How to use a magnifying glass for your purpose

If you’ve ever read some of Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels, you probably know that the tool of choice for Sherlock Holmes used to be a magnifying glass so if you don’t have one yet, we suggest this fantastic read to help you choose. This gadget has evolved a lot over the years, and that’s because technology is slowly but surely shaping the way we live.

Nonetheless, despite being somewhat antiquated compared to other gadgets that can literally magnify various subjects, be they binoculars produced by a brand like Nikon, monoculars, microscopes or telescopes that can now be connected to a cell phone by using adapters like the ones you will find if you browse around here, magnifying glasses are still quite popular with certain amateurs and professionals. What’s more, they prove their worth under a variety of circumstances where other devices might be useless.

We’ve noticed that there’s a trend going around which basically involves using your iPhone or Android device as a magnifier. The fact of the matter is that, in some situations, smartphones and tablets might not be able to raise up to par. And one of these situations is macular degeneration, which is a condition that affects people typically older than 50.

These individuals do not have the eyesight to handle a smartphone, so they absolutely need a magnifying glass. The same goes for people who make handmade jewelry, who are coin collectors, and even those who like to repair electronic components in their spare time, although they might want to use a dissecting microscope for such a purpose.

We’ve put together a list of things you may want to consider if you want to make the most of your magnifier or magnifying glass. Check them out below.


Just what do you want to use it for?

When it comes to the design of these products, not a single one can be compared to the other. Some are handheld while others can be used conveniently without the operator needing to fiddle with their components in any way. By the same token, some are compact and portable while others need to be utilized at home or at the office.

If the activity you are getting the magnifying glass for involves spending a lot of time using it, we do not recommend choosing a handheld unit. You can get a new magnifying glass for cheap, but try and make sure that it’s self-standing or can rest on something while you tend to your business.

Some models designed specifically for reading, as are those for people with macular degeneration, simply have to be placed on top of the page. We’ve noticed that there are several variations in terms of the design of such products, but most are capable of magnifying up to half of a page.

There are some magnifying glasses that can be attached to headsets, and they prove their worth to people who repair tiny things. All you have to do is modify the position of the magnifier and take a peek through the lens.


How does a magnifying glass work?

Typically, such a product is outfitted with one or two convex lenses. These lenses are capable of either bending light rays so that they come together. The type of magnification actually depends on where the eye of the person looking through the glass is located. Therefore, you can see the subjects smaller if you move away from the magnifying glass and see them bigger as you come closer to it.

As we were saying above, not all models are made the same, and that’s why they have different magnification powers. Some can increase the image of a subject by up to five times, but others can only do this by three times.

With most handheld magnifiers, you can always take advantage of the convenience of their design. What this means is that you can move them closer or farther from the subject or from the page of a book. In fact, that’s what most people should do if their eyesight isn’t particularly accurate.


Most magnifying glasses have a somewhat low magnifying power, especially when compared to devices capable of better performance in this sense, such as microscopes. Low-power types are common and let’s face it; they have their limitations.

One thing that few people consider when they are in the market for a new product in this line is that they shouldn’t solely focus on the magnification as a feature of their gadget. In fact, the higher the magnification capability of the glass, the more likely it is for it to produce optical aberrations, of which spherical ones are most common.

There are several magnifying glass designs you could consider if you really are interested in getting a superior magnification power. These are represented by Hastings triplets and Coddington magnifiers. Due to their design, they are often called loupes.

What is the difference in terms of the magnification between a typical magnifying glass and a Hastings triplet, for instance? This is a logical question you should ask yourself so as to understand whether or not you really need to increase the image that much. A Hastings triplet can boast a fixed 30x magnification power, but that’s the maximum it can achieve. For anything else that goes beyond 30x, we suggest getting another device, even something as simple as a USB microscope.

Using an iPhone as a magnifying glass

Perhaps this is the part you have been waiting for, so we won’t disappoint you. We’ll tell you just how you can use your iPhone as a magnifier. First off, for operating systems like iOS 10 and above, you might not know that there’s a neat feature that can indeed turn your smartphone into a magnifier.

You can find it in Settings->General-> Accessibility->Magnifier. Switch the setting on and then press the Home button three times to turn the camera on and look at magnified images. We’ve tested the feature, and it actually works. Best of all, you can even increase or decrease the magnification as per your needs.



Best magnifying glass with light


Lighted magnifying glasses – Buying guide & Comparison


If you are interested in purchasing the best magnifying glass with light money can get you but you simply don’t have the time to do the needed research on the subject, this short introduction should clue you in. After reading what the specialist had to say about the best models on the market, we have concluded that the Carson DeskBrite200 LED is the model for you. This product comes fitted with two bright LED lights that can help you get a good view of the coins that you are examining. Moreover, this unit has a flexible neck that can help you modify its position in accordance with your needs.  Also, the item has a powerful magnification ratio of 5x. If the Carson DeskBrite200 LED is unavailable, check out the Marrywindix Magnifier 3 LED Light as you are likely to equally like it. 



Comparison table


The Good
The Bad

Because we know that finding the best lighted magnifying glass is not a task that comes without its difficulties, we took it upon ourselves to put together a list of high-quality features that you should pay attention to when shopping in this line of products.


Lighting functionality

Let’s be honest, when it comes to finding a good magnifying glass that is also illuminated, there are many aspects that require one’s attention.  For once, it is important that he/she invests in a product that comes provided with a potent light source. When it comes to this feature, you should know that there are models that include very practical LED lights that make it effortless for you to spot all details on a coin.

What is more, some units have different brightness levels that you can choose between so that you don’t hurt your eyes while using the magnifying glass. Similarly, it is worth pointing to the fact that some units are battery operated while others can be used with an AC/DC adapter.

