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Pet thermometers  – Buying guide & Comparison


Because it is practically impossible to tell when a dog or cat is coming down with a fever, you need the best pet thermometer to find out if your precious fluffy friend is sick or not. If you read this short paragraph, you might catch a few tips that might come in handy in your decision. According to our team of experts, the Zoo Med ReptiTemp RT1 is an excellent option because you can get an accurate temperature reading with one easy button. This pocket-sized thermometer is easy to use and is a great tool for monitoring gradients, basking sites, shelters, and hibernation temperatures. Furthermore, you can toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and set a minimum and a maximum temperature level so you can track eventual changes. If the Zoo Med ReptiTemp RT1 is not available, check the Hareno Digital Thermometer.


Pet owners have a hard time deciding on a good thermometer for pets because there is a myriad of models of the market and not all of them are suitable for animals. If you want to learn how to distinguish a great tool from the rest available for sale, we’ve created a buying guide showcased below that you might want to take a look at.


Pay attention to the accuracy

One significant aspect that you need to be aware of is the accuracy of the thermometer you are looking for. You can’t have a tool that doesn’t provide correct readings. The best way to determine whether the unit is able to deliver good performance is to choose one that has been reviewed by the majority of people as a top-notch unit.

There are certain manufacturers that mention in the product descriptions details regarding the accuracy level. Make sure to read them and opt for the better one.

In addition to this, your pets need to be monitored to see if temperature changes occur. Since you’ll be checking the fever more than once in a certain time period, you need a thermometer that provides you correct readings each time you use it.

A good pet thermometer is one that shows you almost the exact number even if you test your pet 5 times in a row. The majority of doctors recommend doing several temperature readings in order to see how the fever evolves. If your thermometer is not accurate and consistent, you risk your pet health.


Budget limitations

Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you have to opportunity to purchase a multifunctional device that can be used not only for your pet but also for your entire family.

When in the market for a new dog thermometer, you should know that if you decide to get an infrared thermometer, you’ll be more than pleased. These type of thermometers can be used for readings in the forehead area so you won’t have issues if you use it for human and animal purposes.

Because laser thermometers are completely non-invasive, there’s no risk of infections or cleaning the tool after each use.

There are other interesting units that you can use for taking your pet temperature rectally. Just like humans, they are quite reliable and provide fast readings. They are less pricey and come with a simple, user-friendly menu. Just make sure you label the one that you use for your dog if you have another similar tool that you use for taking readings for you or your family members.



If you want to get a good device that does an excellent job at reading your pet’s temperature, you should consider the advice given by the majority of the pet thermometer reviews. You should opt for an item that has the same features provided by thermometers for human use.  

As we mentioned before, infrared thermometers are indeed a great choice because they are versatile and hygienic. You can use them without having to worry about germs, and most of them allow you to check the temperature of the environment or if a liquid is warm or hot enough.

Another important aspect is the speed of the thermometer. When your dog or cat is sick, you can’t waste time trying to get a result. Models that feature probes deliver results in less than 60 seconds while laser ones need less than 10 seconds for a temperature reading.

Because it’s impossible to predict when the time has passed, you should get a device that flashes a light or makes a beeping sound when the results are ready. Just make sure it’s not too loud. Otherwise, you risk scaring your pet.



Top pet thermometers reviews in 2017



Zoo Med ReptiTemp RT1 B0053Y6IPE


This infrared thermometer makes checking the temperature of your pet a complete breeze. Quite simple to use, it needs only a push of a button, and you get a fast result, in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The best part is that you can scan the temperature of the entire habitat or shelter and the minimum/maximum function allows you to find the warmest or the coolest spot in the environment. Therefore. There’s no need to invest in more than one tool because this one does an excellent job at offering details about your pet body temperature and basking areas if needed.

The product comes with a battery so you can use it right after you unpack it. In addition, it features a wide range of temperatures so you can rest assured about its accuracy and consistency.

If you don’t use the thermometer for a certain period of time, it will automatically shut off in order to save battery.



Buy from for ($29.99)





Hareno Digital Thermometer B01N6H3G1G


In a crisis situation, you need a reliable pet thermometer that you can use for quick temperature checkings. Since the rectal area is known to provide the most accurate readings, you’ll appreciate the high-quality and performance of this product. This digital tool does a fantastic job at offering fast results and comfort, at the same time.

The product is a great alternative to other types of units, even those that used mercury for temperature checks. Furthermore, it boasts a smart automatic feature that shuts off the device automatically if you don’t make any temperature measurements after a period of 10 minutes.

Thanks to the flexible tip, your pet won’t be harmed during the testing because the thermometer remains in a comfortable position. Also, there’s no need to worry about not seeing the numbers because the item is outfitted with a large display. The thermometer is built to last for numerous readings and benefits from a long battery life.



Buy from for ($29.99)





Dreambaby Rapid Response F320 B00859RB00


When your pet is feeling sick and doesn’t feel like playing or running, the first thing you do is to check for fever. So you need a reliable thermometer suitable for pets that provides temperature readings in just a few seconds. This is why this model is a great tool for you and your pet needs.

In only 8 seconds, you’ll be able to know for sure if your precious animal is coming down with a fever. Thanks to the Fever Alert Light Up Indicator, you’ll be notified when the temperature is normal and when you should be worried Red light means fever is detected while green light is a sign that your pet is healthy.

According to your personal preferences and needs, you can toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit degree scales.

Due to its flexible tip, there’s no risk of causing any harm to the pet, and the special case allows you to store it and maintain it in a hygienic environment.



