As opposed to regular scales, a digital pocket scale is lightweight and very small, which makes for convenient transportation anywhere you go. But why would you need to carry such a product with you?

Surely you won’t be using it to determine the weight of your groceries at the supermarket but there are some moments in which such a scale could prove useful. Here are five of the most common situations that will most likely require a reliable yet inexpensive scale.

Measuring gold

In the precious metal industry, such a scale is not only useful but mandatory as well. Gold is nowadays sold by the ounce but you cannot always trust the jeweler with a fair bargain. On the contrary, there are many times when jewelers use fake and modified scales to deliberately show a smaller/larger weight than the real one.

The reason behind this is simple – more profit. Keep in mind that professional jewelers trade large quantities of gold on a daily basis and even the slightest measurement error in their favor could bring them important profits.

Therefore, it is always useful to bring your own unaltered scale and double-measure each ounce of gold you are about to buy or sell.


Measure small parcels and letters

Post offices often use large scales to determine the precise weight of each parcel or letter in order to calculate the shipping costs. Using the same product, small companies and even people can calculate the estimated cost of shipping before arriving at the post office or to the carrier’s office.

This will determine the most efficient shipping method and could also substantially decrease the amount of time required for that parcel or letter to be delivered. Keep in mind that lightweight parcels and letters can be delivered faster as they can be easily carried by the mailman.

On the contrary, heavier parcels require the use of larger vehicles that only start their journey after they are fully loaded. Thus, it may take longer for your parcel to leave the warehouse and reach its destination. In these cases and especially during the holiday season, a one-ounce weight difference can, in fact, equal a few extra days until the package is delivered.


The pharma industry

In this field, accurate measurements are mandatory in order to determine the right proportion of each ingredient. Even the slightest measurement error could lead to nasty side effects or to the inefficiency of the final product.

Therefore, a precise and reliable portable scale comes in handy. The big pharmaceutical companies use high-performance items that can end up costing thousands of dollars and are able to detect errors of several micrograms.

However, local pharmacies that also prepare their own medicines often choose portable scales because they are good enough for their needs. Most local pharmacies prepare creams, gels, and lotions that are locally applied and, therefore, their recipes are not as strict as the ones used for pills.  

For cooking

Throughout the ages, people have refined their tastes for foods and it is only natural that nowadays customers are pickier. The “fine dining” concept implies carefully selected and expensive ingredients that combine to create a symphony of tastes and smells.

Thus, it goes without saying that chefs pay more attention to the details in order to create a perfectly balanced taste. This is where a digital scale steps in as it ensures the precise weighing of each ingredient.

Molecular gastronomy is another modern dining concept that requires the use of a digital scale in order to create true masterpieces. Test tubes and syringes represent the main cooking tools in this type of cuisine and a pharmaceutical precision is required to deliver reinvented dishes.


For camping purposes

Have you thought about new ways to bring more efficiency to your camping packing process? A digital scale may not be your first choice but we guarantee you it’s extremely reliable and useful.

Campers need to prepare their meals in advance to survive so many days outdoors, so a digital scale may come in handy. The item allows them to precisely measure each meal and thus, add as many as possible in their backpacks.

It is extremely important to always pack a few extra meals or snacks before going on your next outdoor adventure in order to be prepared for unforeseen events or special situations.



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