Therefore, before you select the first model that you like from the myriad of units that are up for sale, it might be a good idea to take the time to go through a handful of different models. This way, you will get a better understanding of how your needs can be met by a product of this type.


Design and maneuverability

Other aspects that you should keep in mind before you settle for a product are the model’s design and, also, the item’s maneuverability. Therefore, you have to pick between a self-standing model and a handheld unit. The later models are a bit less practical than the first ones, particularly because they can make the user feel tired when used for a long period of time.

However, the main advantage of hand-held models is the fact that they are easy to carry around, due to their small dimensions and (in some cases) foldability. Even more so, these products tend to be lightweight.

On the contrary, self-standing units are ideal when used at home and quite versatile. In fact, one can use them when viewing coins, reading, sewing, and while crafting. Also, these units have a wide lens diameter, reason why many prefer them. 


Additional features you should think about

Before you make up your mind, our suggestion is that you spend some extra time considering a couple of extra features recommended in all magnifying glass reviews that are available online. For example, previous buyers of magnifying glasses have pointed to the fact that one should take a good look at the materials used in creating such a unit.

From this point of view, it becomes clear that one should only invest in those products that have been constructed from durable materials such as aluminum. The reason why this is important has to do with the fact that these models are very resistant and more likely to be dependable as time goes on.

Last but not least, magnification is equally essential. As expected, because magnifying glasses are primarily used to magnify certain objects, you should only settle for top-notch items that have a magnification power of at least 5x.


Lighting functionality 

Apart from the obvious perk of having LED lights installed on your magnifying glasses, you need to make sure the lights are bright enough to provide eye relief and enhance your vision and focus in dim-light conditions, especially if you work or read in a dark room. Otherwise, the lights won’t do you any good except for emitting some heat. 

If you want to make the most out of your new magnifying glasses, why not choose items that come with different brightness levels? Granted, these accessories might cost more but will save you a lot of trouble, especially when you want to read the fine prints of a contract, map, or the engraving on your favorite piece of jewelry. 


Design and maneuverability 

If self-standing units are your thing, you can also choose items that come with a clip-on design, which makes them extremely easy to attach to any bench, table, or desk. Some can even be attached to a book, allowing you to easily read every page, even when the fonts are small. 

On the other hand, you need to make sure the self-standing magnifying glasses feature a good anti-slip bottom, usually made of rubber or other materials that will prevent the item from sliding or falling off the table. This is especially important if your desk comes with a shiny finish. 

As for handheld units, we have mentioned their flexibility and increased freedom of movement. Most of these magnifying glasses are lightweight but their main drawback is the small lens. 

Another negative we can mention is the thick frame that reduces, even more, the viewing field, which means you’ll have to constantly move your hand on the object to magnify each segment of it. In time, the motion can cause hand fatigue and even wrist pain, as the frame and overall construction of the lighted magnifying glass are heavy. 

Therefore, the first thing you should check for is the handle’s construction. We suggest items made of stainless steel that are lightweight and won’t cause hand fatigue. Besides, an anti-slip rubber band or a wooden handle are both great choices as they can absorb extra moisture and prevent your hand from slipping. 

Lastly, you can also opt for a 2-in-1 magnifying glass. This device comes with a sturdy frame and can be attached to any desk or table. The novelty comes in the product’s design which often features a detachable handle that allows you to easily turn it into a handheld magnifying glass for increased portability and maximum freedom of movement. 


You will get maximum flexibility when you opt for a handheld magnifying glass but this doesn’t mean that self-standing units should be stiff. On the contrary, if you want to magnify only a side of the document or item you are interested in, a device with a flexible or adjustable neck is the right choice.

The bending neck comes in handy especially because you can adjust it in any direction you want. Therefore, you can customize your working desk and make sure the LED lights fall exactly on the piece of item or document you are mainly interested in. Most of these necks are made of quality, thick wires, and support great tension, so you won’t have to worry about breaking them any time soon. 


Magnification rate 

Lastly, the magnification rate of a lighted magnifying glass is of great importance because it tells you how many times you can magnify an object until your eyes are comfortable enough to see it in detail or read even the finest prints and engravings. 

Keep in mind that the magnification rate is directly proportional to the size and weight of the lens, which means a higher magnification will result in a thicker, heavier lens. This feature should be taken into account especially when we’re talking about handheld magnifying glasses which need to be lightweight and easy to carry. 

That being said, a small magnification rate of 3X is not the same as the diopter magnification, which is what you are actually interested in. You should think about a magnifying glass as a pair of reading glasses – when wearing them, is a 1.5x diopter magnification big enough for you to comfortably see any writing or fine print? 

If the answer to this question is no, then you should opt for a device that comes with a higher diopter magnification, depending on the type of task you want to perform. Generally speaking, people who work with miniatures, fine pieces of jewelry, or maps will require a better magnifying glass than those who are only using the device once in a while, to read the ingredient list on a pack of snacks. 



5 Best Lighted Magnifying Glasses (Reviews) in 2020


After a quick glance at reviews of magnifying glasses with light, one can effortlessly understand that finding a unit that completely suits his/her needs is a complicated task. Because we know this too well, we have decided to help you out by putting together a list of products that are worthy of your time and money. 



1. Carson DeskBrite200 LED Lighted 2x Magnifier and Desk Lamp


This model developed and produced by Carson has both a 2x magnification ratio and a 5x power spot lens that is integrated into the product’s design. As a plus, the unit’s neck is flexible and fully adjustable so that you are 100% comfortable while using the product.

Because of the product’s acrylic lens that has a 4-inch diameter, this magnifying glass is often described as very versatile, as it allows the buyer to use it for various types of activities such as reading, coin analysis, soldering and so much more.

