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Potensic Borescope Camera Review

Last Updated: 01.04.20

Main technical features


The lengthy piece can solve all your inspection requirements, and bring something extra to the table, just like a premium endoscope should. It is semi-rigid and can connect both via USB and micro USB. It has a waterproof construction, an ultra-small camera diameter, and adjustable lights. The item is black so that it won’t show dirt, and it is powered by a camera that offers rich detail and clarity while using as little power as possible.


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In-depth information



Unlike other traditional models, endoscope reviews tell us, this tool comes with a USB to micro USB convertible design, which requires no extra adapter as the seller provides everything in the package. This, along with the fact that it uses LED lights, makes it require as little energy as possible, to spare your phone’s battery life. This aspect is essential for older Samsung models with batteries that drain faster than newer gadgets. It is convenient to use on most versions of Windows computers or on Android devices, but the truth being said, it shines in the Android department because smartphone lovers seem to have nothing negative to say about this nifty product. One fair warning is that the model is not compatible with ancient versions of the operating system or with iOS-powered devices.

Quality is not overrated

One highlight that all gadget enthusiasts like and a comprehensive endoscope camera review should talk about, is a long life. And this particular piece has it. This is mostly due to its premium construction, durable materials, and of course because it has top specs. The IP66 waterproof camera probe with its 7mm diameter makes it suitable for leaky pipes and other wet situations or hard-to-reach places like your car’s engine. The six adjustable LED lights offer a cool, easy on the eye image, so your eyes won’t hurt after you’ve finished inspecting the ventilation system.


A bang for your buck

Armed with a bendable semi-rigid cable, this is a tool that will be part of your toolbox for many years to come. It can bend and hold its shape, without losing image quality and it allows you access inside curved holes or pipes. The camera offers 0.3MP and a 640 x 480 resolution, which, despite the fact that it’s not the most you can find in an endoscope, it is enough for its intended purpose. The focal distance is decent, and the luminosity powerful enough that darkness won’t pose a real threat. In the package, you also get a hook, a magnet, a convenient mirror, the user manual, and a CD with instructions.


Known Issues

Reviewers seem to generally like this model and to recommend it without reservations. But one pointed out that sometimes it can take a while until the manufacturer updates the software and it can have some compatibility issues with some versions of Android. This problem didn’t seem to pop up among new versions.


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