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Meade Instruments 0.5PST Coronado Solar Telescope – Review | Optics and Lab Equipment

Meade Instruments 0.5PST Coronado Solar Telescope – Review

Last Updated: 22.11.19


Main technical features


Produced with advanced Coronado technology, the Meade Instruments 0.5PST Coronado is an exceptional instrument that measures 20 x 8 x 11 inches and weighs in at just 6 pounds. It comes with a 400mm focal length supplemented with an objective lens of 40 mm aperture. It comes with a remarkably narrow passage of less than 1 angstrom band, plus high thermal stability to support H-alpha emission during active use. The telescope can also be double stacked at your option.

This telescope allows you to get great views of various Sun features in brilliant and distinctive hydrogen-alpha light red prominences. Delivering great contrast and detail, this telescope shows you what you can’t safely and easily see on the sun’s surface using your naked eye alone. Cheaper than the top quality Solar Max, this model uses exclusive state-of-the-art technology for excellent images of the surface of the sun. Aside from the lower price, this model also comes with a few differences that allow optimal viewing without compromising on performance.

This telescope provides easy use and transport. It comes with its own carry case and mount table for effortless attachment and support while viewing. The telescope ships with a Cemax eyepiece along with a standard mounting tripod stand. This means you have all you need to get started on your solar exploration or observation journey. This is genuine value for money for the beginner and avid solar astronomer.


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In-depth information


Lightweight at just 6 pounds, this solar telescope is inarguably one of the best on the market. Primarily geared for solar viewing, this telescope does its job using the wavelength of hydrogen alpha at 656.28 nm to deliver great contrast and give a darker background to allow effortless and safe photographic and visual observation. It is geared with an achromatic refractor of 44mm aperture plus a 400mm focal length in addition to its 40mm aperture. The shorter focal length offers easy transport and storage compared to long focal length models. You also get an increased field of view. There is great contrast and sharpness for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Delivering high visibility and contrast, this telescope allows you to view active regions of the sun safely and efficiently. The telescope’s high thermal stability at 0.005 Å / ° C ensures no deviation from the H-alpha emission when in use. You can see all the sunspots in great detail, as well as the filaments, prominences and the granulation surface. It also provides safe and convenient eclipse viewing. Every solar image is simply spectacular, differing greatly from what is delivered by traditional telescope types. It helps you observe the sun in its full intensity and amazing detail. Get better contrasts with the 5 ångström bandwidths on the filters for easy solar watching.

Manufactured using lightweight aluminum, this telescope provides easy carrying while being resistant to corrosion and chipping for years of use. Unlike plastic, aluminum is not prone to cracking or fading. You also get a briefcase-style carry case, a Cemax eyepiece to provide the precise magnification you need, plus a mount table for support during use. To enjoy an enhanced astronomy observation experience, this telescope can be double stacked. The tripod mount simplifies hands-free placement and positioning.


Known issues

The thing about double stacking is better surface detail but one user finds that the telescope also becomes top heavy when used in this particular mode. There may be a slight imbalance since the included tripod is only designed to support the telescope as it comes in the package. The tripod mount is geared to keep the telescope and its package components sturdy for hands-free use.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($1002.49)




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