Even more so, this device is lighted by two distinct light bulbs that can be charged with the included AC/DC adapter and/or can run on three AAA batteries. Similarly, it is important that we add that the magnifier can be rotated 90 degrees so that all your needs are met. Most of the product’s buyers were happy with their purchase.



This lighted magnifying glass comes with 2 super bright LED lights powered by an AC/DC adapter, included in the bundle. 

It features a flexible neck that allows users to adjust the lens to the position they want and need the most so they can perfectly read fine prints, instructions, or other texts. 

The lens is made of crystal-clear acrylic and is resistant to wear, tear, and scratches, providing the same image clarity even after months of intense use. 

The bottom of this lighted magnifier is made of sturdy plastic and features an anti-slip surface on the back so it can be easily put on any type of desk, table or surface, without worrying about it sliding or slipping. 



The LED lights attached could be brighter as the ones that are installed on the device won’t help too much when it’s dark outside or need more light to see what’s written on that manuscript or newspaper. 


Buy from for ($28.91)





2. Demarkt 3 LED Light 45X Handheld Magnifier


Another product that you should take into account is the product produced by Marrywindix. This unit is made from a sturdy plastic and it features plenty of illumination for both lenses included in the design.

Because this product has an ergonomic design, it is effortless to handle and you will be able to turn on the lights effortlessly, as they are positioned on the product’s handle. Apart from these features, we should say that this unit has a size diameter of 75mmx18mm/2.9”x0.5” and an approximate handle length of 11cm/4.3”.

The light sources that the model includes are said to be bright enough when used in basically any dark environment. The 3 AAA batteries necessary for the LED lights to function are not included in the product’s price and they need to be bought separately.

Magnification-wise, this model features two distinct lenses that come with distinct magnification ratios. Therefore, the large unit has a power of 5x, while the smaller unit comes fitted with a 20x magnification ratio.



The device is affordable and represents an excellent choice for reading, circuits, jewelry evaluating, and other areas that require the use of magnifying glasses. 

It features an independent lighting design with 2 LED lights for the large lens and 1 LED for the small one, ensuring a perfect lighting effect so you can see even the finest prints without putting too much pressure on your eyes. 

The comfortable ergonomic handle is wide enough to ensure a good grip and absorbs extra moisture to prevent slipping. It is also designed to reduce hand fatigue. 

The magnifying glasses are powered by three AAA batteries (not included) and come with a switch to easily turn the lights on and off when needed. 



The only downside we can find is that we wished the diameter of the lens would be bigger and the frame, less chunky so we could magnify a larger area at the same time. 


Buy from for ($12.99)





3. Fancii Daylight LED 3X Magnifying Lamp Rechargeable with Metal Clamp


If you are looking for a new magnifying glass that can fit your desk perfectly, we recommend that you check out the Fancii Daylight LED 3X. This model stands out from the previous units because it comes equipped with an 8-diopter optical glass lens that has a magnification ratio of 3x. Even more so, this product supplies its users with a distortion-free view of the object that is being analyzed.

This unit’s lighting source has a lifespan of 6 hours but it can be recharged when necessary. The LED lights included in the design have distinct brightness levels that you can switch between if needed.

Lastly, this is a 15-inch tall lamp that can be fitted on any desk by attaching it with the use of a metal clamp that is included in the package. The product’s height can be changed if you consider that this is important.



This powerful lighted magnifying glass features an 8-diopter optical glass lens and 3x magnification, as well as a distortion-free view, to ensure a quality viewing no matter the lighting conditions in the room. 

The energy-saving rechargeable design offers up to 6 hours of continuous use with a single charge. The mini USB cable included allows you to easily recharge the battery of the device on any computer or tablet. 

Unlike other similar magnifying glasses, this product boasts 6 energy-efficient LED lights with 3 adjustable brightness levels, suitable for hobbies, crafting, and close-up work.

We also liked the heavy-duty metal clamp that firmly attaches to any desk or table, as well as the detachable and lightweight aluminum handle for handheld use. 



The clip may not be strong enough to keep the device from slipping around and off the table. Also, it may not fit all types of tables or desks.


Buy from for ($27.99)





4. Carson MiniBrite 5x Pocket Magnifier with Built-In LED


Yet another model that you should have in mind before you decide to place an order is the Carson 5x MiniBrite LED. This product comes provided with an l5x slide-out magnifier that is quite dependable. The unit has a lens dimension of 1.3 inches in length and 1.5 inches in height.

Similarly, this model is compact and very lightweight when compared to other models available on the market. Consequently, you can carry this unit in your pocket and/or purse and use it throughout the day. The clear Aspheric lens that the product incorporates is also a feature that you are deemed to find appealing.

Price-wise, this model has a great price to value ratio. In fact, current users of the unit say that the product is a great investment. Also, many of them have pointed out that the manufacturer is quick to answer any questions that the buyers might have regarding the product.



The item is compact and lightweight, so you can easily use it with just one hand and will also fit in any pocket or bag. 

It boasts a powerful, 5X aspheric lens to make the image clearer and brighter, allowing you to see the fine print on everything you’re looking at. 

We also liked the bright built-in LED lights that add extra clarity, no matter the lighting conditions in the room, helping you easily read and see even the smallest fonts and images. 

The slide-up lens cover protects the most sensitive part of your lighted magnifying glass, keeping the lens away from damage such as scratches, dirt, dust, debris, or accidental spills. 



As with many other similar pocket-sized magnifying glasses, the main downside is the brightness of the LED lights attached. Although, in theory, they are great, these lights don’t seem to be bright enough for you to comfortably read or work when it’s dark in the room. 