Buy from for ($29.99)





Sunmark Fast Read B008FNH6G


This thermometer is a faster and safer alternative to old mercury thermometers that are known to be potential poisoning. If you want to ensure plenty of comfort for your pet, you must consider this model because it provides correct and consistent temperature readings in less than 60 seconds.

Certified for accuracy by clinical quality standards, this product benefits from an automatic shut-off function that powers off the thermometer if you don’t use it for a period of 20 minutes standby. This way, the battery life is prolonged.

This digital thermometer is quite versatile and can be used for temperature readings orally, rectally or auxiliary.

One aspect worth mentioning is the fact that this unit is easy to use. All you have to do is to press one button and place the thermometer in the area you desire. Moreover, the item is dishwasher safe.

When the reading is done, you will be notified with a beeping sound and a display flash.



Buy from for ($29.99)





Flents Dual Scale Digital Thermometer 67358 B001G6XM3O


This digital thermometer is built from durable elements and features a unique flexible tip that enables a comfortable and safe temperature reading experience for your beloved pet.

In addition to the fast readings, this product allows you to switch from Celsius degrees to Fahrenheit degrees with just a simple push of a button.

Because the tip is made of a soft rubberized material, the unit is suitable for all types of pets, no matter their size.

The thermometer is specially designed for home used, and it is also certified by medical standards.

After finishing the temperature reading, you can safely store the thermometer in the protective plastic case that comes with the product package. Just keep in mind to rub the tip with a soft cloth and some alcohol. This way, you reduce the risk of bacteria spread and prolong the life of the tool.



Buy from for ($29.99)




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Best pediatric thermometer


Pediatric thermometers – Buying guide & Comparison


If you need to find the best pediatric thermometer but don’t know where to start your search, read this short paragraph and learn a few tips that come in handy for every parent. According to our findings, the Kinsa Digital Smart Ear KET-001 is an excellent option because the device is compatible with the majority of smartphones and used a Bluetooth technology to enable access to your family history of illnesses. You only need 1 second to do a proper temperature reading and the thermometer provides information regarding fever, symptoms, and medication. Moreover, the battery can be used for up to 1000 temperature measurements. If the Kinsa Digital Smart Ear KET-001 is out of stock, make sure to check the Braun IRT6500US.


There’s no need to worry if you’re not sure which model fits your needs best. With so many items for sale, it can be a tad difficult for everyone to choose a thermometer that provides fast and easy readings. So we’ve looked around and gathered all the information in this buying guide that you can find showcased below.



While there is a whole range of important features you need to take into account when in the market for the best baby thermometer, the accuracy and the consistency are quite mandatory.

When your baby has a temperature the last thing you need is a unit that has all sorts of modern features but doesn’t offer you accurate readings. The same principle applies to the consistency factor. If a thermometer takes a perfectly accurate temperature every ten tries you can call it completely useless.

Most doctors recommend doing the measurement at certain time intervals in order to get a clear view of the symptoms. So you’ll need a proper tool that works every time. Otherwise, you risk causing a misdiagnose for your baby.

Once you’ve found a pediatric thermometer that is both accurate and consistent in its temperature readings, then you can check other extra features that come in handy when having a little one to care about.


Ease of use and maintenance

The majority of the pediatric thermometer reviews advise parents to get a unit that is able to check the temperature of the infant in just a few seconds. Parents already have a lot of chores to do and they can’t spend more than a few minutes preparing the baby for the temperature readings. Try to get a product that has detailed instructions and fewer buttons so you can rely on it even if you’re on the go and don’t have much time to spend.

Besides being easy to handle, the thermometer should be made of a special material that allows you to do the cleaning process fast and effortlessly. Since this type of product comes in contact with your baby’s body, you need to make sure there’s no risk of bacteria spread and infections. Therefore, you should avoid items that feature ridges that can hide the germs.


Important features to consider

According to many baby thermometer reviews, you must choose a baby thermometer that is suitable for a specific situation. For example, you can’t purchase a rectal thermometer if your baby tends to suffer from severe cases of diaper rash.

On the market, you’ll find devices that use infrared technologies so you can use them for measuring the ambient temperature besides the baby. Most ear units enable an accurate reading in terms of seconds.

There are many different types of thermometers available so you need to choose the one that is more suitable for your baby’s needs.

Another feature you need to be aware of is the time required for the temperature reading. Models that are outfitted with probes deliver the result in less than 60 seconds and many of them are equipped with high-quality technology that reduces the time to 10 seconds.

Also, there are items that wait until it reaches a stable temperature and then emits a beeping sound. Others use a predictive method such as taking a partial reading and calculating the final temperature based on a special mathematical formula. This you can rest assured that the reading is accurate.

Infrared ear and forehead thermometers offer a fast reading in less than 3 seconds so you can use them even if your child has a restless behavior.

Thanks to the modern discoveries, where are addicted to our smartphones. Everything we use needs to have a special app that we sync it with our phone. Thermometers that have Bluetooth specs allow you to keep track of your baby’s temperature uses the same model as a fitness tracker and offers you tips about different illnesses and symptoms.



Top pediatric thermometers reviews in 2017


Below you’ll find a selection of products that have gained major points according to the customer and expert feedback, and social media activity.



Kinsa Digital Smart Ear KET-001


Because having a baby means your free time is practically inexistent, this pediatric thermometer ensures you have an accurate temperature reading in 1 second.

