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Because education is a major part of our lives, we have decided to organize an annual scholarship consisting of a prize of $1,000 that will be awarded to one winner. If you’re fascinated by various science domains and would like to benefit from extra finances for buying books or your tuition, read on.




This is a $1,000 opportunity that will be organized every year.

Deadline – December 7th, 2018


About the scholarship

This program will be organized on a yearly basis. In order to be eligible, you will have to write an essay about Optical microscopy, its limitations, applications, and purpose. You have the freedom to customize the title of the article as you deem fit; however, the topic should tackle the matter in a style of your choosing as long as it remains the same.


Terms of participation

All of the candidates have to be enrolled in a college or university.  Nonetheless, proof of attendance is required, as well as personal information.

After having written the essay, you will need to email it to optics-scholarships at gmail.com along with the other information we have requested in regards to the educational institution.



The $1,000 cheque will be sent to the educational organization. You can also include payment information for said school in your application in the case where payment via Paypal is made available.


Application requirements and deadline

Feel free to send your applications by December 7th, 2018. We will select the winning essay in a matter of a week following the deadline and then let the candidate know of the outcome via email. Should the winner be unable to reply to the email in a time span of ten days, we reserve the right to choose another winner.

The article should be at least 1,500-words long. For the time being, we do not accept printed applications. As one of the concerns of our team is that the selection process is as simple as possible, we kindly ask you to use the email subject “Opticsandlab.com Scholarship.”

Spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors are all disqualifiers. Submit the entire essay via email and make sure to check for any mistakes before having sent it.



Additional information

Applications should be sent in the .doc or .docx format so that the members of our editorial board can analyze them on any computer or laptop. The use of images and resources is recommended, but the sources should be specified either in a separate section at the end of the post or via the use of hyperlinks.

Originality will be assessed using digital software, which is why plagiarism is a disqualifier. Creativity is a major part of our decision-making process. In this respect, we recommend adapting the topic to your experiences so that the tone and style of your piece are user-friendly and, to a certain extent, personal.

The winning piece will be published on this website so that the author is credited and has the ability to showcase his or her work in a portfolio or resume.


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