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The revolutionary Orion 10134 SkyQuest XT8g delivers innovative reflector technology with its fully motorized locating of celestial objects as well as the automatic tracking of more than 42,000 celestial wonders. This 8-inch aperture reflector Dobsonian boasts performance-driven optics, GoTo gears, encoders and motors that are pre-installed on the Dobsonian base board for easy and speedy assembly and setup. This model provides a precise and convenient celestial object tracking system with closed loop electronics that allows manual moving according to your preference.

This telescope provides the perfect fusion of GoTo pointing convenience with incredible portability at a budget-friendly cost. It comes with a 1200mm focal length parabolic f/5.9 mirror manufactured from optical glass with low thermal expansion and enhanced 94-percent reflectivity aluminum coatings, and marked at the center for hassle-free optical alignment or collimation. The dual-speed 2-inch Crayford focuser on the optical tube is supplemented with a 1.25-inch adapter for easy use with the supplied 2-inch DeepView and 1.25-inch illuminated crosshair Plossl eyepieces. This model also comes with an 11:1 fine focus knob.

Assembly is always a breeze thanks to the telescope’s optical tube that drops into the GoTo Dobsonian base on the dovetail trunnion while locking in place conveniently via a single hand knob. Orienting the device to the sky is facilitated with a simple two-star alignment procedure. The front and side panels of the base come with handles. There’s also a softly red-illuminated keypad on the computerized GoTo hand controller.


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Get detailed views of the moon and the planets using this 8-inch aperture reflector telescope. This fully-motorized unit allows you to observe even the most elusive members of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars in the New General Catalogue (NGC) with push button efficiency. Use the illuminated computerized GoTo hand controller supplemented by the unit’s high-torque servo motors that are powered by two pairs of high-resolution encoders to point the telescope to the exact spot, with more than 42,000 celestial objects stored in the computerized database. You won’t have to frequently nudge the telescope tube just to ensure that the target doesn’t slip out of the field of view. After the telescope has located the object, it tracks the moving target automatically and keeps it centered in the eyepiece, eliminating the need for manual tracking. The telescope’s closed loop electronics allows manual moving and withstands an accidental bump while maintaining its orientation for accurate pointing every time.


The 203mm aperture is complemented with a 1200mm focal-length parabolic mirror that ensures high definition images with its enhanced reflectivity coatings and low-thermal-expansion optical glass construction. Optics alignment is easy and accurate thanks to the center-marked mirror. The accurate dual-speed Crayford focuser allows easy fine tuning of images. Finding your celestial targets is easy using the 11:1 fine focus knob that also gives an extra-sharp focus point to make your views come out with outstanding clarity and brightness. This model boasts an open mirror cell design that provides efficient cooling for the primary mirror to the ambient temperature for extended viewing applications. The threaded holes on the mirror cell prove to be useful for setting up an optional cooling accelerator fan to give you speedier temperature equalization.

Assembly is problem-free because the telescope’s GoTo Dobsonian base is pre-installed with the needed drive motors, optical encoders and gears. A dovetail trunnion facilitates the placement of the optical tube into the Dobsonian base. Alignment is easy using a simple 2-star procedure for this purpose to ensure dependable telescope orientation to the sky. This telescope is also easy to store and transport by simply loosening the knob and removing the optical tube from the GoTo base. Carrying and lifting are facilitated by the handles on the front and side panels of the base. This model also ships with a detachable eyepiece rack that accommodates one 2-inch and three 1.25-inch eyepieces. You also receive an EZ Finder II reflex sight, quick collimation cap, mounting bracket for the hand controller, and two eyepieces for precise GoTo system alignment. A DC cable is included for powering the drive motors. The softly lit, red-illuminated keypads enable easy selection of targets from a system of intuitive menus.


Known issues

A customer notes that the two-star alignment procedure always needs to be done to ensure optimal functionality of the GoTo feature. Although the process comes with a bit of learning curve and patient practice, it will have to be done before anything else to make the most of the unique feature. Moon filter/s will have to be purchased to enhance night vision, so a Barlow may be a worthy investment.


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