and view samples while being easy to clean, and the steel knife-edges on the pointer that ensure accurate measurements.

Level adjustments do not need to be made thanks to the three-point base, special floating bearing principle and beam design. The overhead balance design makes it easy for students to visualize mass measurement principles.



It features a cool, stainless-steel design combined with metal red elements which make it the perfect addition both for kitchen and lab use.

Similar to other Ohaus products, this one also comes with a 0.01 grams readout accuracy, making it suitable for accurate measurements whatever your needs are.

The product comes with notched and tiered beams for ease in reading, as well as a spring loaded zero adjust compensator.

The solid construction of this alternative is another important selling point, as it can last for a good deal of time, without you having to bother to replace it ahead of time.



It accepts a single weighing unit, meaning grams. Thus, people more used with ounces and the North-American weighing scale might require a different mechanical balance.

Some customers claimed that the built-in platform used for specific gravity measurements is made of plastic and it easily bends, not providing the accuracy required.


Buy from for ($215.25)





Adam Equipment TBB 2610S


4-adam-equipment-tbb-2610s-triple-beam-mechanical-balanceThe perfect choice for science teachers and students needing to perform quick mechanical weighing, the Adam Equipment TBB 2610S is a mechanical triple beam balance with 2610g capacity and 0.1g readability.

Equipped with a stainless steel platform that is corrosion resistant, this mechanical balance boasts a durable and strong aluminum housing, making it perfect for handling the most demanding classroom activities. This scale is equipped with a ruler marked in both inches and centimeters for quick and easy measurement.

To ensure proper weight measurements, the three sliding weights are notched to keep them in place. An adjustable knob allows users to finetune zero range and a weigh below hook is included for below balance weighing.

The included weights take the balance to its capacity of 2610 grams while the tripod legs facilitate specific gravity calculations or density determinations.

Offering the right combination of speed, performance and value, the balance comes with a durable aluminum housing with a built-in storage slot for the included counterweights.



It comes in three different sizes, from 610 grams capacity to 2.61 kg capacity.

This mechanical triple beam balance offers a 0.1 grams readability, similar to other items from the same price range, meaning it is extremely accurate and can be easily used in the food industry or in laboratories.

The stainless steel 6-inch diameter weighing pan is resistant to corrosion so that you can enjoy your item for plenty of years from now one.

The durable aluminum housing comes with a built-in storage slot to keep your included counterweights at sight.

One of the neatest things about the design of this product is that it has been outfitted with an adjustable knob so as to allow users to finetune the range.



The rather dull and retro design can be a downside for those looking for more edgy, contemporary mechanical balances.

The tripod of this product is also quite hard to use, so we suggest looking for other items also.


Click to see the price on Amazon!





Walter Economy B-500-O


5-adam-equipment-tbb-2610s-triple-beam-mechanical-balanceA cool hanging pan mechanical balance for classroom or lab use, the Walter Economy B-500-O has a tough three point base constructed of metal casting to provides years of use with superior durability and strength.

The hanging pan makes it easy to place samples, and to access and remove them thanks to the convenient pour spout.

The stainless steel construction of the pan also enables problem-free cleanups and ensures resistance to corrosion.

Get accurate readings and measurements up to 311 grams with 0.01 sensitivity. The balance also comes equipped with magnetic damping that slows the oscillation so you can perform fast yet accurate readings and increase productivity in your work setting.

At the rear of the beam is an efficient zero adjustment knob for fine tuning the zero range to ensure accurate readings every time. The three beams are notched and tiered to ensure that the sliders/riders are kept in place easily during measuring to ensure consistent accuracy.



This hanging pan mechanical balance is ideal for classroom use or laboratory operations.

With the assistance of the hanging pan, you will have no trouble placing the samples so as to weigh them properly.

It also comes with a sensitivity of 0.01 grams, similar to other aforementioned products.

Purchase this item and will receive a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

By comparison to other products listed here, the Walter Economy B-500-O does come with an affordable price, making it perfect for lab use in high schools and middle schools.

The sturdy construction of this alternative renders it durable, which means that you will be able to use it for many years to come.



It only has a weighing capacity of 311 grams, meaning it is rather useless for kitchen use.

It only offers a one-dimension measuring scale in grams and cannot be converted to weigh in pounds.


