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Orion 10013 GoScope – Review | Optics and Lab Equipment

Orion 10013 GoScope – Review

Last Updated: 22.11.19



Main technical features


You shouldn’t let the small size of this unit or the affordable price point fool you since any buyer that intends to get a beginner telescope will be surprised to see the plethora of features this unit can pack in its compact body. The device sports an 80mm aperture with a focal length of 350mm and a focal ratio of f/4.3.

What’s more, the optical elements are fully coated, which will allow the telescope to focus light much more efficiently. The Orion Finder II red-dot sight will make aiming very easy so that you can find the planet, moon, or galaxy that you intend to observe in no time. The package also includes 20mm and 10mm eyepieces for different views.

The telescope also features a 90 degrees star diagonal to allow for a more comfortable viewing experience of the night sky. Since this is a telescope designed primarily for beginners, you also get a free special edition of the Starry Night astronomy software.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($144.99)




In-depth information


The Orion 10013 GoScope is a tabletop refractor telescope which can mark the beginning of anyone’s journey among the stars. It can be used by a child, but also by adults that have never had a telescope before and want to get a grasp of what such a device is capable of before moving on to more expensive alternatives.

The unit sports an 80mm aperture, and the scope has a generous field of view that should allow users to spot even the finer details of the Moon’s surface, or even more distant celestial bodies such as Saturn and its ring or Jupiter and its moons.

Since this is a very portable option, you will have no difficulty in carrying it around by hand while you’re camping. This is a great feature to have, especially if you live in the city. The city lights and the pollution can make it hard to observe the night’s sky, but with this unit, you’ll be able to carry it wherever you want to.

Since this is a small refractor telescope, it is best suited to observe bright sky objects such as planets and moons, but in clear nights you should also be able to find dimmer objects such as star clusters. The unit comes with a 20mm eyepiece for a 17.5x magnification factor and a 10mm eyepiece for a total magnification of 35x.

To help amateurs make the most out of their new purchase, the manufacturer also includes a free copy of the Starry Night Special Edition software. This software comes with realistic sky simulations and many useful features such as telescope control, and others that will help you plan your observation and understand precisely what you are seeing.


Known issues

As is expected with such an affordable option, not all users were delighted with the quality of the optics. You should also keep in mind that this unit does not allow you to attach a DSLR or SLR camera for celestial photography.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($144.99)




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