This smart device is extremely easy to use thanks to the Bluetooth synchronization with any type of smartphone, iOS or Android. The best part is that it keeps a record of your readings in the free app that you install on your phone. This way, you can show your doctor the how the baby has been feeling thanks to the history available on your mobile phone.

You can use this unit not only for your child but also for checking the fever for adults, as well. The special app comes in handy because it offers personalized guidance in regards to illnesses, symptoms, and medication. It keeps a track of your medical history and allows you to see the details regarding the health of other family members.

This baby thermometer is BPA and latex free and can be easily cleaned using a soft cloth made of cotton swabbed with alcohol.



Buy from for ($34.99)





Braun Ear Thermometer IRT6500US


Recommended by most experts in the field, this thermometer benefits from some many important features that make the temperature readings a total bliss.

Due to the ExacTemp Technology, the device comes with a pre-warmed tip that ensures accuracy during the process and provides a special guidance that enables correct results. Because the product is equipped with infrared technology, you’ll know the temperature of your child in just a few seconds.

It is a known fact that the eardrum is the best place to take temperature readings since it shares the same blood supply with the temperature control center located in the brain.

Compared to other baby thermometers on the market, this unit features a patented pre-warmed tip that minimizes the cooling effect on the ear canal so the readings are as accurate as possible.

The product comes with lens filter that you can exchange before every reading in order to prevent the spread of germs.



Buy from for ($35.5)





Pyle Digital Body Thermometer PHTM20BTGR


This device for checking the temperature is suitable for adults, children, and babies and can be powered on with just a press of a button.

You can easily toggle between ear and forehead and if you download the free app on your smartphone you can have the results on your mobile phone instantly. Because the unit uses the Bluetooth technology you can send the data to any type of device.

The special app provides you precious information regarding the past temperature readings and an integrated calendar system where you can keep everything super organized. The best part is that you can share the readings with your family, friends, or your doctor.

Besides the information related to your temperature, the mobile app enables you to connect to other products that provide you useful health data such as blood pressure, weight, blood glucose, and cholesterol. If the thermometer is not used for 60 seconds it will automatically shut down.



Buy from for ($29.99)





Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520


One great option for checking your baby for fever is this special thermometer that uses a unique pre-warmed technology that ensures the probe tip is cool when inserted. This means that the readings are accurate no matter how often you take them.

Thanks to the ExacTemp Positioning design you can rest assured the device will offer a correct position of the tips in order to avoid causing harm to the eardrum.

Plus, there’s a feature called Age Precision that interprets your child’s temperature based on their age. The memory function keeps the last 9 temperature readings and offers you continuous accuracy.

Moreover, there’s a color-coded display that shows you the results and their interpretation in an easy manner.

The unit is easy to use and there’s no need for complicated instructions. Simply turn on the thermometer by pressing the start button, select the age and place the end of the tool into the ear, after you’ve checked whether a lens filter in on top. As far as the age factor does, there are three options, babies under 3 months, babies from 3 to 36 months, and children over 36 months.



Buy from for ($54.85)





VALLENN Digital Infrared


This clinically approved thermometer is suitable for adults and babies and is intended for forehead temperature readings. The device is approved and can be used for home and workplace purposes.

Quite easy to use and to handle, this item boasts a superior microchip and a highly-sensitive sensor that enable this infrared thermometer to measure temperature in only one second.

One aspect worth mentioning is the functionality of the product. If you press the mode button M, you can choose between two modes, body mode and surface mode. Basically, you can check the temperature of your baby or see how warm the milk is or if the level of the ambient temperature is suitable for the baby’s needs.

The LCD display is outfitted with backlights so you can see the readings even in low light conditions. There’s no need to worry about waking up the baby because the quiet mode prevents any beeping sounds.



Click to see the price on Amazon!





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Best adults ear thermometer


Ear thermometers for adults  – Buying guide & Comparison


If you want to keep an eye on your family health and need to purchase the best ear thermometer for adults, you’ve come to the right place. Read this short paragraph and check out what our team of researchers has found. Apparently, the product that meets all the quality standards is the Kinsa Digital Smart Ear KET-001. This unit uses a Bluetooth technology in order to enable you to keep track of your family history of illnesses. In addition to being compatible with most smartphones, this thermometer provides accurate temperature readings in only 1 second. Thanks to the top-notch battery, you get up to 1000 results and the special app shows important information every time you need it. If the Kinsa Digital Smart Ear KET-001 is out of stock, make sure to check the Clever Choice Clinical Ear and Forehead.


Many people find it troublesome trying to purchase a good ear thermometer for adults. Most products on the market showcase all sorts of features that make the decision even harder. So we’ve gathered information and came up with this useful buying guide that might teach you a thing or two about ear thermometers.


Consider the reviews

Ear thermometers are widely used because they provide accurate readings of the body temperature that is found in the internal ear. These tools utilize laser technology that traps the heat and gives the readings on the unit’s display.

The reason why these tools have gained so much popularity is that they are reliable and easy to use. Especially if you have little children, this type of thermometers is ideal for them since they are fast and completely non-invasive.

It’s not easy to choose a product that you can’t try before. With so many brands for sale that sell thermometers for ear, you need to consider their reliability. If you don’t have any details about the brand, check the product descriptions and their features.

Besides the aspects regarding the company and the features, you can always take a look at some ear thermometer reviews. The online medium is filled with sites and forums where people express their opinions regarding the products they’ve purchased.

People that have already used some thermometers can give you hints about their features and ease of use.

Also, you can get a general idea when you compare the one you’re interested in with other similar products. Many of these options are quite affordable and provide the exact settings you’re looking for in an ear thermometer.


