Main technical features


The first thing that customers notice upon their inspection of the Eyeskey Professional M1-1042Q is the rubber-armor, ultra-rugged design that makes this unit capable of withstanding use in even the harshest conditions. The unit is waterproof and fog proof so that you can enjoy the crystal-clear images provided by the 10x magnification even during unfavorable weather.

The fast focus mechanism will take the owner from close focus to a distant one in less than one turn of the focus control knob. This nifty addition will ensure that you will be able to follow the action however fast it is happening, a feature that makes the unit an excellent choice for hunting, sports games, and any other outdoor activity that requires sensitive and accurate optics.

What’s more, the fully multi-coated eco-glass lens and phase-correction-coated BaK-4 prism will provide a high light transmittance across the entire visible light spectrum. Comfort is also not forgotten since this model comes with extra-long eye relief and twist-out eyecups that can accommodate eyeglass wearers.


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In-depth information


When hunting and trekking across harsh environments, you need equipment that is capable of not only handling these situations but also of giving you the same performance across all weather conditions. The Eyeskey alternative stands out from the rest of the options available due to its rugged design that makes it perfect for seasoned and amateur hunters alike.

The binoculars are filled internally with nitrogen which will help keep water out. The nitrogen will also prevent internal fogging in adverse weather conditions from affecting the optics. On the outside, you have a rubber armor that is built to protect the binoculars from shocks and knocks.

Using this option is also extremely easy, even for the inexperienced users that don’t have a long history with binoculars. The rapid focus mechanism, in particular, is one feature that users can’t praise enough, as it makes switching between close and distant focus very straightforward with the help of the intuitive focus control knob.

The fact that you can follow the action however fast it is happening makes this option ideal for a large variety of activities, not only hunting but also bird watching and other outdoor activities. You can also use this nifty purchase to observe sports games or the night’s sky.

Another thing that this unit does right is giving the user the comfort he or she needs. The Professional M1-1042Q comes with extra-long eye relief and twist-out eyecups that can accommodate eyeglass wearers so that you can observe targets for as long as you wish without feeling uncomfortable or having your eyes feel tired.

Known issues

Since the vast majority of the reviews are very positive, it was challenging to find a widespread issue about this model. The one major thing that we did notice more customers complaining about has to be the optical coatings which are not the best on the market. Users have commented that they don’t do an outstanding job at filtering out haze.


Buy from for ($109)




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