Buy from for ($10.59)





5. MagniPros Magnifying Glass


This unit is convenient to buy, as it comes fitted with a feasible storage pouch and a cloth that can be used to clean the dust and debris from the lens so that you get crisp viewings. Furthermore, this lamp also comes provided with an ergonomic handle for extra movability. Additionally, the unit is particularly lightweight as it only weighs 7 ounces.

When it comes to the product’s lighting system, we find it fit to remind you that it includes no less than 6 efficient LEDs. Besides, the buyer can change the product’s brightness (50% or 100%) if he/she considers it significant.

According to the reviews that it has received from its previous buyers, this model is a good investment. What is more, this unit is especially popular among those who suffer from Macular Degeneration. Likewise, the product’s illumination is considered superior when compared to other products from this price range.



The rectangular lens is specifically designed to stimulate the way you naturally view things from the left to the right. 

It magnifies up to 300% so you can easily see the finest prints or texts on any newspaper, magazine, contract, or map. Therefore, the product represents an excellent choice for everyone who wants to check jewelry, maps, read, or perform high-precision tasks that require the use of a lighted magnifier glass. 

The lens is made of optical-grade acrylic which makes it lighter and scratch-resistant, as well as shatterproof while maintaining the same clarity level. Therefore, you won’t experience any optical distortion of the image, photo, or map you have in front of you. 

The LED magnifier is clinically proven to reduce eye strain, while the lightweight and ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip and prevents your palm from slipping. 



The 3x magnification rate doesn’t translate in more than 1.75x diopter magnification, which may be too small for some fine prints or near-sighted people. 


Buy from for ($21.95)




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Best magnifying glass for coins


Magnifying glasses for coins – Buying guide & Comparison


If you are a passionate coins collector, chances are you are looking for the best magnifying glass for coin collecting available. However, as you know, reading reviews on this topic is an activity that not many find pleasure in. Consequently, we have decided to help you out by analyzing the market and drawing the necessary conclusions. As a result, we consider that the Carson LumiLoupe 5x LL-88 is the product that you should consider. This device has a magnification power of 5x and a 2.5-inch diameter lens. Moreover, the product is very lightweight (it only weighs 6,7 ounces) and it is ideal for inspecting coins and stamps in low vision. What is more, this unit is lighted with 6 LED lights that allow the user to switch between three distinct brightness levels. If the Carson LumiLoupe 5x LL-88 is out of stock, we recommend that you check out the Carson LumiLoupe Series (LLx10).



Comparison table


The Good
The Bad



Finding a reliable magnifying glass for viewing coins is a process that requires plenty of attention and a keen eye for significant details. To help you out, we have taken it upon yourself to compile a list of crucial features that one should consider before settling for an item in this line of products. So, read ahead and make sure that you pick accordingly. 

Type of lens

One of the first aspects that all coin collectors should pay attention to before they go online to purchase a product of this kind is the type of lens the unit comes outfitted with.

When it comes to the lens type, you should know that there are models that not all magnifying glasses come fitted with the same kind of lens. In fact, you can opt for products with multiple aligned acrylic lenses, products that have pre-focused dual lenses, and so on.

 Still, no matter the kind of product that you choose, you should know that it is prudent that you settle for a unit that has had all its optic surfaces covered with a scratch resistant substance. The main advantage of these products is that they are prone to last an extended period of time, as they are not likely to become deteriorated and to make it difficult to successfully examine coins with them.

Likewise, while we are at it, it seems appropriate to remind you to keep an eye on the dimension of the lens that the product includes. Therefore, if you are interested in a product that will enable you to analyze coins that are small in dimensions, a unit with a 1-inch diameter should suffice.

Still, if you are interested in a larger unit that can give you a better look at the coin, we recommend that you invest in a product with a lens diameter between two inches and 3.25 inches.



If you take a good look at the reviews of magnifying glasses for viewing coins that you can find online, the first aspect that is likely to catch your interest is the product’s design. As expected, this feature is worth your while as it might help you decide what item to pick.

From this point of view, all interested buyers can choose between the hand-held design and the self-standing units. While the first models are seen as obsolete by many, you should know that they are very versatile and practical, as they allow the user to have an overall image of a coin. Likewise, a person can also compare two coins at the same time while using such a product.

On the other hand, the self-standing models usually come supplied with plenty of new functions that the old design does not match. For instance, some of these items have pre-focused lenses that can be of help if you are a beginner in the art of coin analysis. Also, most of these devices feature LED illumination, a feature that is also quite practical.


Weight and magnification

Last but surely not least, the unit’s weight and its magnification ratio should also be considered. According to the specialists, if you want to pick the best coin magnifying glass, you should select a unit that is lightweight and easy to maneuver. This is expressly important if you are set on ordering a feasible hand-held unit. When it comes to the newer design, this aspect is not that important.

Moreover, before you go online and order the first model that you see up for sale, take a few extra moments to consider the products magnification. Usually, a 5x or a 7x ratio is considered sufficient by professional coin collectors.



5 Best Magnifying Glasses for Coins (Reviews) in 2020


If you are still not sure on what product to select, we have put together a list of high-quality models that you should necessarily consider before you make a decision. So, don’t waste any more time, start reading and select that one you like best.



1. Carson 5x LumiLoupe Ultra LED Lighted Stand Magnifier Loup


With a great price to value ratio and numerous positive reviews and feedback comments from current users, the 5x LL-88 model should necessarily be of interest to you. This device comes provided with plenty of features that you are likely to find appealing. 

For example, according to its manufacturer, the unit features multiple aligned acrylic lenses with a 5x power of magnification and a lens diameter of 2.5 inches. As a plus, the unit also includes no less than 6 LED lights that you can use to have a clearer and crisper view of the coin that you are observing.

