Main technical features


The adjustable zoom makes these binoculars extraordinarily versatile and provides you with the means of using them in a broad range of situations, from hunting to outdoor viewing.

You will notice right away the superior quality of the optics used, as the BaK-4 prism construction and the fully multi-coated design contribute to making this pair an excellent buy.

Small accidents won’t be able to affect the delicate optics inside, as the outside is built with durability in mind; the secure grip reduces the risk of accidents, and the rubber armor diminishes the force of impact.

With this pair, you get the ability to use your binoculars in any weather conditions, because they are waterproof and fog proof at the same time.

The binoculars come with long eye relief, as well as other features that contribute to the overall comfort of using this model instead of others.


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In-depth information


If you are looking for a pair of binoculars that is ideal for outdoor use, this model should be on top of your list. They come with adjustable zoom, so you will be able to focus on different objects, regardless of whether they are at a longer or shorter distance from you. The magnification varies between 10x and 22x, which gives you quite the leeway when you go hunting, hiking, or camping.

When you’re shopping for binoculars, you should always be interested in the quality of the optics provided by the manufacturer. The BaK-4 prism construction is the first feature that recommends these binoculars, regarding optics quality. The fully multi-coated lenses ensure that the image you will see through your binoculars is crisp and clear and that you will be able to observe details with ease.

It is crucial for many users to have binoculars that can withstand a bit of wear and tear and even some accidents. The soft grip offered diminishes the risk of dropping the binoculars, but even if that happens, you will not have to worry too much. The rubber armor provides the ideal protection for these binoculars as it is designed for shock absorption.

People who go hunting or spend a lot of time outdoors need binoculars that can withstand severe weather on a regular basis. Again, this model proves to be the right choice, as it is designed to resist water and fog. Even if you drop the binoculars in a puddle of water, you will not have to worry about a thing. Because they are 100% waterproof, they will not suffer any damage.

In case you wear glasses, and you still want to use your binoculars in perfect comfort, you will be pleased to discover that this model comes with a long eye relief, which is excellent for people with glasses. Other comfort features include a center focus that is easy to use and twist-up eyecups.

Known issues


You will find people who say that these binoculars are quite heavy, so they are not that good a choice for users who cannot hold them for an extended period. Nonetheless, seeing the excellent quality they provide, that might not be a make or break aspect for you.


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