Quality standards

You should pay attention to the standards of quality because you are getting a device that needs to be medically accurate. You can’t have an ear thermometer that doesn’t meet the standards or one that is not compatible with hospital devices. It is advisable to look for items that are certified and approved by the authorities in the field.

Another aspect you should be aware of is the water resistance of the tool. Especially if you need to buy the best ear thermometer for babies, the unit must be made of a sturdy material that prevents any water and humidity from causing damages. If you accidentally expose the thermometer to moisture, you can ruin the tool, so it’s better to opt for a thermometer that is water resistant.

A trustworthy product comes with some sort of warranty. Most manufacturers provide different types in order to gain more customers. If you find a thermometer that has excellent features but lacks a proper warranty you should avoid it, that is unless you tend to change them from to time or you are in need of modern settings.

Ear thermometers use infrared technology to collect and to measure the heat inside the ear. Before purchasing a product of this type, you must keep in mind that you need a tool that functions well. So choose the one that possesses an updated technology that provides heat measurements correctly.

Since ear thermometers are used to measure the heat located inside the ear, you need to use special covers in order to prevent the possibility of spreading germs and bacteria. You should get a model that provides extra cases. The cover of the unit should be changed every time you intend to do a new temperature reading.



Because thermometers intended for the ear use the infrared technology, they should be made of a sturdy and resistant material. The unit should provide a strong and ergonomic grip, as well. It is quite important to read the booklet of the product and see the nature of the material.



Top adults ear thermometer reviews in 2017


Based on the reviews received from previous customers and the feedback gained from experts in the field, we’ve made a list of products we believe you should take into consideration.



Kinsa Digital Smart Ear KET-001


With this smart digital thermometer, you have access to your entire medical file at the tips of your fingertip. If you feel feverish and need a reliable tool to check your temperature, you’ll know for sure in just 1 second.

One aspect worth mentioning is that this device use Bluetooth technology in order to synchronize with almost any type of smartphone, regarding their operating system. After you install the special app on your mobile phone, you can keep track of your previous readings in your account. If you have an emergency and need to show your doctor the information you can do it straight from your smartphone.

There’s no need to purchase additional covers for the probes because the tip can be cleaned easily after each usage.  

Also, the thermometer is suitable for babies, children, and adults. You can use the app every time you want to learn information regarding illnesses, symptoms, and medication.



Buy from for ($34.99)





Clever Choice Clinical Ear and Forehead


If versatility is what you’re looking for, then you’ll be more than pleased with this dual mode thermometer. You can use it for checking the temperature inside the ear or placed on your forehead.

This clinically approved unit is calibrated for medical use in order to deliver accurate and consistent readings.

Moreover, the device is outfitted with a fever warning function that enables the warning backlights to change their color according to the level of temperature. The lights range from green, yellow, and red.

Quite easy to use, the thermometer has only two buttons, one for the forehead and another for the ear. Plus, there’s no need to wait for the result because in just 1 second the device will tell if you have a fever or not. Once the reading is over, you’ll be notified by a long and loud beeping sound.

The display numbers can be shown in both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales and the thermometer is able to store up to 20 results.



Buy from for ($23.41)





PrettyMakeUp Ear Thermometer


It’s important to have a reliable and multifunctional thermometer in your household in case of emergency. Since you never know when fever becomes a real problem, you need a tool that can tell you your body temperature as well as the ambient one.

This thermometer benefits from top-notch improved software technology that enables the tool to deliver results exceptional fast and accurate.

Furthermore, the device is a dual model which means that you can use for the forehead area for in-ear measurements, as well. If you have small babies, you can use it for checking the milk’s temperature before the feeding time.

In just one second you’ll be notified with a loud beep that your result is ready. Compared to glass thermometers, this one is safe to use even for checking the body’s temperature of toddlers.

If you need to use the thermometer at night, you can do it even without the lights on due to the backlit display.



Buy from for ($39.99)





Beurer Digital 3 in 1 Ear FT58


This digital thermometer has been designed to measure the body’s temperature using a non-invasive infrared technology that captures the heat located in the auditory canal. The product is suitable for all ages.

The best part is that the unit is easy to use. All you have to do is to carefully insert the tip of the device inside the ear canal. If you want to check the temperature of the room or a certain object, simply hold the device from a distance of 0.4-0.8 inches in front of the desired point and press the power button.

You can use the thermometer for more than one family member thanks to the interchangeable protective caps that come with the package. This way, you can rest assured no bacteria is spread.

When fever is detected, a face symbol will indicate that the measured body temperature is equal or higher than 100.4 Fahrenheit degrees. Also, the product is outfitted with a fever alarm that uses certain beeping sounds to alert you.



Buy from for ($34.99)





Apex Ear Thermometer 


When you or your loved one is feeling sick, the first thing that comes to our mind is to check for fever symptoms. Therefore, having a thermometer that doesn’t take long to offer results is more than handy.

This is the reason why you shouldn’t overlook this ear thermometer model. The product is quite simple to use and lightweight. Nevertheless, it features a strong build and a large LCD display screen that allows you to change the Celsius degree scale to the Fahrenheit one.

Moreover, it can keep in its memory a track of your previous 20 temperature results. Thanks to its modern technology, the unit delivers fast results after only 1 second.

The product doesn’t require the purchase of extra covers because the probes are easy to clean and disinfect.

If the temperature of your body goes above the normal level, the fever alarm will notify you using a color-coded system.