Moreover, this product weighs 6.7 ounces and it measures 5.5×3.62×1.37 inches. Therefore, you can use it to examine coins of all dimensions. To function correctly, the product requires three AAA batteries that are not included in the price and that need to be purchased independently.


Buy from for ($16.49)





2. Carson 10x LumiLoupe Stand Magnifier Loupe


Another product that you should consider is the LLx10 model developed by the same manufacturer. This item comes supplied with a pre-focused 1.0-inch lens that you can use while viewing items up close. The product also incorporates a 10x power stand magnifier that includes a see-through acrylic base that will supply you with plenty of light.

The product is considered a good investment for all those that intend to utilize it for various purposes such as coin analysis, watchmaking, geology, biology, electronics, and so on. The model has the following dimensions 2.0x 2.0 x 1.75 inches and it weighs 1.4 ounces.

The model is covered by a lifetime warranty, a reason why you should not worry about it breaking easily and needing to invest in a new product. Current users of the model have said that the item has a good power of magnification, that it has a sturdy construction, and that it is great for coin collecting enthusiasts.


Buy from for ($4.79)





3. Carson 2x LumiDome Polished Ball Loupe with 75mm Base


If you are interested in a cool looking unit that is also quite feasible, check out the LD-75 model developed by the same manufacturer, Carson LumiDome. The product has an eye-catching acrylic construction that is shatterproof as well as a 2x magnifying lens that covers a viewing area of 2.5 inches.

The model can be used when analyzing coins, when viewing miniatures, stamps, and when reading. Because of its delicate base, the model comes shipped with an additional microfiber cloth pouch that you can utilize to store product in between uses.  Likewise, this item is covered by a limited lifetime warranty

According to the product’s previous buyers, this magnifying glass is very easy to manage, because it features a recessed center that protects it from being scratched. Even more so, the etched and faceted sides that the model includes are said to provide a good grip that any user will highly appreciate


Buy from for ($9.99)





4. Dreame LED Lighted Illuminated Jewelers Eye Loupe


A best seller in this line of products, this model produced by Dreame is both cost-efficient and effortless to maneuver. As a plus, this is a pocket-sized magnifying glass that is easy to carry around and use whenever you need to.

The model features a dual design that comprises two distinct lenses. The main lens has a diameter of 30x22mm, while the second one measures 60x12mm. The product was manufactured using durable aluminum and a plastic housing, reason why it is very light and effortless to carry with you when on the go. If you decide to purchase this model, you should know that the manufacturer also includes a small case that is meant to protect the magnifying glass when not used. 

Another mentionable feature of this item is its foldable design. Moreover, this unit has received great reviews from its previous purchasers. Most of them have said that this model is worth the money, especially because of its maneuverability.


Buy from for ($9.98)





5. Carson MagniView Handheld 2x Magnifier with 4.5x Spot Lens


If you are fond of classical looking magnifying glasses and you are not interested in paying a lot of money in order to buy one, the Carson MagniView 2x DS-36 is the model for you. This device is scratch resistant and it has a 4.5x power that will allow you to use it for a variety of purposes.

When it comes to the product’s technical details, all interested buyers should remember that this lens is 3.25 inches in diameter and that it contains a thumb groove, often described as ergonomic that is placed on the product’s handle. The main purpose of the groove is to add more stability and comfort to the item.

As a plus, a built-in rim is said to protect the unit from scratches and dust accumulation. In an attempt to make sure that all its customers are satisfied with the purchase, the item is covered by a lifetime limited warranty


Buy from for ($8)




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Best macular degeneration magnifying glass


Macular degeneration magnifying glasses – Buying guide & Comparison


If you are interested in purchasing the best macular degeneration magnifying glass available but you don’t know what model to pick, this short introduction should provide you with all the info that you need. After taking into account aspects such as brand quality and price to value ratios, we have concluded that the iMagniphy LED Magnifying Glass is the product that you should consider. This device comes provided with two interchangeable lenses (a 5x and a 10x lens) that are powerful; and reliable as well as with a carrying pouch that is very convenient. Moreover, this unit includes LED lights for additional illumination. If the iMagniphy LED Magnifying Glass is out of stock, we recommend that you give the MagniPros Magnifying Glass a good look as it is a great second alternative that you might also enjoy using for various purposes.



Comparison table


The Good
The Bad



Selecting the best magnifying glass for macular degeneration is a process that comes with may difficulties, especially if you are not sure what features to look for. To make this task effortless, we have decided to do the legwork on your behalf. So, after reading plenty of specialized reviews, we have put together a list of aspects that you should consider before making a decision


In order to find a good magnifying glass for macular degeneration, all interested buyers should understand the particularities of such a product. According to the specialists, the best way to settle for a reliable unit is to consider the purpose of the model.

On the one hand, you could opt for an illuminated unit. By comparison to the non-illuminated products, these models are capable of supplying their users with an additional source of light that might come in handy in low light situations. Still, this aspect should not be considered an issue if you intend to use the device while standing at your desk (provided that you own a lamp). 

Nonetheless, if you want a product that you can count on at any time, the illuminated units should be your top priority. Similarly, you should pay attention to the product’s size. In other words, you have to pick between units that are small but portable and models that are larger but more difficult to carry around.



Another crucial aspect that should not be ignored has to do with the product’s design. From this point of view, there are handheld models, magnifying desk lamps, pocket-sized units and even hands-free products. Each of these items has its pros and cons. For instance, handheld units that are also electronic usually have a large FOV and you get to pick the type of magnification that you get. Still, these units rely on being charged every now or then, the reason why you might find it difficult to use them while away from the house.

On the other hand, the desk lamps are distortion free and powerful. Again, these units have to be connected to a source of electricity in order for the lighting to function. Last but not least, most portable models are compact and, thus lightweight. Yet, you might feel like the FOV that such models include is insufficient for reading and other minute tasks. The big advantage of hands-free units is that you don’t have to hold them in your hand at all time, as this might be rather tiring.

