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With the newest type of Wi-Fi-enabled endoscope, you get compatibility with most smartphone operating systems like Android and iOS, as any dbpower borescope review will reveal. You also get an exquisite camera capable of capturing even the smallest detail in a badly lit situation. Moreover, the body of the borescope is flexible and long enough that it can reach even the tightest corner or coiled pipe that has clogged. You’ll also enjoy its built-in six adjustable LEDs, which are so bright they’ll shed light in pitch-dark rooms so you can find what you’re looking for.


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In-depth information



The piece has surpassed many traditional endoscopes, as you will learn with the help of this iphone endoscope review, by removing using limitation for smartphones users. It can work flawlessly with Android 2.3, IOS 6.0 and their newer updated versions. This makes it a popular and reliable inspection tool for the everyday iPhone user and reveals its premium nature and features. Besides, the list of benefits you get with this model doesn’t end here as it can allow up to four devices to be connected at the same so it can offer you a global view of whatever you want to inspect at a given time. Surveillance has never been easier.


Since it uses Wi-Fi for connectivity, this piece can even be used by the elderly with no issues whatsoever. It can connect to most wireless networks, which makes it portable and a fit choice for the handyman or handywoman who wants to have his or her back covered in case something unpreventable happens. Its settings can be adjusted according to your needs, and they are pretty straightforward and uncomplicated, a thing that will save you time and, why not, a lot of frustration.



The adjustable LEDs attached to the camera will allow you to spot even a tiny object in dark or low-light areas, like under your house or the sofa, and other furniture pieces, in case you’ve lost your ring or other small items. The LED intensity can be modified with ease since there’s a responsive brightness control wheel. With this camera, you can capture images to analyze later or record videos at a close range so you can share them with other people. The resolution goes up to 1600x1200P, which is more than enough for all tasks. The captured photos and videos will be saved to your phone album folder automatically. You can also access them via the Apple cloud if you enable the proper setting.


Known Issues

One potential drawback could be the fact that this model is very flexible. For many, this is going to be a major selling point. However, for those who need a higher degree of rigidness, it can be frustrating. Before buying it, it is better than you think about the ways you are going to use it and see if this style is going to fit those tasks.


Buy from for ($50.59)




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