Buy from for ($98.1)




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Best digital pocket scale


Digital pocket scales – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best digital pocket scale, this short paragraph should help you get exactly the model you need. According to our findings/research, the Spirit I-2000 is the best digital pocket scale because of its high accuracy and impressive weight capacity up to 3000 grams. The scale cover and platform cover both protect the scale from damage, especially the unit’s vital load cells. Made for the perfect measuring of ingredients in cooking, for postage, jewelry, medication and other purposes, this handy digital pocket scale calculates in g, oz, dwt, ct, and gn and also converts between units instantly at just a press of a button, without the need for remeasurement. You can do your work in the evening or even under poor lighting conditions thanks to the bright blue backlit LCD screen of the device. If the Spirit I-2000 is unavailable, your second option should be the Smart Weigh SWS100 Elite Series.



Comparison table




Whether you are on a diet program in this age of prepackaged meals and fast food, or employed as a model builder, cook or jewelry artisan, you need a good quality digital pocket scale to make your job less stressful and each transaction more productive. Now what is the best digital pocket scale? This isn’t exactly the right question to ask as there is now a huge number of companies that manufacture this type of product which makes it quite challenging to pick the perfect model. It would be more sensible to be aware of what distinguishes a premium quality digital pocket scale from a mediocre product.



Suitable for your purpose

When you look over the products in the best digital pocket scale reviews, you will notice that they are designed for a variety of purposes. To determine what is the best one for you, take into consideration first the primary use for the instrument. One of the most common uses of a pocket digital scale is for postage. You get charged extra if the letter or package you send through the US Postal Service weighs greater than a specified amount. If you regularly send mail, you will want a digital scale that can weigh packages and letters. For first class mail, 3.5 ounces is the maximum weight, while small packages and large, flat envelopes can be sent through first class postage if they weigh no heavier than 13 ounces. Postal digital pocket scales can even calculate the overage charge should your package or envelope be heavier than the first class amount.

The best digital mini scale for jewelry applications can determine the carat weight of gemstones, with one carat being equal to two grams or 0.007055 ounces. Jewelry scales are geared to work with three measurable elements for weighing that include material, grams and ounces. For precious stones like rubies, diamonds and sapphires, you want the scale to be able to read from 0.001 gram or 0.0000353 ounce. Gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals should be measurable from 0.01 gram or 0.00035274 ounce. For pewter, brass, copper and other metals, you want the scale to be able to measure from 0.1 gram or 0.0035274 ounce.

In the kitchen, a pocket digital scale for food ensures that you not only get the ingredients right but you also use the exact amount as called for in the recipe. Sometimes, one tablespoon is just not a practical means of knowing if you’re doing the recipe right especially when baking. You need the precise element that actual weight provides to ensure the proper proportion of ingredients. Weight can be better than volume. This is no truer still than when you’re watching what you eat, especially when you’re counting calories. .

For model builders, a pocket digital scale is handy for ensuring the exact balance of components when they have the correct weights. Thus, if you are building a model for an airplane or helicopter, a digital pocket scale enables you to ensure the proper measurements and equalization as needed.The other uses for the best pocket digital gram scale include weighing fish, pets and medicine. Some models include other measurements such as moisture, height, force and temperature.

Suitable capacity and size

While digital kitchen scales are equipped to handle a maximum weighing capacity of 30 pounds, digital pocket scales for hobby or jewelry applications come with a much lower capacity. Typically, accuracy is compromised to accommodate capacity. However, scales at the higher end of the spectrum do not suffer from this element. Remember that the load cells can get damaged with overloading. Pocket digital scale size is variable across different models and manufacturers. Jewelry scales are logically smaller compared to postage scales, which also have a larger weighing tray to hold small parcels and letters. Portability comes with a small size scale, with the weighing tray being made under similar dimensions as well. A weighing container or expansion tray is a sensible addition to enlarge the weighing area a bit. Bear in mind also that smaller pocket digital scales can only be powered by batteries while larger models can run on both an AC adapter and batteries.

Reliable accuracy and easy calibration

The smallest increment of weight that the scale can provide in a readout denotes its accuracy. While a postage scale need not be as precise, a jewelry scale should be accurate to at least 0.001 gram. Information on maximum capacity and accuracy can be gleaned from the product datasheet. Scales with a higher level of accuracy generally cost more. The scale design also determines how the device rounds up and down, which can be essential when assessing accuracy.

