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Coleman Signature 7×50 Review | Optics and Lab Equipment

Coleman Signature 7×50 Review

Last Updated: 14.11.19

Main technical features


The 7x magnification is ideal for marine use, in particular, but also for other activities, and you will love their versatility, as well as reliability.

If you appreciate the ability to see images in great clarity when you’re looking through your binoculars, the Porro prism construction will provide you with the sharp resolution you are after.

Another thing that must be noted about this model is that it comes with fully coated optics for bright, clear image quality, while the large objective lens size helps with light gathering abilities.

The rubber armor provides you with a firm grip that will prevent accidents from happening, and will also reduce the force of impact should you drop the binoculars by mistake.

Its resistance to water, fog, and dust makes this model a must-have for those who are planning long trips to locations where weather elements might affect the equipment you’re using.


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In-depth information


Anyone who wants a fantastic pair of binoculars that can adapt to various conditions, such as marine use, will find this model to be precisely what he or she needs. What contributes to their ease of use in different circumstances is their 7x magnification that is just right for many activities, without sacrificing image stability, as other models do.

Image quality is essential for a pair of good binoculars, so you should pay attention to the type of construction the ones you intend to buy have. In this case, they come with a Porro prism construction that ensures that you will be able to see images in sharp resolution.

Furthermore, the optics quality plays an essential role in the overall performance of the binoculars you want to use. The Coleman Signature comes with fully coated lenses that manage to provide you with a crisp, clear picture that will let you observe even the finest details with ease. Also, the large objective lens diameter, which is 50mm, makes sure to gather enough light, to avoid the image from getting muddy and difficult to see.

The model is highly resistant to impact, as it comes equipped with a strong rubber armor that keeps the housing protected against falls. The chance of dropping these binoculars is close to none, however, because the same rubber armor provides the user with a firm grip that prevents slippage.

Do you need a pair of binoculars that can face any weather? Count on this model, because it is resistant to water, to fog, and to dust. Nothing will get inside and affect the delicate lens design, which means that even if you plan to face severe weather conditions, you can rest assured that you will be able to use your binoculars without fear that they might suffer any damage.

Known issues


The binoculars come with a carrying strap, but the problem arises from the fact that hooking them to this accessory is difficult, and the manufacturer does not provide any instructions on how to do it correctly, either. Otherwise, these binoculars have managed to impress positively every customer who bought them.


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