Main technical features


The Firefly GT800 is a handheld microscope that has optical magnification capabilities ranging from 15x to 230x and digital ones that go up to 700x.

As it was expected from a product in this line, the Firefly GT800 comes with a lighting system composed of eight ultra-bright LED of which the brightness can be adjusted by the user.

The product has been outfitted with a 2-megapixel camera that can be utilized for taking stills and video of your samples. The image and video resolutions are the same, 1600 by 1200 pixels.

Connecting the microscope to a computer or laptop is made easy thanks to the USB 2.0 port that this unit has been equipped with.

Other functions made available by the software that is included in the box consist of rotation, freeze, scalable window, flip region of interest, and real-time measurements.


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In-depth information


Based on the information that we have gathered about this option, the Firefly GT800 features a good magnification range, in that most amateurs and home users don’t require more than 230x. It should also be pointed out that, due to its small size and compact design, this unit is more than adequate for being taken on the field and can prove to be a trustworthy helper in areas such as veterinary medicine, where the examiner might have to discover the presence or absence of ectoparasites.

This particular handheld microscope comes with a proprietary illumination system as eight LED bulbs have been built in its construction. From what we have gathered by looking at the reviews of this product, it appears that the brightness intensity can be customized with ease.

Despite the fact that the resolution of the camera that this unit has been equipped with is somewhat inferior when compared to that of various other models, 2 megapixels seem to be more than enough in most situations. Besides, you’ll have no trouble taking shots or capturing video of the samples that you will analyze in the future.

It’s also worth noting that this microscope comes with a USB 2.0 connection, which means that you will be able to transfer the images to your computer or laptop as quickly and efficiently as possible. Since the software is provided in the box, you won’t have to go to extreme lengths in order to acquire it. Both the user manual and the driver can be found on the CD made available by the manufacturing company.

Once you install the software on your laptop, you’ll start to notice that there are several other features you can perform by using the driver. Modifications pertaining to the region of interest, resolution, and photo orientation can all be done with the help of the complementary driver.


Known issues

Even though most of the owner reviews we’ve gone through are favorable, there has been a customer who pointed out that the manual could have and should have been a bit more straightforward. First-time users might have a hard time understanding how they can make the most of the microscope if they don’t spend a lot of time trying to learn how to use it.


Buy from for ($249)




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