Typically, scales will have to be calibrated periodically. Out of the box, they won’t. Calibration is performed by comparing the measurement with a calibrated weight or calibration mass. Some models do not require external calibration and do not also come with calibration instructions. Go over the manual prior to executing calibration measures. As a cardinal rule, recalibration is needed if the instrument exhibits more than three increments or divisions off.



Top digital pocket scales reviews in 2017


There are plenty of pocket digital scales on the market. This may unduly complicate the shopping process for the consumer, but the buying guide above provides valuable information that can smoothen the journey. The best products are also featured below for more help.



Spirit I-2000


1-spirit-0-01oz-0-1g-3000g-digital-pro-pocket-scaleStrong, fast, accurate and user friendly, this pocket scale is ideal for postage, cooking, ammo reloading and jewelry applications.

Never lose track of the items you are weighing thanks to the part/pieces counting feature. Use the M function to select the proper unit and the T function to get the net weight.

The clear LCD screen comes with bright blue backlighting to facilitate readings in g,oz,ozt,dwt,gn and ct even in dim lighting conditions. Engineered with high precision sensors, the scale delivers highly accurate readings in 0.03 increments for 106 oz or in 0.3 increments for up to 3000 grams.

Powered by two triple-A batteries, the scale also comes with two plastic trays. The platform cover and scale cover protect the sensitive load cells from damage.

Easy to manually calibrate, the scale also features auto taring capability for hassle-free summation and subtraction.



This digital multifunction pocket scale comes with a backlit display, which makes it easy to read the measured dimensions in a variety of lighting conditions.

This is a digital scale with a maximum capacity of 3 kilograms and that delivers fast and accurate measurements while working great with user-friendly features to enable its use in a variety of applications including cooking, mailing weigh-ins, jewelry, and firearm reloading needs.

This digital scale doubles as a postage scale with its speedy and effortless taring and calibration features plus the piece counting function that facilitates a quicker measurement of quantity.

The clear LCD screen supported by a bright blue backlight shows readings in grams, ounces, ounce-troy, grain, carat, and pennyweight (dwt), with a 3.94 by 3.94-inch platform to accommodate the item being weighed as well as the container.

The scale is manufactured using high-precision sensors to deliver extremely accurate weight measurements with a higher accuracy to 0.1 gram/ 0.01 oz.



The small size of this weighing scale makes it useful for light-duty weigh ins but not for food baking and full-scale food preparations.


Buy from for ($11.98)





Smart Weigh SWS100 Elite Series


2-smart-weigh-sws100-elite-series-digital-pocket-scaleReliable and accurate yet amazingly lightweight and pocket-friendly, the Smart Weigh SWS100 Elite Series is a product of advanced technology that will surely upgrade your item weighing options.

Enabling you to accomplish a range of weighing applications, this product can be used to weigh items on the go such as medicine, powder, food, coins, gemstones, gold, silver and jewelry. Geared to accommodate up to 100 grams in 0.01 gram increments, the scale features a stainless steel platform and is also easy to operate using the three sleek buttons.

For weighing larger items, the scale has a protective cover that also doubles as a weighing tray. The tare function makes weighing tasks efficient and convenient as it subtracts the weight of the bowl so you only get the net weight of the item being weighed.

The reading is displayed on the stark contrast blue backlit LCD in large, easy-to-read digits. Choose the most suitable units of measure from gram, ounces, grain, and carat using the mode button.



This unique pocket scale is designed with strength, portability, and durability to accommodate a wide variety of portable weighing requirements including tablet manufacture, food preparation, powder weighing, gemstone, jewelry, and coin weighing, as well as value assessment for gold and silver, among many others.

This device is intended to make weighing tasks efficient and convenient, with a nifty tare function that determines the net weight of any product simply by subtracting the weight of the receptacle.

The weighing scale makes measurements easy to do with its tactile, easy-touch buttons, stark-contrast LCD blue-backlit display, and large-size digits that facilitate the reading of measured quantities.

The device includes all the essential units of measurement to enable you to perform effortless weight conversions including grams, ounces, grain, and carat. Simply set the scale to your desired unit with a simple press of the mode button.



The scale is suitable for weighing items heavier than 10 grams but it is not suitable for things that weigh less than that.


Buy from for ($12.99)





Smart Weigh ZIP300


3-smart-weigh-zip300-ultra-slim-digital-pocket-scaleThis ultra slim digital pocket scale comes with a parts counting feature for error-free and convenient tracking of items being weighed.

