Main technical features


The National Optical 163-PH is a trinocular compound microscope that comes with WF10x eyepieces, an iris diaphragm, and an Abbe condenser.

The magnification range of this option is 40X to 1000X.

Since it has been outfitted with mechanical stage locks, this unit is more than capable of providing excellent coarse and fine focus.

An illumination system is part of the construction of this model, in that it comes with a halogen bulb with a rheostat. The light intensity can be controlled by the user.

The model comes with four objectives: 4X, 10X, 40XR, and 100XR.

A dust cover, two rubber eyeshields, as well as three colored filters, can be found in the box.


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In-depth information


National Optical is a company headquartered in Texas, the United States of America, which is why it is one of the critically acclaimed brands in the industry of manufacturing high-quality microscopes that have American components. The construction quality of this choice renders it durable and easy to work with, although its 23.8 pounds weight suggests that it should be used in static environments such as laboratories. This is not a portable alternative, and so you won’t be able to take it with you when you are going to examine specimens on the field.

The magnification capabilities of a microscope matter most when you’re trying to decide either on a model or on a different one. The 40X to 1000X range allowed by this option means that you will be able to examine different kinds of smears and specimens that might you need to analyze in your profession. The product comes with four objectives that can assist you in making the most of the magnification range.

This particular trinocular compound microscope features a proprietary lighting system consisting of a halogen bulb that is placed below the spot where you will place the plate. Therefore, this unit comes with a transmitted illumination system, but the core advantage offered by it is that it allows you to customize the brightness depending on your momentary requirements.

The value offered by the National Optical 163-PH unit is further increased by the fact that the package includes several accessories. As such, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that the box contains both the microscope, eyepieces, and objectives, as well as three colored filters, two rubber eyeshields, and a dust cover. In other words, you won’t have to spend any money on getting these items separately as they are part of the deal.

One thing that is worth noting is that, while the National Optical 163-PH is a trinocular microscope, the camera has to be bought individually. A wide-field monocular eyepiece can be found in the exact place where the camera has to be installed once you have it.


Known issues

While most of the user feedback we have come across regarding the performance and characteristics of this alternative is favorable, there have been people pointing out that the phase condenser, located below the movable stage, does not come with a swing-out filter holder.


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