Nonetheless, the model that you select should help you deal with issues that are related to Macular Degeneration. 


Additional suggestions 

We couldn’t have ended this list of aspects before mentioning a few additional features that you should keep in mind before ordering a model that is up for sale. For example, you should know that a product’s magnification should provide you with an optimal ratio between lens size and FOV.  Nonetheless, studies have shown that a unit with a high power of magnification has a small FOV. 

Also, it is a known fact that the units that have a small power of magnification don’t make your eyes feel tired when using them, and this is a not something that can be said about their more powerful counterparts.


5 Best Macular Degeneration Magnifying Glasses (Reviews) in 2020


Because we want to make sure that you end up with a reliable and feasible product, we have put together a list of top-notch units that are worthy of your time and money. So, because time is of the essence, we invite you to read our reviews of macular degeneration magnifying glasses.


1. iMagniphy LED Illuminated Magnifying Glass Set


With positive reviews from both the specialists and previous buyers, this model is a good investment, reason why you should check it out. This is a hand-held, illuminated device that comes equipped with two distinct lenses that allow the user to pick the most suitable magnification

Because it is lightweight and easy to transport, this model is great for those people who suffer from Macular degeneration. Therefore, if you decide to purchase it, you will be able to read the paper, prescription and other documents without any difficulties.

Because it is lightweight and easy to transport, this model is great for those people who suffer from Macular degeneration. Therefore, if you decide to purchase it, you will be able to read the paper, prescription and other documents without any difficulties. 


Buy from for ($19.99)





2. MagniPros Magnifying Glass with Bright LED Lights


Because it was built to be used by seniors, this unit should also stir your interest. Similarly to the previous model that we have tackled, this product comes outfitted with two interchangeable lenses that provide the user with distortion free, clear images.

To further cater to the users’ needs, the model includes two lights that can be activated with just the press of a button. What is more, you should know that these LEDs are energy efficient and that they can last up to 10,000 hours.

The handle of the device is lightweight, ergonomic and covered with a non-slip material that ensures surprising accidents are avoided. Moreover, the manufacturer has stressed the fact that all the materials used in the construction of this device are of high quality. Consequently, this model should last for a long period of time. The product is covered by a lifetime warranty and a money back if unsatisfied policy.


Buy from for ($14.95)





3. Fancii LED Light 2X Large Rectangular Handheld Magnifier


Another unit that you should have in mind is the Fancii LED Light 2X Large. According to the manufacturer, this unit has been shaped in such a way that you won’t have issues when it comes to viewing an object in a natural way. 

The product features a rectangular-shaped lens that measures 2.3″ in length and 4″ in width and it is ideal for various purposes such as reading papers, books, maps, and encyclopedias. The lens of the device can magnify the image up to 3 times, the reason why the FOV of the model is rather large. 

The model was constructed to be lightweight and practical so that seniors can use it without difficulties, especially if they suffer from macular degeneration or low vision. The product also comes fitted with a storage pouch and batteries (for the 3 lights). The model runs on two CR2016 batteries.


Buy from for ($13.99)





4. 3 Magnifier Bundle Quality Magnifying Glass with Light


If you are looking for a product that comes supplied with a handful of practical accessories, the Cmoredetail 3 Magnifier Bundle is the unit for you. This bundle includes three distinct magnifiers that you can use whenever you need to. The first one has to be handheld and it has three lenses (2x, 4x, 10x) that are great when used at home or, why not, at the office.

Then, the second one is pocket-sized and very lightweight. This model consists of two different lenses (3x and 6x) that easily fit in one’s purse and/or pocket. Last but not least, the third unit has the same size as a credit card. This model is great to use while traveling or while on vacation.

All the lenses that we have talked about are made from optical grade acrylic and they are resistant to scratches. A cleaning cloth and a carrying bag are included in the price. 


Buy from for ($26.11)




5. LitezAll COB LED 3x Handheld Magnifier


LitezAll developed a magnifier that will take your hobbies one step further and help you see all the details of the things you’re interested in. Featuring a comfortable and easy-to-use design, the magnifier is packed with three LEDs that use the COB LED technology for enhanced results.

Since the product was designed for users of different ages, it is built in such a way to ensure ease of operation. It takes just the push of a button to illuminate the area of interest evenly. It is ideal for viewing details on coins and a variety of small items or even insects, but it is also great for reading books, maps, and the fine print on various documents. 

Rest assured that the item will last you for a while as the glass and hard plastic used ensure durability. The two AA batteries needed to power the magnifier are included in the pack. 


Buy from for ($9.66)




Unavailable products


OpticSharp Extra Large Ultra Bright LED Lighted Magnifying Glass


This list would have been incomplete without us mentioning the OpticSharp 5.5-Inch Handheld. This model comes provided with a very large, 5.5 lens that offers the users three different magnifications (2x, 4x, 10x). The lens was built from high-quality clear and distortion-free material that is sturdy and durable. 

The product can be used by children, adults, and seniors. What is more, the unit can be gifted to both hobbyists and professionals and it can be used for both reading and coin viewing and other detail-oriented tasks. 

The unit also includes no less than three energy-efficient lights that need to be powered by 3 AAA batteries. Still, the necessary batteries are not included in the price. To use the lighting system, one should simply touch that switch button that is fixated on the non-slip handle. The manufacturer claims that this product is covered by a money back policy that can be used if the product does not meet your expectations.




1) The principles behind a magnifying glass

2) What is the main cause of macular degeneration?