Lightweight and compact, the scale has a flip open cover that not only protects the sensitive weighing components including the weighing platform but also doubles as a convenient weighing tray when detached from the scale.

The blue backlit LCD screen makes it easy to view readouts even when lighting conditions are not optimal. Geared with high precision electronic sensors, this scale delivers measurements with high accuracy and reliable consistency.

With easy weight translations or separate weight modes for grams, ounces, Troy ounces, diamond weight total or pennyweight, grain and carat, this scale offers flexibility. The efficient tare mode ensures reliable net determinations. If you need a weighing scale for on-the-go weight determinations, the Smart Weigh ZIP300 always makes the best choice.

It guarantees precision on the go and works in any environment whether in the home, office or on business trips. The small size doesn’t compensate on quality, performance and reliability.



Built with a lightweight design, this pocket scale is a slim and compact device with a flip-open cover to protect the unit, which can also be removed and utilized as a weighing tray to hold small samples.

The smart count functionality facilitates the counting of weighed items while the blue backlit LCD display enables the easy reading of the measured values regardless of the lighting conditions.

This product is manufactured using high-precision electronic sensors that guarantee it can provide dependably accurate measurements on a consistent basis.

This tool is designed to deliver a maximum capacity of 300 grams in increments of a hundredth of a gram to ensure that every reading is consistent and accurate.

The instrument is equipped with six independent weighing modes that facilitate the conversion of weight measures easily, enabling you to select from gram, ounce, ounce-troy, pennyweight, grain, and carat, to fit the task.



The functions are quite easy to use but the platform is rather small so if you intend to weigh food on a plate, you might not be able to use the scale at all.


Buy from for ($24.99)





Smart Weigh JDS20


4-smart-weigh-jds20-digital-portable-milligram-pocket-scaleSlim and compact, this digital pocket scale works well for gold, silver, jewelry, coins and postage applications.

The add-up function enables weighing of a few single items and then adds up the total weight measurements. The tare function gives you only the net weight without including the weight of the weighing tray. The scale provides the necessary unit measurements including g / ct / gn / dwt.

Simply select which one works for your needs using the mode button and just let the scale do the work. The scale also ships with all the needed accessories for successful weighing tasks including a set of tweezers and two 10-gram calibration weights, which also enable proper and accurate recalibration when necessary.

Powered by 4 triple-A batteries, the scale boasts premium quality electronic sensors. The LCD is equipped with bright backlighting for hassle-free reading of weighing results in large size digits.

This is genuinely the perfect on-the-go pocket scale for your mobile weighing needs.



Constructed with a lightweight, sleek, and portable design, this nifty scale accommodates your needs to weigh jewelry, silver, gold, coins, as well as mailing items for accuracy and good business.

The device comes with an add-up function that makes it possible to weigh a few single items at a time while the instrument adds up the total weight measurements for convenience. The tare function provides net weights by subtracting that of the container so you only get the actual item weight.

This model is able to weigh items using any of the six critical units of measurement for this kind of device, allowing you to select from gram, carat, grain, ounce, ounce-troy, and pennyweight to facilitate the effortless unit conversions as needed.

The weighing scale set includes a pair of tweezers that enable you to add gemstones one at a time, along with two 10-gram calibration weights to facilitate an accurate re-calibration for consistent accuracy with every use.



The weighing spot is really small and has a convex configuration so anything with a flat bottom can be difficult to position.


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DaPai 3000


5-dapai-digital-kitchen-food-scale-silverDesigned for meticulous accuracy, the DaPai 3000 is equipped with high precision sensors to deliver weight measurements of high accuracy of 0.1g / 0.01 oz.

Geared to accommodate up to 3000 grams or 6.6 pounds, this scale provides quick unit conversions in g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn. Reading the values is effortless thanks to the clear blue light screen. The two plastic trays in different sizes serve to hold loose or powdery items well.

This scale is ideal for baking, portion control, cooking, reloading, postage and jewelry applications or even for laboratory experiments. Sleek and compact, it ensures problem-free storage and portability. The modern stainless steel build ensures hassle-free maintenance.

The platform comes with reinforced strength for durability. The tare and calibration functions ensure the highest possible accuracy.

The piece counting function enables number tracking of items weighed. The low battery power,and overload indication ensure proper and hassle-free use. The 3-minute auto-off function saves on battery life.



