Main technical features


Inspection cameras are getting more and more futuristic. And this product is part of the same family. For your money, you get a piece that can be connected to Wi-Fi and via USB. It rocks a semi-rigid slender body, waterproof capabilities, and six LED lights that don’t drain the battery instantly. The resolution of the camera is HD, and it enables you to capture both pictures and videos, for more versatility and convenience. Adding these nifty features up, it is not hard to see why the borescope is a popular choice among those who are experts at finding lost things.


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In-depth information


It is all about the camera

Indispensable for DIY and home improvement champions, this tool is a must-have in any toolbox. Its potent camera will impress you. For example, when it comes to specs, it sure is a winner – it offers a 2MP CMOS sensor and two resolution options. You can switch between the 640×480 and 1280×720 HD alternatives, depending on your lighting conditions, your available storage, and on the battery life, as higher resolutions require more of each category. These aspects tell us that since its images are so clear and the camera cleverly designed to save you time and money, the product can be a cool gift for anyone.

The body

It is considered a snake borescope. This means the lengthy cable is semi-rigid so it can solve any task. Some will require more flexibility, and others more rigidity, especially when it comes to upward positions. The cable is 11.5-feet long, and it is highly unlikely that you will need more than that. Moreover, it comes with a waterproof rating of IP67, which means it is great for removing blockages inside pipes and drains, and for other wet situations. The images transmitted to the camera are converted into files that can be opened by all phones and computers, so if you want to get creative, you can edit them without any additional step being required.


Light it up

As previously mentioned in this iphone endoscope review, it takes advantage of 6 LED lights so that the borescope camera can offer you up to 120 minutes of continuous performance with a low heat output and powerful lighting settings. Darkness will never be a problem anymore, even if we’re talking about remote and hardly-accessible corners. The lights help shorten the focal distance and not kill the 800mAh battery, which is an essential aspect if you’re someone who forgets to recharge smart devices. The frame rate at which it can record video is 30 FPS.


Known Issues

When it comes to flaws, like an endoscope camera review should tell you, one buyer mentioned that the borescope might be too short for some missions. If you want to inspect extremely long pipes that exceed the product’s 11.5ft, you might want to check out another alternative. But, to be honest, you’re rarely going to require a greater length than that most of the time.


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