Main technical features


The magnification ratio of this microscope ranges from 20X to 300X, making it raise up to par in a wide array of situations.

The light source that the Crenova unit has been equipped with consists of eight LED bulbs.

Having been fitted with a USB port, this model can be powered using the USB input of any computer or laptop and the same entry must be used in order to transfer the pictures to these devices.

The product is compatible with a broad range of operating systems, which adds to its versatility.

A 5MP sensor is utilized in order to capture the images that are both crisp and clear.

Software is included with the purchase and can be utilized to transfer the files and to perform measurements of the specimens or various areas that may be of interest on the slide.

This microscope is constructed out of three main parts.


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In-depth information


The 20X to 300X magnification range of this product makes it possible for teachers and students to study the details of rocks, hair strands, and many other specimens. It’s worth noting that this unit can be utilized with great results for studying the structure of jewelry pieces and electronics, which means that it satisfy the ever-growing requirements of many types of users.

Due to its somewhat basic construction, this low-power microscope comes with eight LED bulbs. A light source has been included in the build of the model because it is not an optical microscope and using natural lighting may be very difficult.

As with other digital microscopes in the same line, the Crenova features a USB port which has two roles. On the one hand, you can utilize this input in order to power the device. On the other hand, it should be employed when you need to analyze the specimens and visualize them on a laptop, for example.


Compatibility is not an issue of this model as it has been found to work with multiple operating systems, and even more so with modern ones such as Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.5 and above.

The 5MP sensor comes in handy for people looking to capture the images in a more than decent quality so they can use them for proof or to display in various papers, be they scientific or not.

The value of this model is increased by the software included by the manufacturer as one doesn’t have to go to extreme lengths in order to acquire it separately.

Weighing in at just 1.8 pounds, this unit is built out of just three parts, which means that it won’t create any technical difficulties for individuals who are less tech-savvy. All one has to do is put the components together and start using the microscope. Convenience and ease of use are two of the most important factors to give some thought to when prospecting the market for a new microscope, particularly one that is intended for the use of hobbyists.


Known issues

While there have been no problems reported with regard to the performance of the model per se, it seems that some of the owners would have appreciated a WiFi capability. By no means is this a disadvantage as the Crenova unit is a very affordable alternative which makes for a user-friendly low-power microscope.


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