Able to measure between 0.1 gram to a maximum of 3 kg, this instrument is precise up to 0.1 gram to ensure an accuracy of the measured values for sensitive weighing applications.

The device supports multiple weight units including grams, ounces, pennyweight, carat, ounce-troy, and grain, enabling you to use the scale for a variety of light measuring applications such as mailing, jewelry, precious stones, precious metals, and more.

The unit accommodates the need for a counting function with 4 options on pieces to choose from including 25 pieces, 50 pieces, 75 pieces, and 100 pieces, effectively reducing the guesswork.

The pocket travel size of this scale is similar to that of an iPhone 5S so it can be easily carried in your pocket when you have to do mobile weigh-ins of various items such as hair color, spices, pills, and medicines, among many others.

The backlit display allows you to view the readings on the LCD screen regardless of the lighting conditions.



This scale is rather tiny so care must be taken when weighing food items since weighing in a container might not provide you accurate results.


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Spirit 0.01oz/0.1g 3000g Digital Multifunction Pocket Scale with Back-Lit €11.98 Store


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Best carat scale


Carat scales – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best carat scale, this short paragraph should help you get exactly the model you need. According to our findings/research, the GemOro Platinum PCT251 is the best carat weight scale because of its accuracy to 0.005 carats, and a weighing capacity up to 250ct. The 4-button control panel offers easy control and the innovative, low-profile flip-up shield can easily expand to accommodate parcels or large stones while protecting from errors due to external elements during measurement. A rubberized compact carrying case protects this best diamond carat scale during transport and also provides a cool means of carrying and storing the scale and all the other items in the package including the calibration weight, universal voltage 100-240V AC adaptor, Swiss-style diamond tweezers, diamond scoop and stainless steel weighing platform. If the GemOro Platinum PCT251 is unavailable, your second option should be the Sy Kessler GemOro Platinum PCT101.



Having a carat scale handy whether you’re engaged in selling, buying or making jewelry helps you achieve a strong reputation in your business. It’s not easy to gain the trust of your target consumers so you need a good quality carat or jewelry scale as your constant tool. Now what distinguishes the top rated products in the best carat scale reviews from others on the market?


A reliable digital interface

The best carat scales are electronic or digital. They run on batteries and show you the weight displayed on their easy-to-read (preferably) LED backlit digital readout. They also allow you to connect directly to an electric socket using a supplied AC adapter. Digital carat scales are generally equipped with plenty of additional capabilities. Some models are able to store data and others have a parts counting function. Those elements are quite useful when you have to keep track of how many items you have weighed in a set of jewelry for instance, or when you’re counting the stones detached in a setting. It is also useful for data tracking. The digital readout should show a decimal value, which should be accurate to the thousandths of a measuring unit.

Models with enhanced digital features are able to switch between various units of measurement to accommodate the needs of both you and your customers. A premium carat scale should come with options from grams, ounces, diamond weight total (dwt) or pennyweight, troy ounces (ozt) for measuring gold, and grain (gn).


Suitable capacity and sensitivity for your purpose

Consider what you will be weighing so you can determine what capacity you want in your carat scale. A specially sensitive carat scale should be able to weigh up to the largest gemstones while easily handling lightweight ones. A tare function enables a premium carat scale for gemstones to consider the weight of the jewelry setting or the gemstone scoop and will only display the weight of the gemstones. A memory feature keeps track of the items already measured so you don’t get lost in your procedures.

Remember that not all digital carat scales are made equal. Some are quite small and make it difficult to read the display. Give the unit a spin to find out if you’re comfortable with its use. Otherwise, you can always go for a model with a large enough digital display. Make sure the display will still be readable even with the draft shield up or covering the weighing pan. A good carat scale for diamonds and other gemstones should offer a 0.001 gram readability, while lapidary scales or those used by artisans who form mineral, stones or gemstones into decorative items such as faceted designs, cameos, engraved gems and cabochons, should offer a readability of 0.01 gram. For weighing precious coins and metals, you will want a readability of 0.1 gram.


Easy to use

Whether you’re using the device as a carat scale for gold or for any other jewelry application, you want a generously-sized platform where you can have room to weigh a variety of items. Stainless steel platforms are best for their resistance to corrosion and durability to ensure years of use. The supplied scoop serves to hold very tiny stones for weighing. It should be a separate component for easy placement and removal of items.

