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Ohuhu 8×40 Waterproof & Dual Focus Monocular – Review | Optics and Lab Equipment

Ohuhu 8×40 Waterproof & Dual Focus Monocular – Review

Last Updated: 17.11.19


Main technical features


Thanks to its powerful optics this handheld telescope can be easily used for a variety of viewing applications.

It comes with a durable and lightweight construction so you can be assured that you are purchasing a quality product.

You will appreciate how easy this handheld telescope is to use, and it is also convenient to carry.

Since it comes with everything you need to keep it in good working order, you can enjoy years of use.


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In-depth information


With an objective lens diameter of 40mm you can enjoy a clear and bright field of view. This handheld telescope also boasts 8 times magnification so objects at a distance are crisp and clear. It also comes with a scalable field of view which makes this telescope ideal for birders, hunters and just taking in the scenery. No matter what you are trying to view, it will also appear sharp and detailed with this powerful telescope.

This telescope might only weigh 8.5 oz, but it is still durable enough to withstand use in rugged conditions. The body is constructed from a lightweight metal, but what really provides its incredible protection is the rubber armoring. This coating helps to protect the telescope from occasional falls from low heights, and it also works to provide you with a secure, non slip grip.

Since this handheld telescope is designed to be compact and lightweight, it is also easy to take with you almost anywhere. Its small size allows it to be easily packed with the rest of your gear, or you can take advantage of the included soft carrying pouch. Since it is designed to be used with one hand it is perfect for birders and hunters who might need to keep the other one free. You will also love how easy it is to adjust the dual focus. The knob is conveniently placed for easy access, and the specs for day and night viewing are printed on the front. This also ensures that even beginners can easily bring objects into sharp focus.

One of the reasons this handheld telescope is a good value for your money is due to the fact that it comes with everything you need to keep it functioning properly. It is extremely easy to care for thanks to its durable rubber armoring, but the lens still needs to be cleaned after each use. Since it comes with a soft cleaning cloth, this is a quick and easy chore.

Known issues

Overall the reviews for this handheld telescope are favorable, though one consumer did mention that he wished that it came with a protective lens cap. While this doesn’t affect its performance, it is nice to have in order to better prevent scratches.

It has also been noted that it is a little too large to carry comfortably on a belt, but it does come with a convenient neck cord.


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