Main technical features


The gadget includes an LCD which shows results in many different units that can be selected in accordance with the preferences of the user. Made with a tempered safety glass platform, its capacity has been significantly increased, allowing you a massive 22 lbs of payload, more than enough for your everyday needs.

It has four strain gauge sensors, which guarantee accurate and precise measurements. Eight keys for Kcal calculation are provided. This reliable nutrition scale operates using 4 1.5 volts AAA batteries.


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In-depth information


The digital multifunctional kitchen scale made by Brilliant is one of the most effective tools available for calculating your daily intake. It is appreciated for its great accuracy; this is provided by the four strain gauge sensors which were used to equip this model.

These will measure the weight of the ingredients, while the built-in calculator will display the Kcal intake for one of the eight possible foods included in its database. This way, you can keep track of your calorie intake without having to use other gadgets.

The eight keys for calculation are meant to cover the necessary ingredients usually found in diet food – chicken, butter, sugar, flour, egg, chocolate, and beef. Furthermore, you can find out the volume of water or milk measured by converting its mass into a volume with the particular function.

If you are using the item as a simple kitchen scale, it will display the results in 3 different units: grams, pounds, and ounces.

With a modern and elegant design, this item will not only look great in your kitchen, but it will also be easy to store since it compact and pretty lightweight.

The materials used for this good electronic scale are of the highest quality, the tempered safety glass platform enabling you to weigh anything up to 22 lbs. It covers a surface of 27 x 18 centimeters, so it does not require too much room on your table.

Powered by 4 1.5 volts AAA batteries (which are not included in the package and have to be bought separately), its LCD is large and comfortable to read, the font being suitable even for those with poorer eyesight. It incorporates the tare option, which eliminates the weight of the bowl from the calculations.

Available for an attractive price, the Brilliant digital scale has excellent value for the money. This essential and easy to use model is efficient for tracking daily calorie intake.

Known issues


Even though you can calculate the calorie intake by using this product, some customers believe that, given its price and overall quality, a function to determine the nutrients contained would have been helpful.

It is pretty basic and does not include many additional extras, which are nowadays featured on most smartphone apps for diet tracking; the latter can be used for more specific calculation.


Buy from for ($34.95)




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