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Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 Cassegrain Telescope Review | Optics and Lab Equipment

Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 Cassegrain Telescope Review

Last Updated: 17.11.19


Main technical features


Not only is the NexStar Evolution 8 easy to align, it is also simple to control making it a good choice for amateur and experienced astronomers.

Thanks to its cassegrain optics images in the day and night sky will appear bright and clearly defined.

With its durable computerized mount the NexStar Evolution 8 is a true high performance “GoTo” telescope.

Everyone will appreciate how easy this telescope is to set up, and as an added advantage it comes with everything you need to get started.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($1533.17)




In-depth information


This really is one of the most “user friendly” telescopes as stated by Celestron. Not only does it come with SkyAlign technology which makes alignment a breeze and gives you access to its expansive database, but you also have the advantage of the convenient mobile app. Simply install the app for your compatible mobile devices and you can control the telescope from your smartphone or tablet. This also gives you access to the planetarium interface so you can choose to view the night sky in real time or see a complete list of the celestial objects in your current viewing area.

Since this computerized telescope comes with Schmidt-Cassegrain optics even objects in deep space will appear bright and clear. Thanks to its impressive light gathering capabilities you never have to worry about stars and planets appearing dim. It also comes with a 40mm and 13mm plossl eyepiece so you can choose to enjoy a wide view or see objects in sharp detail. With this 8 inch telescope you’ll be amazed at what you can see in the sky.

One of the reasons this cassegrain telescope is a popular choice with consumers is due to its durable computerized base. It comes with high performance motors and worm gears so you can enjoy improved tracking. This also helps improve the accuracy for even more precise alignments with celestial bodies. Since it is designed to minimize gear backlash you can enjoy a smooth performance that will last for years.

Like all telescopes by Celestron the NexStar Evolution 8 is also a breeze to set up, especially since it doesn’t require the use of additional tools. Thanks to the fork mount it is easy to attach the telescope to the included tripod, which is designed to provide plenty of stability on all types of surfaces. It also comes with a long lasting lithium ion battery, and since it is rechargeable you don’t have to worry about spending money on replacements. To help you get started viewing planets, stars and distant galaxies it also comes with a “deluxe” accessory kit.


Known issues

Other than the mentions that the customer service department is lacking in professionalism, there really are not any negative reviews regarding this telescope from Celestron.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($1533.17)




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