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Opti-TekScope OT-HD Digital USB Microscope – Review | Optics and Lab Equipment

Opti-TekScope OT-HD Digital USB Microscope – Review

Last Updated: 14.12.19




Main technical features


The OT-HD is a digital microscope which has been equipped with a USB port so that users are able to transfer the pictures to their personal computers.

As with other models in the line, the OT-HD features a digital camera that can be utilized to create stunning images of the specimens in the 1600×1200 res or video files at 30fps at 640×480.

The maximum magnification capability of this option can go up to 200X, which means that it should be more than adequate for examining larger specimens such as bills, jewelry pieces, circuits, and even insects and parasites found on one’s pets.

The software driver is provided in the box.

This model features its own light source so you won’t have to utilize an external one.

It’s compatible with most Windows laptops and computers.

The weight of the model is less than 1.2 pounds.


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In-depth information


The fact that this model features a USB port is one of the first benefits you’ll notice as this will allow you to transfer the pictures to your devices without having to go through a lot of trouble. USB compatibility is not an issue as the model has been found to be compatible with most cables being sold nowadays.

The OT-HD features a camera with the help of which you can capture the specimens and even record the activity of insects and other small samples if that’s what you have in mind. The resolution is more than satisfactory, at least judging by the owner feedback garnered by this product over time.


While it might not be the best choice for teaching microbiology and other fields that require the highest magnification capabilities out there, this microscope does a good job when it comes to explaining to kids and students the inner workings of the organisms and items of which the details are hidden to the naked eye.

The software that you will need in order to save the images and process them on a laptop is part of the deal with this model, so you won’t have to purchase it separately. In addition to this, it is compatible with the vast array of Windows operating systems, be they older or newer.

It would have been an impossible feat to get some light on the sample if it weren’t for the light source of this model. Thanks to the LED bulbs that it’s been equipped with, this unit can be utilized in an efficient manner all throughout your task.

Since it weighs 1.1 pounds, the OT-HD is one of the lightest digital microscopes available for sale these days. As such, you will be able to take it with you everywhere you go, particularly if you have a day off and would like to examine some plants, insects, or other tiny items at your leisure.


Known issues

Based on what we have found about this particular product, it looks as if the software could use some improvement, although minor issues have been reported by owners. Sometimes, it gets into a jerky mode but pressing the capture button solves this problem.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($89)




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