If you intend to carry the carat scale on business trips, it should come supplied with an AC adapter and a hardy case that protects the scale and all other items in the package. Some premium models ship with diamond tweezers to simplify stone weighing, such as when you need to add or remove a piece from a set. A calibration weight ensures consistent measuring.



Top carat scale reviews in 2017


There are numerous options on carat scales on the market, which can complicate the buying process for this type of equipment. We offer the buying guide above to consumers who want to make an easier decision for purchase. We have also showcased the best products below for even more shopping assistance.



GemOro Platinum PCT251


1-gemoro-platinum-pct251-carat-scalePowered either by four triple A batteries or the 100 to 240 volt adaptor, the GemOro Platinum PCT251 offers the best value for money especially for those engaged in the jewelry selling, making or buying business. This awesome carat scale handles up to 250 carats capacity with a readability of 0.005 of a specific unit.

Choose whether to measure in grams, grains, diamond weight total or pennyweight, troy ounces and ounces. This carat scale helps you establish a solid reputation in your business thanks to its parts counting function that allows you to keep track of the items measured in a set.

The scale boasts a durable ABS construction for years of use on the go. The EZ-grip rubberized paint finish ensures easy handling. Enjoy durability, precision and style with this feature-filled model with easy-to-use 4-button control panel. The ingenious low-profile flip-up shield expands for hassle-free handling of large stones or parcels.

The rubberized compact and compartmentalized carrying case enables problem-free transport while providing a convenient means of storing all the other components including the calibration weight, Swiss-style diamond tweezers, diamond scoop, stainless steel weighing platform and universal voltage 100-240V AC adaptor.



It is powered by 100-240V Adaptor or 4 AAA batteries, and both are included in the sales price.

It features a parts counting function and comes with a 5-year limited replacement manufacturer’s warranty.

What we liked about the product is that it comes with great precision, helping you measure in grams, troy ounces, ounces, grains, and other measures.

The product features a durable ABS construction, and it is very accurate in counting the carats of diamonds.

It is sold for a very affordable price, making it the perfect tool for professionals who don’t want to spend a fortune in order to know exactly the clarity and price of their gemstones.



Unfortunately, this model might be a bit less affordable compared to others, which makes it difficult to fit in the budget of the people interested in spending as little as possible.


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Sy Kessler GemOro Platinum PCT101


3-makna1f0l2-gemoro-platinum-pct101-carat-scaleEquipped with a maximum weighing capacity of 100 carats with accuracy to of 0.005, the Sy Kessler GemOro Platinum PCT101 can deliver measures in carat, grain, gram/milligram, pennyweight, ounces or troy ounces.

The whole package ships with everything you need for accurate weighing every time including a pair of tweezers, batteries and an AC adapter.

Enjoy exceptional durability, performance and style with this carat scale with blue backlit display for easy viewing of weighing information. You can opt to set the desired mode, use the parts counting features using the hassle-free interface, and calibrate the device according to your needs.

The innovative low-profile tinted draft shield ensures the scale delivers the highest possible accuracy by preventing errors in measuring due to external elements. It flips up when needed and also expands to provide more weighing room to handle larger stones or even parcels. Made of durable ABS and featuring a painted-on rubberized EZ-grip finish, the scale stays secure in the hand or on the work surface while being protected against slight knocks and bumps.



This item can weigh up to 100 karats with an accuracy of 0.005, making it extremely reliable and performant among other of its kind.

Similar to other products of this type, the Sy Kessler can deliver measures in grams, carats, grains, ounces, etc.

It comes in a beautiful black design to bring into prominence the clarity and transparency of the weighed diamonds.

The product is also sold for an affordable price, so make sure you give this one a try, especially if you are a specialist and are looking for a high-performance, yet cheap karat scale.



While most of the customers offered positive reviews to this product, some claimed that after only a couple of months of uses with AC power the device broke.

Some other customers said the Sy Kessler didn’t provide accurate weights, so you may want to consider an alternative product to make sure your results are trustworthy.


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My Weigh GemPro 250


2-gempro-250-50gx0-001gEquipped to handle up to 250 carats weight or up to 50 grams and able to measure in a variety of units including grams, ounces, pennyweights, troy ounces, carats, and grains, the My Weigh GemPro 250 proves to be the only carat scale you need for your growing jewelry buy/sell business.