Buy from for ($18.21)




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Best room thermometer


Room thermometers – Buying Guide & Comparison


When choosing the best room thermometer, there are a few things to take into consideration. However, if you do not have the time to go through all the materials that would ensure an informed choice, this paragraph alone should give you a generic idea of what to look for and what product to choose. After going through countless room thermometer and hygrometer reviews and buying guides, our team of analysis has come to the conclusion that the most popular buyer choice is the ThermoPro TP55. The device has a touchscreen interface and a humidity monitor, which allows safe readings with a pleasant tech experience. The product has multiple mounting options, which makes it easy to use. Assuming this product is not in stock at the moment of your purchase, a good thermometer for home that would make a safe second choice is the Godmorn Multifunctional Hygrometer Humidity Meter.


Supposing you’ve already gone through a few room thermometer reviews, you probably believe that most of the options out there are viable products for sale. However, it takes research to fully understand the most important criteria that you should take into account when buying a room thermometer, so our specialists have put together a buying guide with the necessary criteria you should consider before making the purchase.


Reading accuracy

A good thermometer for home should, most of all, be accurate. The first thing that you should be looking for is how often the temperature is updated, as you wouldn’t want a misreading in your home temperature. Supposing you’re fixing your thermostat and want to reach the desired temperature easier, it is vital to have a device that can update the readings in a matter of seconds.


Visual display and mounting options

Once accuracy is established, the following criterion is the way the temperature is displayed. Assuming you’re looking for a good product that you may want to use for an extended period of time, you may be interested in investing in a quality product, one that displays the temperature in a manner that is easy to read.

From the quality of the display (whether it is LED or LCD) and indicators such as the display dimension, all the details that may seem unimportant at first could become annoying after a while.

Additionally, a good home device should make it possible to dim lights, which ensures a non-disturbing reading during the night. Supposing you’re placing the thermometer in your bedroom, you wouldn’t want to go to sleep every night with a powerful blue light illuminating the entire room. Most of the quality products offer users the possibility to use night mode, and some of the top-quality products go into night mode automatically, depending on what time it is.

Because of this functionality, most of the high-quality devices come with an incorporated clock and calendar, to make transitioning to night and day more accurate. Furthermore, some room devices automatically update their readings to Daylight Saving Time.

Although it may not seem so at first, mounting options are paramount when it comes to a room thermometer. Imagine having to move or just needing to adjust the position of your product depending on where you sit most.

This is where mounting options come in. Even assuming you are not the type of person who moves objects from one part of the room to another very often, you may want to wall-mount your thermometer at some point, given that a vertical position can be more comfortable, especially when you’ve got an active interest in monitoring the room temperature.


Humidity measurements

Measuring humidity is not something that every room product does, but it is clearly a reading you would like to have. Most of the premium products have readings of your indoor humidity level, which are generally classified into dry, comfortable and wet.

Depending on where you live or whether someone close has respiratory issues (such as asthma, which is very common), you should be able to tell whether your indoor humidity level is appropriate or not. One of the reasons why this type of reading is relevant is that prolonged exposure to very humid or dry ambients can cause acute respiratory problems.



Top room thermometers reviews in 2017


While these criteria are highly important when it comes to room thermometers, they are not the only indicators you should take into consideration before making a purchase. Because the options on the market are very diverse, it is necessary to take a look at the most sold room devices. Brands and models matter as well as quality criteria, which is why we are offering a selection of the top buyer choices.



ThermoPro TP55 


This indoor device offers a five-year replacement guarantee, and it comes with an integrated humidity meter, important for skin, allergen and the respiratory system.

The LCD display is a touchscreen 4” with a backlight option, which makes it easy to go through settings without unmounting the unit.

The air conditions are indicated as dry, comfortable and wet, and the temperatures get automatic updates every 10 seconds. The device can be placed on a table, wall or magnet surface, and switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit is one of its main functionalities. The device also offers trend readings, which represent the tendencies in humidity and temperature for the past 24 hours.

These readings allow users to react ahead of time, and adjust thermostats and humidifiers in advance, based on the temperature and humidity trends provided by the device. The backlight is blue and allows easy reading, as it shuts off automatically after 15 seconds during night time.



Buy from for ($29.99)





Godmorn Multifunctional Hygrometer Humidity Meter


This product is perfect for travel, indoor and outdoor use, and it is specially designed to be easy to carry.

Aside from showing temperature and humidity levels, the product also comes with an integrated clock and alarm, which makes it a great multi-purpose device. Autodetection of humidity and temperature is conducted every 60 minutes.

The atomic clock adjusts automatically for Daylight Saving Time. Because the alarm can be set for any time of the day, this device can be used at home as well as at the office. The screen is large, and it allows easy readings of the temperature, and the device has a button that turns readings from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.

The clock can be turned on and off by pressing a button, and switching between 24 or 12-hour format is just as easy, too. When the alarm rings, the device has a snooze button that you can use to postpone it.



Buy from for ($19.78)





BENGOO Indoor Monitor


This choice can be used in various environments, from indoors at home, at the office, in greenhouse or warehouse, to outdoors.

The hygrometer monitor constantly displays highs and lows for both temperature and humidity, which makes it easy to monitor the evolution of these two indicators, regardless of whether you are at home or traveling.

Assuming you are on holiday, the trends of temperatures and humidity help users anticipate weather conditions.  

Additionally, the model has only two buttons on the back: clear and on/off, which makes it easy to use. The humidity readings offer three different degrees of humidity: dry, comfortable and wet, which makes adjusting the humidifier simple. The device functions based on batteries, which makes it perfect for carrying around in your travels. At the same time, the dimension of the device is small, as it is created for functionality. The device can be mounted wherever the user sees fit, as it comes with a fold-out stand.