3) History of the magnifying glass

4) Magnifying Lenses in Human Endeavors





Best handheld magnifying glass


Handheld magnifying glasses – Buying guide & Comparison


If you are trying to find the best handheld magnifying glass available, but you lack the time to go online and do the necessary research on the subject, this short paragraph should contain all the information that you need. After reading plenty of magnifying glass reviews, and after looking at aspects such as price to value ratio and product quality, we have concluded that the Fancii 5.5 inch Handheld is the model that you should invest in. This product has three powerful lenses (2x, 4x and 10x) and high viewing clarity. Moreover, the product is particularly lightweight reason why you can easily carry it around if you need it on a daily basis. If the Fancii 5.5 inch Handheld is out of stock, please consider the MagnifyLabs Jumbo Rectangular as it is a reliable model that is worth the investment.



Comparison table


The Good
The Bad



Because we understand that navigating through countless buying guides in order to find the best handheld magnifying glass with light is a task that not many appreciate, we are here to lend you a hand. Therefore, we have compiled a list of very important features that you simply should not settle without in a good magnifying glass.


Weight and design

If you are set on purchasing a new magnifying glass, the first thing that you should pay attention to is the unit’s weight. This aspect is crucial because it directly influences that usability of the model. In other words, a model that is way too heavy can be difficult to use over a prolonged period of time.

If you don’t know if the product that you like is lightweight or not, we recommend that you go online and you read what the previous buyers had to say about the unit. If you do so, you have high chances to get a better understanding of the item’s overall capabilities.

Secondly, the model’s design is equally essential to consider. As we all know, selecting a product with an eye-catching design is more suitable than investing in an item that does not meet your aesthetic criteria. Hence, you should buy a unit that is both technically capable of doing its job well and that you appreciate, from a subjective point of view. 


Magnification ratio and lens diameter

Two other features that reviews of magnifying glasses with light are likely to mention are a model’s magnification ratio and its lens diameter. When speaking about a product’s magnification ratio, we feel like it is reasonable to remind you that you should purchase an item that satisfies your needs. 

Even more so, the market is filled with magnifying glasses that have different type of power (from 2x to 20x). Consequently, one should purchase a product that comes fitted with the appropriate power that one needs. Still, if you are searching for a model that can be used for a variety of tasks, we recommend that you buy a unit with a magnification ratio of 5x.

The product’s lens diameter is also worth your attention. This feature can determine just how much viewing area one can analyze at a time. Again, you should make up your mind about this feature by considering your personal needs and requirements. 


Additional tips and tricks

Before we finish this section, we feel like it is suitable that we also point to a few other features that can help you buy the best lighted magnifying glass. For instance, a good way to select a unit form the myriad of models that are up for sale is by looking at the materials used in the construction of the product. From this point of view, it is best that you purchase a model made out of aluminum or other similar substances that are both sturdy and lightweight.

What is more, the specialists argue that the best thing that one can do is to invest in a product that does not show any type of distortions. This way, your coin analysis will not be affected or influenced in any way.



5 Best Handheld Magnifying Glasses (Reviews) in 2020


If you are still wondering what magnifying glass to pick, we have decided to make this process effortless for you by coming up with a list of top-quality items that are worthy of your consideration. So, go ahead and read the reviews that we have prepared for you



1. Fancii Extra Large LED Handheld Magnifying Glass with Light


With a good price to value ratio and positive reviews from previous buyers, the Fancii 5.5 inch Handheld is a product that one should pay attention to before deciding to place an order. This unit has an overall dimension of 5.5 inches and no less than 3 distinct powerful lenses that you can use to analyze different objects.

Because the model was built from a high-quality type of glass, there are no distortions that you have to worry about. This way, you’ll always get a good grasp of the coin that you are trying to analyze. Moreover, this product has a lightweight design, reason why it is effortless to carry in your bag.

In fact, the product weighs 5.8 oz., and its manufacturer claims that its weight is distributed evenly so that the user does not feel tired while using it. The product also includes three LED lights that are built into the unit’s overall design. 


Click to see the price on Amazon!





2. Jumbo Rectangular Handheld Magnifying Glass


Another model that is worth your consideration is the MagnifyLabs Jumbo Rectangular. This unit features three distinct lenses that have been made out of optical grade glass. Additionally, given the product’s versatile design, you can use this unit both horizontally and vertically in accordance with your preferences. 

Furthermore, this model is lightweight (less than a pound) and durable, reason why it is safe to assume that you’ll be able to work with it throughout the years. Besides, because this model has a wide lens, this device is comfortable when viewing large objects.

Last but not least, we should mention that this item is covered by a warranty and a money back guarantee policy. Consequently, if you are not happy with the product that you have received, you can always ask for a refund (at any time). Yet, most of the unit’s buyers were happy with the item’s quality.


Buy from for ($12.99)





3. Carson SureGrip Rubberized Soft Grip Hand-Held Magnifier


If you are looking for a classical looking unit that has an ergonomic handle, the SureGrip Series SG-10 model is the one for you. This product stands out because it comes outfitted with both power lenses. First, there is the 2x lens that measures up to 3.5 inches, and, secondly, the model also includes a more powerful (yet smaller lens) that has a magnification ratio of 10x.

As a result, this power unit can be used to analyze any imperfection and/or detail on a coin. Also, the unit comes supplied with a practical zipper pouch that is soft-padded. The pouch can be used for both storage purposes and transport.

Likewise, this product is covered by a warranty clause that covers all the defects in the model’s workmanship and materials. According to the current users, the only drawback of the unit is that it does not stand by itself. 


Buy from for ($15.53)





4. Demarkt 3 LED Light 45X Handheld Magnifier


Another lighted model that you might like is the unit created and sold by Marrywindix. This unit is cost effective and quite practical. For example, this model has a total height of 7.56’ and a large lens that measures 2.76’x3.31’. Therefore, the model is small enough for you to carry it with you throughout the day.

