Main technical features


Collectors will love its authentic nautical design, along with its elegant appearance.

Not only does this brass telescope look great, it is capable of providing you with bright clear images of celestial and terrestrial objects.

Beginners will love how easy this telescope is to use, and this is actually something that everyone can appreciate at any skill level.

Not only does it come with an elegant and attractive design, its sturdy construction ensures that this brass telescope is a good value for your money.


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In-depth information


There is very little not to like about this telescope. Its authentic nautical design is sure to please any collector. The brass optic tube is polished to a high shine to give it an elegant appearance and ensures that it looks great sitting out on any table or desktop. The tripod is constructed from wood and comes with matching brass accents, and its sturdy build provides you with a stable and well balanced base. This makes it a little easier for you to accurately find and track objects on the ground and in the sky. Designed to look beautiful and to last for a lifetime, this brass nautical telescope might be the perfect choice for you.

Not only does the 18 inch brass tabletop telescope look great, it is also capable of providing you with a high quality performance. The wide diameter aperture is capable of gathering plenty of light so distant objects never appear faint or blurry, even under high magnification. The optics can clearly focus in on objects on the ground or in the sky, and it is this versatility that makes this brass telescope a good value for its price. Whether you want to enjoy a cityscape view or watch the constellations at night, this nautical telescope is capable of providing you with the performance you need.

Even the best rated brass telescope will quickly become a waste of money if it is not easy to use, but this won’t be a problem with this model. It is incredibly easy to set up, simply attach the telescope to the tripod and secure the supporting chain in the place. The tripod provides a stable base so you can smooth move the telescope in all directions and easily track objects as they are moving. Beginners will love how easy this tabletop telescope is to focus, simple adjust the knob on the stand. This allows you to keep your eye on the target as you bring it into sharp focus. Stylish, sturdy and a breeze to use, it’s easy to see why this is a top rated brass telescope.


Known issues

While there haven’t been any issues with the performance of this attractive brass telescope since consumers have noted that the tripod cannot be adjusted for size. It should be noted that this can be common on models that are designed to be used on a tabletop or counter since you can choose the height of the surface you place it on. If the telescope is going to be used by someone with a shorter stature we recommend considering placing on the floor, if practical.


Buy from for ($101.98)




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