Buy from for ($23.99)





AcuRite 01083 Pro 


This device measures indoor temperature ranging -20 to 70 degrees Celsius (-4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit), and its accuracy is within 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

The AcuRite 01083 Pro measures air conditions automatically every 10 seconds, and it can be placed on a table, wall or fridge, due to its wall-mounting, magnet-based and tabletop design.

The product has a calibration feature used to improve readings, which can be set according to personal preferences, and it also comes with a humidity indicator. The indicator has three readings: low, OK, and high, and it is displayed with large and bold numbers so that users can easily monitor humidity conditions.

Due to these readings, adjusting the temperature and environmental conditions inside your home is really easy. Humidity levels are important, as they are responsible for a series of conditions, such as nosebleed, static electricity or respiratory problems.



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AcuRite 00751WB


This glass Galileo device is made of thick mouth-blown glass, and it is different in readings and design compared to most of the market options. Its function is doubled by the decorative feature.

The lowest hanging bulb is the one indicating temperature, and its small dimension makes it easy to fit in any home (13″ height, 1.75″ diameter, 3″ base).

This choice is a perfect gift, due to the unusual design. The thermometer works on Galileo’s principle that liquids change density once temperature changes and the color glass spheres inside the device have been calibrated to respond to temperature change with high accuracy.

When the temperatures rise, the liquids become less dense and the spheres sink towards the bottom, and then the temperatures drop the opposite process takes place. This product comes with one-year warranty. The spheres inside the device are colored differently, which makes differentiating temperature from humidity very easy even for kids.



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Best non-contact thermometer


Non-contact thermometers – Buying Guide & Comparison


Supposing you’re looking to buy the best non-contact thermometer and you don’t have the necessary time to go through thousands of infrared thermometer reviews and buying guides, this paragraph alone should give you a consistent idea of what to look for in such a device, as well as what product would make a great purchase. If you’re looking for the best infrared thermometer out there, there are some very important criteria to be taken into consideration. According to our detailed market analysis, the consumer choice is the 1byone Medical Forehead & Ear Thermometer, because its strong suit is accuracy, while at the same time it is easy to use, and the temperature reading can be done in no more than a second. Additionally, the product is kid-friendly, but it can also be used by adults, and it comes with an in-ear possibility of usage. Supposing this product is out of stock at the time of your purchase, a good thermometer for home would also be the TOWABO Forehead Digital, a safe second choice for home use.


Whenever you are looking through non-contact thermometer reviews, you may be inclined to believe that most of the options available on the market are somewhat equally good. However, if you do know what to look for, you’ll find that there are some essential features that a good thermometer should have. We’ve put together the most important factors to be taken into consideration when looking for such a device.


Accuracy beats everything

From all the reviews, the first criterion that makes the difference between a decent thermometer, a poor one and a very good one is accuracy. While it is somewhat logical that any thermometer should be accurate in order to function properly and to make a safe choice for your home, it matters, even more, when it comes to a room thermometer.

The most important reason why accuracy trumps everything else is that most of the consumers who opt for such a device have a child. When it comes to monitoring a kid’s health, it is crucial to have an accurate instrument, as it will both save you useless trips to the hospital and it will also alert you whenever the child has the slightest symptom of fever.

Concerning the measurement, a good thermometer should be able to give you a temperature reading within 0.2 degrees Celsius. Additionally, a high sensitivity thermometer should make a safe choice, as it ensures the users a higher degree of accuracy.

Whether you’re using the thermometer to measure the food temperature when feeding your child or to measure the room temperature, you should count on a safe reading. The problem with a thermometer that is not accurate enough is that, as you are most likely using it on a daily or regular basis, the misreadings can affect the baby’s quality of life and nutrition, which is highly important especially when you have a baby.

The best way to know if your thermometer is accurate enough is to see whether it has been clinically approved or not. While many companies can guarantee their products’ quality and safety, it is best to opt for a device that has the approval of a specialized institution.


Easy to use

Besides being accurate, a superior room thermometer should also be simple and intuitive when it comes to usage. An intuitive design of a room thermometer for sale should guarantee more than just one way of using the device. That is why most of the high-quality non-contact thermometers can, in fact, be used for in-ear readings as well.

Another indicator of the product’s quality in this respect is whether it can offer both  Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. The reason for this is not the possibility to switch between these two per se, but the fact that this type of feature is a good indicator of the company’s interest for intuitive use. Chances are that a room thermometer offering readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit was created to please the customer to the slightest detail, and the product comes with other accessibility perks as well.  

Additionally, some of the products offer the possibility of measuring different types of temperature and have separate probes for people and objects. These types of thermometers are better for home use because the dedicated probes offer a better and more accurate reading in less time.


Kid Friendliness

As we’ve established that this kind of thermometer is for family use, we should further consider children being a part of the family. As children tend to be impatient, especially when they feel sick, it is highly recommended for the temperature readings to be fast, before anything else.

Most of the good products deliver a safe and accurate read in a matter of seconds, precisely because a person who is not willing to wait for two minutes with a thermometer in their mouth will most probably not stay still for a non-contact thermometer to measure their temperature either.



Top non-contact thermometers reviews in 2017


Buying guides are essential when it comes to a purchase because they present to the customers the most important criteria to look for before making a decision. However, they are not exhaustive, as another important part is knowing what products to look for. Because our primary purpose is helping our readers make a perfect choice, we are offering a selection of the most popular and qualitative products on the market, to help you choose between different brands and models.