Compact at just 5.25″ x 3.75″ x 2.5″, this scale ensures effortless portability and storage so you can take your business where needed. It comes with a wealth of features including Tare, Calibration and Programmable Auto-Off Functions.

The whole package ships with the necessary items for successful weighing and operation including an AC Adapter, Weighing Tray, Calibration Weight and Hard Shell protective Carry Case to simplify portability and storage of all the items.

This scale can also be used with your ammo reloading bench thanks to its liquid leveling adjustable feet and retractable wind shield cover.



Similar to other products from the same category, the GemPro 250 offers different measurements in carats, grams, ounces, grains, etc. This means you can easily determine the clarity and worth of your diamond, no matter your measurement instruments.

It comes with an AC adapter, a weighing tray, a calibration weight, as well as a hard shell case to easily carry around your product and use it anytime you need.

The small size of this device enables you to transport and store it conveniently and efficiently.

The manufacturer of this item provides a 30-year warranty, meaning you can easily build an entire career around the durability and accuracy of this product.



Aside from the rather high price, some customers claimed the product doesn’t accurately weigh diamonds. Others say that the item they received was faulty and that it took them some time for the customer service to respond and send another viable item.


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My Weigh SCGEMPRO300


4-my-weigh-gempro-300ctGeared to handle up to 300 carats capacity, this model comes with a programmable auto-off feature so you can choose to have it on until you turn it off yourself or to have it switch off automatically. The backlit display enables viewing even in dim lighting.

The hard protective case keeps the scale and all the other accessories protected during transport while simplifying storage. The hinged platform cover flips up or down as needed to prevent accidental damage to the loading cells.

The scale also remembers the last unit of measure used, which is very convenient when your application requires the same unit of measurement for weights. The durable stainless steel weighing platform won’t scratch easily and is easy to clean while keeping its shine without tarnishing or corrosion.

Calibrating the scale is easy thanks to the handy instructions and the supplied 50 gram calibration weight. Other neat features are the tare button for zeroing the device out and the liquid level indicator to ensure level placement for the highest accuracy possible.



It is manufactured to handle an up to 300 carats capacity, more than reliable for your everyday use diamonds.

Unlike many other similar products available on the market, this one comes with a programmable auto-off feature which allows you to use the product continuously until you shut it down yourself or, on the contrary, program it to work for a certain time.

It is made from superior quality stainless steel tray and features a backlit display. It also comes with an AC adapter included, as well as tweezers, an expansion tray, and calibration weight.



Several owners were less impressed with the instructions provided by the manufacturer, and others claim that it took them about fifteen minutes to get everything up and running.

The fact that it lacks a reboot button makes the item harder to use and reboot when necessary. All in all, this is a great product you should consider purchasing.


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5-jeweler-s-scale-new-100-x-0-01g-digital-jewelry-scaleEquipped to handle up to 100 grams or 500 carats, the DigiWeigh/PuriTEST allows you to weigh loose diamonds or gemstones, raw, uncut, rough or cut gems, lapidary materials and other items.

It can provide readings in Carat (ct), Grain (gn), Gram (g), and Ounce (oz). The bright blue high-contrast LCD display ensures easy viewing of weighing results even when ambient lighting is poor.

The clear, durable cover keeps the weighing platform protected when the device is not in use, while doubling as an expansion tray to accommodate larger items for weighing.

The scale comes with free AAA batteries for power. It can also be used for weighing gunpowder for reloading or for weighing archery arrows. Equipped with a high-quality strain gauge load cell system, this scale provides accuracy in full capacity range.

Constructed of high density ABS housing and metal support, it is a very durable device. The scale comes with nifty features that simplify weighing, including a tare function for zeroing it out when weighing powder or liquid.


By far the most affordable option out of all the five products reviewed, the DigiWeigh is a good alternative for those who do not seek extreme precision but also want a good scale.

The item comes equipped with AAA batteries for alternative power, making it a reliable product all day long, and in all environments.

While you’re not using the product, the clear and durable cover keeps it safe, away from scratches, dust or damage.

The bright blue, high-contrast LCD display makes for easy reading in all lights.



Some reviewers claimed the overall exterior quality of the product was not very high and that the scale itself had faults expressing the real value of a weighed gem.

Purchase this item if you’re on a tight budget but keep in mind that you should look for other, more dependable products if your job depends on accurate measurements.


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