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Orion Observer AZ Refractor & Starter Kit – Review | Optics and Lab Equipment

Orion Observer AZ Refractor & Starter Kit – Review

Last Updated: 22.10.19


Main technical features


Shipped to you with a fantastic set of accessories, the Orion Observer comes with everything you need to enjoy incredible views of the night sky right out of the package. Just take a look at what you’re getting when you purchase this awesome telescope kit. You will receive two quality Kellner eyepieces; the 25mm eyepiece delivers 28X views while the 10mm eyepiece provides higher magnification at 70X. The 1.25-inch barrel on each eyepiece provides easy use. The 60mm refractor telescope is powered by a 60mm glass lens. Offering fantastic portability and precision glass optics, this telescope kit is the complete backyard telescope package for beginners.

The telescope also ships with some more items to make nighttime viewing more enjoyable. It’s a great bundle for kids with the included Astronomy Book that any beginner will find really helpful. The included Orion Moon Map 260 enables the beginner astronomer to get plenty of useful information on the various characteristic surface elements on the moon. The Star Target planisphere is another informational star chart that enables you to search for specific celestial denizens at specific days of the year.

The various components in the telescope kit are very easy to use. The 90° mirror diagonal ensures comfortable nighttime viewing. The 1.25-inch rack-and-pinion focuser provides easy and smooth up-close viewing. The Orion EZ Finder II red-dot sight facilitates nice and easy aiming.


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In-depth information


A perfect bundle for kids, the Orion Observer 60mm Refractor and Starter Kit delivers awe-inspiring views of Saturn’s ring, the craters of the moon and more. The refractor is powered by a quality 60mm glass lens, not plastic, and includes two fully-coated 1.25-inch telescope eyepieces to deliver two different magnifications. Offering higher quality plus more dependable performance that any other department store-bought model, the telescope comes with all-glass optics plus an aluminum optical tube with a fully antireflection-coated achromatic objective lens that delivers bright and crisp images of the sky at night. The 1.25-inch barrel on each eyepiece offers greater versatility and better performance than smaller ones. Enjoy wide-field views every time.

Giving a wonderful introduction to backyard astronomy, the supplied Astronomy book is filled with astounding pictures and educational astronomy facts. Browse through amazing pictures of celestial objects and read interesting information about planets, stars and other elements of the night sky. Keep kids entertained during cloudy nights when you can’t see the stars and the moon. The Orion Moon Map 260 simplifies the learning experience about the craters of the moon as well as landing sites for spacecraft on its surface, and much more. There are over 260 moon features described, their names and locations. The information includes valleys, mountains, seas, craters and others. The Orion Star Target planisphere is a fantastic star chart wheel for finding various celestial objects for any day of the year. Just dial in the month and day for observing the sky and you can see what stars and constellations are visible in the clear night sky. The Orion Star Target lets you plan your stargazing activities around the visible celestial bodies for every night of the year.

This easy-to-use telescope kit provides simple operation for junior astronomers. It has a traditional build that offers intuitive use. Weighing just 5.8 pounds, the telescope comes with a tripod and mount for easy transport and setup. Smooth motion in both altitude and azimuth is provided by the altazimuth mount, for up and down and left and right adjustments, respectively. The lightweight aluminum tripod offers comfort and dependable functionality. The handy accessory tray can be attached to the tripod so you can keep the eyepieces and other essentials within easy reach. Aiming the telescope is easy following a simple alignment process with the Orion EZ Finder II red-dot sight. The 90° mirror diagonal flexes the light path for comfortable sky viewing. Smooth adjustments can be done using the 1.25″ rack and pinion focuser.


Known issues

One user noted some sticky residue that emanates from the grease used for the supplied accessories in the package. This does not reduce the functionality and performance of the telescope, as the lubricant ensures consistently smooth and easy operations and does not in any way minimize the value of the telescope and its included accessories.


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