1byone Medical Forehead & Ear Thermometer 


The 1byone Medical Forehead & Ear Thermometer is one of the products offering the fastest temperature readings out there, having a one-second span.

The device has been clinically tested for accuracy, which means that the reading is not only very prompt, but also very accurate.

Additionally, the device offers the possibility to switch between a Celsius and a Fahrenheit read. While the thermometer is primarily non-contact, it comes with the possibility to read the temperature in-ear as well, making it easier to use for adults.

Furthermore, the unit has an LCD that will turn red and alert 7 short beeps whenever there is a potential for fever. In order for users to track health improvements, the device saves the last 20 measurements. The thermometer is created to be eco-friendly and save energy, which is why it will shut off automatically when it is not being used.



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TOWABO Forehead Digital 


This thermometer is specially designed for babies who love to move and do not have the patience to be taken their temperatures, which is why its readings are fast and accurate.

The design of this device is intuitive and makes it easy to use. The thermometer comes with a hand grip shape, making it easier to handle and improving the overall user experience.

The device comes in a safe packaging that prevents its damaging due to transport, which means it is safe to purchase it online. The thermometer can measure human body, indoor and object temperatures within no more than 1 second, and the ambient temperature measurement goes from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius (32 to 140 Fahrenheit).

Moreover, the device is accurate within 0.2 degrees Celsius. The product is made from environmentally-friendly materials, which makes it a safe choice for the users who believe we should protect nature.



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Baby Forehead 


This thermometer offers rapid and accurate temperature readings, and it is approved by the FDA, which ensures the product’s superior quality.

The device can measure the temperatures of people regardless of their age, and it can also measure ambient and object temperatures as well, offering a nice touch in terms of versatility.

Additionally, the device can be used in silent mode, in case the person who is being taken their temperature is asleep, or to prevent waking up someone else in the room. The device comes with a hand-handle design, and it is created to be perfectly hygienic and safe to use for more than just one family member at a time.

The passive infrared technology is radiation-free, and the product comes with a large screen, which makes temperatures easy to read. The LCD screen is backlit, which makes reading temperatures easy even in the dark.



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Fendlee Non-Contact Instant Read Infrared


The device is extensively tested by specialists in the medical community, and it is approved by the FDA. The Fendlee alternative is calibrated to ensure safe and reliable readings within no more than 1 second, and it is specially designed for children use.

The device accuracy in body mode is 0.2 degrees Celsius (0.4 degrees Fahrenheit) and 1 degree Celsius (1.8 Fahrenheit) in surface mode.

The non-contact design of this product prevents contamination, and it has a memory recall of the last 20 measurements, to help to track health progress. The device uses no Mercury or any other type of material that may affect the health of the users, such as breaking glass.

In addition to this, the device has an LCD backlit display which ensures readings even in the dark. The product has a multi-usage mode, which allows it to be used to measure the temperatures of people, objects, and rooms with high accuracy.



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iProven DMT-489 


The device is clinically calibrated for medical use, and it comes with two different buttons: head and ear, which ensure its reliable and easy use.

The product works for all types of age, and the head button allows a temperature reading in no more than 3 seconds. The backlit screen makes reading temperature easy even during the night when the kids are asleep.

The product is recommended by pediatricians, and it has been tested to ensure safe and reliable use among infants and youngsters. The product can be returned within 100 days, with the company guaranteeing money back and no questions asked.

Also, the device records the last 20 measurements, making health tracking easy for all family members. The in-ear measurement offers an instant temperature reading, making it easier for adults to measure their temperatures as well. The thermometer comes with a fever alarm, which allows users to act instantly when one of the family members is having feverish symptoms.



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Best meat thermometer for smoking


Meat thermometers for smoking – Buying Guide & Comparison


If you’re looking to buy a good meat thermometer for smoking and you don’t have the time to go through thousands of meat thermometer reviews, you should be able to make up your mind quickly, solely based on this paragraph. Based on our detailed market analysis, the best consumer choice is the KitchenBros Digital Food Thermometer. The main reasons why this is a superior product compared to its competitors are the fact that it’s oven, grill and smoker safe, easy to use and it comes with 8 pre-programmed meat types, which ensures a positive user experience, along with a fine accuracy and two high-quality stainless steel probes. The KitchenBros Digital Food Thermometer offers a lifetime warranty, which is a further indicator of its superior quality. However, should this product be out of stock at your time of purchase, you can opt for the ThermoPro TP10, which is a very feasible second choice in terms of quality.


Safety comes first

It goes without saying that a thermometer for cooking should, first of all, be accurate. There are various reasons for this, the most important of which is health. Given the plethora of bacteria that can be found in meat, it is highly important to make sure that your acquisition will provide you with accurate readings. This way, you can always know if your meat is being cooked at a high enough temperature to guarantee that no bacteria could have survived.

Whether the probe is produced respecting certain rigors should be another indicator of how safe your meat thermometer actually is. In order to check this from the list, you will want to purchase a thermometer for smoking that has a lifetime warranty, at least for the probe (or probes, in case it comes with two).

Another good indicator of your thermometer’s safety is whether it is approved by the FDA. Although a thermometer that is not approved by the FDA isn’t necessarily a bad one, a device that has the approval of this organization is certainly a high-quality pick.

Regardless of the type of food that you’re cooking, a good thermometer should be able to provide you with a safe procedure of using it in oven, grilling and smoker environments. A good meat thermometer should be able to work flawlessly for all three cooking procedures. It is both healthy and easy to prepare food in various ways, which is why a meat thermometer for smoking should work for grilling and ovens as well.

