Heating and cooling devices – Ratings & Comparison in 2018


Nowadays, heating and cooling devices are more common than not, particularly in laboratories. Their use is mandatory in processes such as drying and sterilizing pieces of equipment that need to be reused for different sample preparation techniques. Cooling units should be employed when working with specimens that might become spoiled from one reason or the other while they are kept at room temperature. Regardless of the type of heating or cooling device you might be looking for, the fact of the matter is that the market is simply overflowing with options these days. As such, it can be hard to find just what you might be looking for.

This website will assist you in discovering the right models you require to perform your tasks conveniently and efficiently. The category includes a wide array of products such as autoclaves, vacuum furnaces, ice makers, freezers, refrigerators, water baths, incubators, hotplates, and thermostats. Due to the broad variety of devices that are currently used in laboratories across the world for heating and cooling items, creating a buying guide for the entire line was a lengthy process, during which we had to go through a lot of information. In the end, we have come up with a straightforward article that can hopefully help you with selecting the unit you’ve always wanted in your lab.


While an item such as an autoclave can typically be found in a lab, these days even regular prospective buyers might be interested in purchasing the best vacuum ovens for BHO. However, these processes have to be legal and in accordance with different quality standards set by official organisms. Also, the value of an autoclave or an oven makes it difficult for amateurs to consider the prices user-friendly and subsequently afford the products.



How to choose the best heating & cooling equipment


Whether you’re looking to buy a thermostat, a refrigerator, an autoclave, or one of the best value vacuum ovens, you’ve come to the right place. We have created a straightforward buying guide that’s rather general and that deals with selecting the proper heating and cooling devices for your needs and preferences. Always remember to look at your requirements before choosing a product only based on the features it comes with. If you want to make an informed decision, all you have to do is keep on reading.



If you were to buy a leaf blower or a lawn mower, the first thing you’d do was look at the performance of the product. As is the case with various other devices you might have around you, the wattage matters just as much when selecting the proper heating and cooling lab equipment. With a higher wattage, it will take less time for your pieces to dry or sterilize. In other words, what you’ll be getting will be a greater efficiency in your working process and considerably more productivity as those pieces will be used sooner than you’d expect. High-performance devices add to saving time, and in some critical situations, this might be just the thing you could be looking for. On occasion, samples and people can’t wait for a long time, particularly in cases where the diagnosis or analysis might decide the future of a treatment or advanced diagnosis measure.



This is the first factor that relates to the features of the products you will want to purchase. On the one hand, you ought to look at the space you have available in the laboratory in order to install the device as best as possible. Then, you should consider the dimensions of the equipment so that you’re aware of whether or not it will fit in the spot you might have designated for it. Be advised that setting up a large device in the wrong place can do more harm than good considering the fact that it can interfere with the workflow and take a toll on the entire process.

Once you’ve determined the size of the device as well as the one of the space you have in your lab, you can move on to the next step. The capacity of the model refers to just how many specimens, samples, vials, glass or plasticware you can use it with. If you were to get the best vacuum drying oven, it would be so only because it can be correlated with your requirements. In other words, you have to look at the number of samples you work with on a daily basis and how many of these the device can accommodate per working session. Whether you intend to sterilize or refrigerate something, the fact of the matter is that the interior capacity of all devices is limited. Therefore, you need to know beforehand if you have enough room available to work with all the pieces.


Ease of use and convenience

It goes without saying that utilizing a highly specialized piece of equipment should be done strictly by professionals. Nonetheless, ease of use should be considered when deciding between one model and the next as it can take you less time to complete your tasks if you already know the basics of operating the device and it is built according to the same standards. For instance, you’d have a little trouble selecting the right product due to the fact that manufacturers aren’t necessarily making it easy for prospective buyers because they often leave out important information from their product descriptions. In that event, all you’d have to do is check out the best autoclave sterilizer reviews or any ratings regarding the type of device you want to buy.


