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Bushnell Legend Ultra HD – Review | Optics and Lab Equipment

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD – Review

Last Updated: 17.11.19



Main technical features


The optics quality on this monocular is hard to surpass, as only top-notch materials are used in its construction, as well as competitive technologies.

At 10x magnification, this monocular offers outstanding performance, allowing you to bring the objects of interest close to your eyes in bright and precise details.

You will be interested in learning that the model has waterproof and fog proof capabilities, which means that you will be able to use this in any weather conditions, without a problem.

In case you need it, you can mount this model on a tripod, thus avoiding the natural fatigue that can occur after a while when using a monocular.

Users also seem pleased with the available Picatinny rail that lets you add various accessories without a glitch.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($174.38)




In-depth information


When using a monocular for night vision, or daytime viewing, you will be interested in what optics performance is offered. In the case of the Bushnell Legend, the optics quality is built on the notion that nothing should be sacrificed. The BaK-4 prism construction ensures that the image quality obtained will be bright and clear. Furthermore, the fully multi-coated optics offer superior light transmission which makes it easy to see a crisp picture. The material used for the optics is ED prime glass, and a PC-3 phase-coated prism is also used to ensure that this monocular offers performance that is not easy to equal. It must also be mentioned that all the materials used for making this model have been tested repeatedly to ensure that the quality of the end product will please the user.

Portability is another thing that matters a lot for people who like spending time in the woods, camping, hiking, or watching wildlife. Hunters and anglers can also make great use of a night vision monocular, as they might have to follow subjects in less than ideal light conditions. That is why the fact that this model is comfortable to hold in one hand and it is compact enough to fit in a pocket contributes to its overall appeal. In case you do not want to keep the monocular in your hand all day long, you will make great use of the fact that it is tripod mountable.

Some accessories can prove more useful than others, which is why we must mention the several few this model comes along with. For instance, the Picatinny rail lets you attach various other accessories, an aspect considered paramount by many users. The carry clip comes in handy, too, while the twist-up eyecups are a great add-on, as well, as they increase the user’s comfort.


Known issues

Some users comment on the fact that the monocular is heavier than they expected; for one-hand usage, that may become a problem in time.

Others say that they were disappointed with the generic case that was provided with a product of this quality and that they have higher expectations from this manufacturer.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($174.38)



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