You can calculate the safety of a meat thermometer through the probe’s design. If the probe has a step-down system, it means it is designed with durability and accuracy in mind, which recommends it for personal use. An exception for this type of design, which also provides good quality, is the Bluetooth-based thermometer, where the probe comes separately and, therefore, its good care is in the hands of its owner.


Ease of use

Usability is important, as it allows the users to have a positive cooking experience, not just delicious meals. From this point of view, everything from the thermometer’s design to the quality of the materials it is made of should be taken into account.


Pre-programmed for good food

Accuracy plays a very important role in this feature, as well as for safety. Whether the meat thermometer reads the temperature with a higher degree of precision or not can impact its taste and doneness, so you would like to purchase a meat thermometer with a higher degree of reading accuracy, no less than 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius).

In addition to its being accurate, the grilling thermometer should be pre-programmed for the main types of meat that you may be cooking. The most popular meat pre-programs include beef, pork, chicken, lamb, fish, turkey, veal, and ham. However, most of the high-quality thermometers also have indicators for the doneness of the meat, with the most popular features being: rare, medium rare, medium and well.

You can assess how optimal a meat thermometer is for cooking delicious food by looking at the temperature range. Most of the high-quality thermometers out there will be able to cover a spectrum from 32 to 482 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 250 degrees Celsius).



Top meat thermometers for smoking reviews in 2017


While these characteristics alone provide a good mark for recognizing a high-quality meat thermometer, it is important to know that you take into account the company producing the device, as well as its type. Because we want you to make an informed decision, we’ve curated the most popular searches for meat thermometers and we’ve analyzed the most important aspects of the top five products we’ve found.



KitchenBros Digital Food Thermometer


Out of all the products for sale, this thermometer, in particular, has the most important functionalities for a normal user, and it is the consumer choice for many reasons. One of its most important qualities is the reliability of the two probes, which are specially designed to resist in different cooking conditions and environments.

Another great perk of this device is that it has a large LCD display of 2″H × 2″L (5cm x 5cm). This quality allows it to be used in the kitchen without needing to pay extra attention to the temperatures you’re reading. Additionally, the product has a number of 8 pre-programmed types of meat, and the four standard types of doneness level, which allows you to cook the delicious meals that you’ve been dreaming of.

The device has a standard temperature range, which goes from 32 to 482 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 250 degrees Celsius). Last, but not least, the KitchenBros Digital Food Thermometer has a lifetime warranty, which is a strong indicator of its high quality.



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ThermoPro TP10 


The ThermoPro TP10 offers a lifetime probe warranty, and it is a digital meat thermometer, designed with a  smart LCD backlit screen. The screen has three different colors, each for a type of doneness of the meat you’re preparing.

A nice design touch of this device is the button which allows users to interchange temperature readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit, which is a perfect choice for people who experiment with recipes outside their cultural space.

Additionally, the device has a number of 9 pre-programmed types of meat, as well as various doneness levels, recommended by the USDA.

The thermometer probe is 6.5” and it is made from stainless steel, which ensures long-term functionality, and the device comes with a built-in countup and countdown timer, perfect for trying out new recipes. Additionally, the thermometer screen has three different colors, each one pre-programmed to suggest how far along the doneness level of your meat is by comparison to the temperature you set.   



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GrillEye Smart


This thermometer is a high-end, elegant solution for people who are actively passionate about grilling. The device is a professional solution, with a Bluetooth system that enables users to monitor the grilling temperatures from up to 300 feet away.

The thermometer can be used in restaurants as well, as it comes with 6 different probe ports.This feature allows cooking up to 6 different types of meals at the same time, without having to wait until a dish is ready in order to prepare another one.

Additionally, the LED indicators display, at the same time, the current temperature of the meat you are grilling and the target temperature that you set. The GrillEye Smart thermometer has a very robust structure, which allows it to withstand even difficult environmental condition, making it a safe choice for professionals. The device also has a rotating aluminum stand, which allows users to place it vertically for easier monitoring.



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ET733 Wireless 


The ET733 Wireless BBQ Meat Thermometer has an integrated Bluetooth system, created to ensure a pleasant experience of temperature monitoring from afar, and it works from up to 300 feet away.

Additionally, the device has temperature alerts, which go on whenever your meals go above or below the temperatures you set. In order to make the cooking experience easier for its users, the thermometer has 15 different preset temperatures for distinct types of meat.

This thermometer is the third version of the product, and the wireless receiver can be clipped to the belt or pocket, to create a superior cooking experience for its users.

The device has two different probes, and it can monitor two different types of food being cooked at once. The thermometer comes with a free smoking guide magnet, with info about the best and most recommended ways to cook different types of meat.



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iDevices iGrill2 IGR0009P5


The iDevices iGrill2 IGR0009P5 is a Bluetooth thermometer which comes with four different probe slots, making it easier to cook multiple types of food all at once.

The product is ideal for cooking more than just one type of meat, and it allows the users to opt for a preset or a personal choice in terms of temperature alarms. Whenever the meat is done, you will be notified.

The device has a 150-feet range, and its battery life is approximately 200 hours. As the name suggests, the thermometer is compatible with iOS devices, which allows users to read the temperatures directly from their phones.

Additionally, the device is also compatible with Android phones, provided they run 4.3 and above. The thermometer measures the range from minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit to 573 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 30 to 300 degrees Celsius). Additionally, users can pair more than just one smoking device to their phones.



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