Price and recommendations

In the end, it all boils down to what you’re prepared to spend on a heating or cooling device. The best cheap vacuum oven might be hard to find, but the important thing to keep in mind is that a low price can sometimes relate to low quality. When buying high-value devices, perhaps you’d consider making an investment more than selecting the most affordable unit and then replacing it after just one year of use.


We have created a selection of the most critically acclaimed units in this line. We’ve based our choices on the owner feedback, the value these models offer for the cost, and even the sales figures of hundreds of options. If you still have not made up your mind about getting a specific heating and cooling device, perhaps you’d benefit from having a look at our selections. After all, in most cases, these devices were the ones that stood out both because of their features and the benefits they offer to owners and because of the customer reviews they’ve managed to gather over time.



Best autoclave sterilizers


Autoclaves are pressure chambers that are used widely in all scientific areas due to their capability to sterilize different types of materials without damaging them. These devices have been used to sterilize various pieces of equipment for many years now, and the first prototype was developed back at the end of the 19th century. These days, you’ll find at least one autoclave in any respectable microbiology, mycology, dentistry, prosthetics, and veterinary medicine laboratory. As is the case with any other heating or cooling device that you might be interested in purchasing, autoclaves are different from one model to the next, in that some have different performances and come in diverse sizes and shapes.

In spite of the fact that most bacteria, fungi, and viruses are destroyed efficiently with the help of an autoclaving process, some microorganisms can survive a medical autoclave, as would be the case with prions. Prions are particularly harmful to humans when dealing with conditions such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which is occasionally referred to as a human kind of mad cow disease. However, autoclaves should and are largely used in areas such as surgery as they can be a great help when sterilizing surgical instruments. Even though hypodermic needles and even scalpel handles are disposable nowadays, they used to be reusable and used to be sterilized with the help of any autoclave.



Taishi Dry Heat Sterilizer


1-dry-heat-sterilizer-cabinet-dentalThis Taishi model is a compact alternative that’s somewhat reasonably priced, particularly when compared to many of its competitors.

The functioning process of this autoclave involves dry heat instead of wet heat, which means that it may require little cleaning and maintenance. The maximum temperature that can be reached by this sterilizer is 200 degrees Celsius. Since it features a stainless steel construction, it goes without saying that it has a high chance of withstanding the test of time.

Due to its rather limited size, this autoclave cannot be used in busy laboratories. Instead, it is intended for some dental and veterinary applications.


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Best vacuum ovens


Much like autoclave sterilizers, one can use the best vacuum drying oven to get rid of microorganisms that are present on various pieces of equipment. Such a product is based on convection instead of dry or wet heat, and one of the greatest advantages of using a device in this line is that it provides uniform temperatures ranging from 1,100 to 1,500 degrees Celsius. Vacuum furnaces are used less frequently in laboratories as they might prove to be more useful in areas such as brazing, foundry and melting, hot pressing, and industrial applications

The pressure and the temperatures reached are two indicators that make the difference between one model and the other. The configuration matters when considering the dimensions of the product and space you plan to set it up in. In some respects, it might be beneficial to select a vertical vacuum oven as it saves a lot of space and thus allows you to use your lab furniture accordingly. The heating sources of various units differ, as well, as one can be powered using induction, arc, resistance, or electric. Irrespective of the supply, all of the components involved in the construction of such a product have to be heat-resistant due to the high temperatures that can be achieved while the unit is operating.



Across International AT09.110


2-across-international-at09-110The AT09.110 is a 25-liter unit that features a back-fill capability and several other attractive features. Unlike some of its counterparts, it is capable of achieving a maximum temperature of 480 degrees Fahrenheit.

With a power of 1200 watts, it’s easy to see why the AT09.110 is among the most popular models in the line, particularly as it is equipped with several user-friendly characteristics such as a temperature controller and an LCD display. Four aluminum shelves are part of the deal with this product.

Based on the info we’ve gathered, the AT09.110 has garnered some of the best vacuum oven reviews, with many professionals recommending it because of its extremely precise temperature controls.


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