Gskyer Astromaster – Review

Last Updated: 14.10.19



Main technical features


The Gskyer Astromaster is a versatile choice. The unit is designed to work for both beginner and professional stargazers. Thanks to the German technology present in this reflector telescope, you will be able to view distant celestial objects and make stunning terrestrial observation with minimal effort.

The telescope features an aperture of 130mm and a focal length of 650mm which will allow for distant objects to appear clear and bright. You also get three magnification eyepieces and a Barlow lens. The equatorial mount will allow for smooth tracking, and the stainless steel tripod will let you place the telescope almost anywhere.

The all-glass optical components come with high transmission coatings for enhanced image brightness and clarity when observing both celestial and terrestrial objects. The no-tool setup will ensure that the telescope is ready for use with minor assembly. Thanks to all these features, even amateurs won’t have a problem with using this nifty purchase.


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In-depth information


When looking to purchase a reflector telescope, there are two major types to consider: the products that are built for beginners, with a simpler design, and those that cater to professionals that know their way around an eyepiece. The Gskyer Astromaster is the definition of versatility as it manages to combine these two aspects perfectly.

The telescope is designed to accommodate both categories. This means that even if you are an amateur and you don’t yet know the difference between a focuser and a finder scope, you will still be able to start your stargazer journey with this great device. It’s even more impressive that in spite of the versatile design, the unit still manages to remain affordable.

The versatility of this option is not limited to the skill that you need to have since it also allows for a multitude of uses and activities. The telescope can be used for astronomy, science, wildlife views, tourism, and so much more. The advanced German technology will enable users to take great photos of both terrestrial and celestial objects.

The telescope comes with a very durable stainless steel tube tripod, which has the latest German equatorial mount. The mount will help compensate for the Earth’s rotation so that you can get a clear view of the celestial bodies you are observing without the telescope losing sight of them.

The unit manages to stay ahead of its competition due to the generous 130mm aperture and the multilayer green glass optics that will help focus light with increased efficiency. Another great feature of this option is the fact that it does not require a universal T-Ring adapter if you want to attach an SLR or DSLR camera.

Indeed, if you are looking for a telescope that is built with stellar photography in mind, the Gskyer Astromaster should be able to satisfy your needs while still leaving the door open for numerous other activities.


Known issues

Users have reported that the telescope is heavy which makes it very hard to move around, especially if you want to explore away from the city. The counterweight can sometimes be somewhat cumbersome.


Buy from for ($499.99)




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