Main technical features


A refresh rate of 50Hz makes this thermal monocular rise head and shoulders above the competition, as it guarantees superior video performance.

With only 2 seconds needed to start, the unit will ensure that the battery doesn’t get drained too fast, offering prolonged usefulness.

Offering multiple viewing modes, it allows the user to customize the way he or she will use the unit, depending on each one’s preferences.

The sensor resolution is 384×288, and it guarantees that you will be able to detect heat signatures in the dark in great detail.

A wide array of extras are provided with your purchase, such as a car adaptor, a case, and a hand strap, a wireless remote, and many others.


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In-depth information


When you need high performance, this manufacturer is well-known for supplying products that are difficult to equal regarding performance and features. As expected, the Pulsar Quantum PL77333 is no exception to the case, and its ability to detect heat signatures at distances as far as 1970 yards away from your location guarantees that you will get your money’s worth and even more. For predator hunting at nighttime, surveillance operations, as well as search and rescue missions, you will be able to find a great ally in this unit.

Talking about performance, this Pulsar monocular comes equipped with a 640×480 OLED display that allows you to see the image captured by the unit in the crispest details. The sensor’s resolution is 384×288, and the refresh rate is 50Hz, so overall, it is safe to assume that you should expect the highest performance possible from this unit.

Other aspects that talk about the high performance of this particular model are the magnification that can go as high as 16.4x and the 4x digital zoom. A rangefinder is incorporated with the unit to provide precise details on the distances between the user and the target. As you can see, nothing is left to chance, and you don’t have to guess details such as distances, an aspect that can come in handy for hunters who are stalking their prey in the dark. Another thing that must be mentioned is that the unit can capture video so that you can observe the action captured by the monocular in great detail.

This model works with 4 AA batteries that should last for about 6.5 hours before needing replacements. You are offered plenty of autonomy for hunting trips and the like. It must be said that the manufacturer provides a wide range of extras with your purchase. A carrying case ensures that you won’t have to worry about transporting the monocular in proper conditions. The external power supply and the car adaptor offer some sources for keeping the unit going. A hand strap is a handy addition, while the lens cleaning cloth will allow you to keep the optics clean.


Known issues

This model only runs on AA batteries, so there’s no rechargeable battery option available. While this is not a make or break issue, it can be considered a downside by some users.


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