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RockyMars RT36 Review | Optics and Lab Equipment

RockyMars RT36 Review

Last Updated: 22.10.19

Main technical features


This hygrometer measures both humidity levels and temperature, as it doubles as a thermometer, and can be used in a wide variety of situations, for monitoring purposes.

It can measure humidity levels from 0% to 100%, as well as temperature from 14F to 140F (-10C to 60C).

One of its handiest features is the auto power off function; this saves battery life. In case you need it for continuous monitoring, you can switch off this function.

The manufacturer supplies the needed batteries, and there is a low battery indicator that will tell you when to replace the depleted batteries.

This is a handheld model, and its main advantages are that it is comfortable to hold and you can move it around to evaluate conditions in different rooms and locations.


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In-depth information


This digital model serves as both a hygrometer and a thermometer, and it is designed as a handheld device. While it is possible to leave it on a table and allow it to conduct continuous monitoring of the living conditions, its primary purpose is to be a handheld device. You will be quickly provided with data for further analysis, and you only need to move around with the device in your hand.

It can calculate the humidity levels between 0% and 100%, which means that the measuring range is ideal. As far as temperature is concerned, the range goes from 14F to 140F. As the unit can measure temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees, the range is calculated between -10C and 60C. Such values cover all the possibilities for indoor environments without fail. For maintenance facilities, HVAC service, health care, and other applications, this model is ideal, and it does its job well. You will like the backlit display that allows you to read the information you need fast and easy.

One thing that you might not find in other models on the market is the automatic power off function. In case you only need to use the hygrometer every once in a while, such a feature comes in handy. It shuts off on its own and saves battery life in the process. However, if you need it to perform continuous monitoring, you will find that it is easy to turn off this feature.

You will get a set of batteries with your purchase. It required three AAA batteries to function. You will find it convenient that the unit has a low battery indicator that makes things easy for you since you will know exactly when to replace the batteries.

Known Issues


One aspect noticed by one of the reviewers of this product is that the unit always defaults to Celsius when you turn it on. While this is not a significant problem, it is a bit of a nuisance for someone who needs to take readings on a regular basis and doesn’t want to keep the unit on for continuous monitoring.

Another thing you will want to bear in mind is that the unit will take a while, after being turned on, to give accurate readings.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($29.99)




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