Main technical features


You will love how bright and clear images appear when looking through this attractive brass tabletop telescope.

The Ambassador by Celestron is designed to be easy to operate making it a great choice for beginners or experienced users.

Its stylish design looks great sitting on any desk or table and it is also built to provide years of enjoyment.

It comes at a price that will fit most budgets and is also backed by a limited warranty for added peace of mind.


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In-depth information


Thanks to its high quality all glass optics objects on the ground or in the sky appear sharp and clearly defined. Just because this is a tabletop telescope doesn’t meant that you can’t still enjoy bright, crisp views. It comes with the same great optics as the full size model, which includes a 50mm aperture and a fixed 15-45x zoom eyepiece. This ensures close and distant objects are bright and clear even when you zoom in on them.

Beginners will appreciate how easy this tabletop telescope is to use. The cradle style altazimuth mount ensures a smooth operation, while making it a breeze to accurately align the telescope. This also makes it easier for you to track moving objects, and this is always an advantage whether you are a novice or experienced user. Best of all it is incredibly easy to zoom in on a target once it is located. The fixed eyepiece is always in place, and with a simple twist you can go from low to high powered magnification. This eliminates the need to constantly switch out eyepieces every time you need to change the magnification, and also means that there is one less thing for you to keep track of.

If you love the look of the vintage brass telescopes and have always wanted to add one to your collection, this tabletop model from Celestron might be the perfect choice for you. It is designed to be proudly displayed, while still being able to provide you with an exceptional performance. The brass altazimuth mount and optic tube contrast beautifully with the elegant mahogany base for a stylish and sophisticated appearance. The wood base also provides plenty of stability so you can concentrate on focusing on your target and not on a wobbly telescope. Its stability also makes it easier to accurately locate objects, and this is always an advantage regardless of your skill level. The Ambassador manages to combine style and performance, while still coming at an affordable price.


Known issues

Many consumers have noted that the sales department at Celestron is often lacking in customer service skills. While problems rarely occur with this telescope, if it does happen resolving the problem can be time consuming and frustrating.

It has been noted that this telescope can be difficult to aim skyward at certain angles, and it should be mentioned that this is a tabletop model. This means that you might be slightly limited when trying to aim it at certain angles.


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