In order to offer its buyers enough light, this unit comes provided with no less than 3 LEDs that are situated in strategic points. Therefore, the large lens is supplied with two LED lights, while the small one comes provided with a single light.

The overall lens diameter of the large lens is of 75mmx18mm, while the small one (that is embedded in the product’s handle) measures 2.9”x0.5”. The power switch that one needs to operate to turn on the lights is conveniently placed on the product’s handle.


Buy from for ($12.99)





5. Landnics Antique Handle Magnifier 10X


If you are a fan of detective stories and you are searching for a product that looks just like those vintage units, the Landnics 10X Handheld Magnifier is the product that you have been searching for. This model was developed from crystal glass, and, consequently, its lens is able to magnify an object up to 10x. 

The unit provides its user with a distortion-free viewing and the resulting image is clear and very sharp. The lens that the product comes fitted with has a total diameter of 72 mm, and a handle that measures 138 mm.

The product is ergonomic, comfortable to use and very lightweight. You can successfully use it for a variety of purposes such as coin analysis, reading, solving crossword puzzles, etc. The main advantage of the unit is its elegant design that everybody is prone to appreciate.


Buy from for ($12.99)




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5) The magnifying glass – one of the most ancient optical devices




Reasons to buy a new magnifying glass


Maybe you have seen advertisements on the Internet, maybe some of your friends or relatives own one or you are simply curious and want to explore the world around you and have wondered how can a magnifying glass help you and why should you buy one. To give you a hand, we have listed some of the reasons why you need one and how it can assist you.

A magnifying glass is made out of a convex lens, which produces a magnified image of an object. To provide easy use, this optical device comes with a handle; it has become an icon of detective stories, and it is the most commonly used symbol by Internet search engines. There are many ways one can use a magnifying glass, so it is not surprising that the item is extremely popular.

This very old item was invented in Europe more than 750 years ago. These days, it comes in as many models and sizes as you can think of, each with a different use and some feature the most modern and innovative technologies. They are used by jewelers, those with vision problems, photographers, doctors and professionals for which details matter the most.

If you are searching for a reason to buy a magnifying glass, the first thing to consider is how you are going to use it in your house. Most people use them as hobby aids, around their home. What some forget is that magnifying glasses are the essential survival tool when going out in the woods; they can be used to start a fire without a lighter, making them an indispensable item for outdoor enthusiasts.

The convex lens can be used to focus sunlight onto a small surface even in cloudier days, so starting a fire with magnifying glasses is pretty easy. All you have to do is find some tinder (for example, newspapers are easily combustible) and a small piece of wood or some dried grass. Build a small heap and concentrate the sunlight on the bottom, until you see a little bit of smoke coming out. Blow air into the fire and, in no time, you will have a way of keeping yourself warm or of cooking something.

Magnifying glasses are also used to create spectacular jewelry and works of art. The convex lens refracts light rays, making them converge and then tricking your eyes into perceiving details that, without the aid of such a device, you would easily pass by. As light travels to the viewer’s eyes, the rays move on parallel trajectories; after they have passed through the lens, they are bent and forced to converge, creating a virtual image that appears larger than the real object.

Thanks to this, details come out, and craftsmen can create amazing works of art. Expensive jewelry that features a lot of details is often made this way, as well as works of art and fine mechanisms. Besides, since in the older times symbols and codes were hidden in works of art, usually in a very small font, historians are surely enthusiast users of magnifying glasses since these can reveal things you have never seen before in a painting or sculpture.

Collectors will surely find a use for them because serials are engraved, and the letters or numbers are far too small to read with the naked eye, this being the moment when one can benefit from a convex lens.

There is a lot to explore around your home. The world is far bigger than you can see, and the details too small to notice with the naked eye are part of it as well. Exploring your surroundings and learning about the many things within reach is another reason for owning a magnifying glass.

The possibilities are limitless, and you have to make the most of your time, so purchasing a magnifying glass is justified even as a hobby. And, speaking about hobbies, if you are into building models on a small scale, such a device should not be missing from your toolbox.

Ship or airplane modeling will be easier and a lot more entertaining once you can observe all the details and your work will be even more accurate and similar to the real-life model if you use a convex lens while putting the pieces together. For these professionals, manufacturers also create loupes, devices which consist of three different magnifying lenses mounted in a cylinder and working almost like a microscope.

Magnifying glasses are commonly found as scientific and medical tools too. Mounting them on stands creates a microscope, and using more lenses increases its power, making it useful when studying cells and other biological structures. High-quality devices are also used by amateur chemists too.

Doctors can find such products useful too, microscopes being used for medical research and teaching purposes. There are some models that can be attached to smartphone cameras, showing you details that have always been hidden to the naked eye. Such products are more useful for teachers since they are cheap but produce quality images that can be used to show students a world they have never seen before.

Another common use for magnifying glasses is as vision aiders. Helping people with vision problems is the main reason behind their invention, back in the thirteenth century. Eyeglasses sometimes employ convex lenses as well to make objects appear larger than they are or to correct nearsightedness.

Older people who still go to work and have to read old or poorly printed documents will surely find such a device useful, while researchers who have to study ancient writings surely own optical devices that make objects appear bigger than they are.

These are the main reasons why you should buy a magnifying glass. These items are not only fun to use but also educational, revealing a whole new world to your children. Older people will also find them useful especially when repairing old electronic devices that require precision operations and attention to detail.

Biologists will observe cells and other structures easier, while jewelers can create more intricate and detailed works, impressing the buyers with their skill and art. Other reasons for buying a new magnifying glass can also be found, so go and find one to your liking and start exploring the environment around you.




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