If you want to be able to admire the stars, go birdwatching or watch your favorite sports and artists up close, then you should definitely get the best handheld telescope you can find. Doing so will help you obtain a closer view of objects and landscapes while enriching your experiences wherever you go. Here are the top reasons why you’d want to get this optical device soon.

Get a lightweight and portable device

One of the best things about handheld telescopes is that they allow you to look at all sorts of things without weighing you down. Contrary to a conventional telescope which is large and heavy, this small device, which is actually a monocular, is easy to carry around.

While a telescope would be able to offer you amazing experiences and the ability to admire the stars and planets, you couldn’t take it with you all the time. In fact, high-end telescopes weigh dozens of pounds if you count the mounts and tripods, and that means you’re most likely to need a truck and a few friends each time you want to go out stargazing.

A normal telescope would also take at least half an hour to set up and pack, while a handheld variant can be used within seconds. With a monocular, you’ll still be able to get closer to the stars and admire constellations without carrying a monster of an optical instrument.

While you wouldn’t get anywhere near the quality of a telescope, you still get a versatile device that fits into your pocket, that you can use anytime and everywhere you go. You don’t need a mount, and you also don’t need to fiddle with the settings. You can use it as it is, as long as you acquire a proper focus.


Get more out of your trips

Just as mentioned above, a monocular is small and compact so you can take it with you on mountain hikes without adding more weight to your already heavy equipment. You can keep it in your pocket and get it out as soon as you see anything interesting.

With a monocular, you can double-check trail signs and posts or look at landmarks so you can orient yourself more easily. Not only will you be better able to find your way out of tricky situations, but you also get to admire the view in higher detail. Check out tree patterns, interesting landscape, or look for springs to refill your water supplies.

You can even use a monocular to look at the horizon and see if there’s any weather front approaching so you could take shelter in a timely manner if needed and save yourself from an unpleasant experience.

Enjoy birdwatching

Whether you’re a biologist or a passionate birdwatcher, you can definitely enjoy getting a quality monocular. There are lots of options available, from models with a wide field of view to high-power instruments that can get you closer to these beautiful creatures.

You could ensure that you never miss a rare bird’s flight or a mating ritual, and the best part is that you’ll get to see intimate wildlife moments you couldn’t otherwise while making sure that you don’t disturb them from their daily routines.

You can even get a larger monocular with a higher magnification power and opt for a miniature tripod or a monopod to get even closer. Some of these models can actually magnify so much that you’d be able to see even the feathers of the birds you’re looking at.


Admire your favorite artists

A quality monocular isn’t just awesome for wildlife observations, but also for urban use. If you know you don’t have enough money to buy a front seat at your favorite band’s concert, then you shouldn’t worry. You can pick an elevated level at the back of the concert hall and get out your monocular, you’d be surprised to see just how much detail it is able to offer.

You could also use this in theaters or even large outdoor festivals, choosing a higher magnification over a wide field of view or the other way around depending on your specific needs.


Check the hunting grounds

If you like to go out hunting from time to time, then you can definitely benefit from a reliable handheld telescope. You can check out animal behavior from a distance without scaring it away. You also won’t need to get too close and disturb the environment so that you prevent leaving physical or odor traces and wasting a hunting opportunity.

You can also prevent accidents from happening with a proper optical device. You can ensure that you obtain confirmation of the target before you even get your rifle out. The last thing you want is to hunt a protected species, or worse, just because you didn’t have at least a pocket monocular with you on that hunting day.

Watch sports up close

You won’t be dependent on the large screen at the stadium or on the audience’s reaction anymore in order to figure out what’s happening. By purchasing a good monocular, you’ll be able to get as close as possible to the action without spending hundreds of bucks on a front row seat.

Not only that, but you also get the ability to see details no one else besides the referee could, especially if you go for one of the models which offer a higher magnification. You can be the only person at the stadium able to contest that point or see the smirk on your favorite player’s face after scoring against the odds, all that with a tiny telescope.


Get a versatile and affordable instrument

Yet another great advantage of buying a handheld telescope is that you enjoy a much more affordable option and save money in the process. Even a quality entry-level telescope can cost upwards of 200 bucks, while a quality monocular would cost only a fraction of that.

These small devices also come with many options and features such as free small tripods, focus systems that are easy to adjust, protective cases, and some even offer night vision modes.



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