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Eyeskey EK85611042 Lightweight – Review | Optics and Lab Equipment

Eyeskey EK85611042 Lightweight – Review

Last Updated: 13.11.19

Main technical features


This unit offers a magnification of 10x and a 42mm objective diameter that will allow for a 293-foot field of view at 1000 yards. This makes the Eyeskey binoculars ideal for outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, or bird watching.

If you are looking for a model that can give you excellent image quality for a very affordable price, the EK85611042 can render some fantastic images of the wildlife with the help of the quality optics present in this product.

The materials used are also waterproof and fog proof meaning that you can enjoy your outing without having to worry about the weather outside.

Speaking of the durable construction, we also feel the need to talk about the non-slip design. Even when the binoculars are wet, the secure grip will ensure that you never risk the chance of dropping them. What’s more, you may also use this model together with a tripod for a steadier experience.


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In-depth information


The 10x magnification and the 42mm objective diameter of the lens will provide a crystal clear view of distant objects. The 42mm diameter is large enough to allow for copious amounts of light to enter the objective so that you may use these binoculars even in low-light conditions without having to worry that you will get a sub-par image.

The amount of magnification that you get is more than enough to allow you to use the option for a wide variety of activities, both outdoors and indoors. The manufacturer mentions that the binoculars are great for hunting, hiking, bird watching, and camping, but also for concerts, theater, and surveillance purposes.

Another nifty feature that customers love has to be the fully multi-coated optics that will help reduce light loss and glare when you use the binoculars in sunny conditions. A fully multi-coat treatment is also known as an antireflective coating since it is designed to minimize lens reflections and improve clarity.

The images you get will be clear at both distant and near focus. The high-quality coating will do more than give you a brighter and clearer image, it will also provide scratch resistance to the lenses and can help repel dust and water.

Because the product is nitrogen-filled and O-ring sealed, it is safeguarded from water, fog, raindrops, and dust. This way you can enjoy a reliable performance in any environment. The non-slip design will offer a secure grip even when the device is wet so that you don’t risk the chance of dropping your new purchase.

One final feature to mention has to be the ability to attach a tripod to the Eyeskey EK85611042. When hunting and when you need your hands and gun at the ready, or simply when observing targets for longer periods of time, a tripod-adaptable choice will save you much trouble.

Known issues


While the vast majority of the users had only high praise about this model, we did notice one major flaw with the Eyeskey alternative. It seems that adjusting the binoculars on a tripod is very difficult due to the screw that needs to be tightened continuously to keep these from swinging.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($69.98)




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