Main technical features


It comes with a durable construction that ensures this handheld telescope is built to last.

If you are looking for a functional authentic style Naval spy glass to add to your collection, this beautiful model might be perfect for you.

You will appreciate how easy it is to use, even if you are a novice. It is also designed to be comfortable to hold in your hand.

Thanks to its 32x times magnification capabilities distant objects will appear sharp and clear.


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In-depth information


If you are fascinated with pirates or love the look of the vintage Dollond London spy glasses, this handheld telescope might be just what you need to add to your collection. It’s authentic Royal Naval design ensures that it stands outs, and you love the matching display and storage box it comes with. The box proudly displays a “Dollard London” plaque on the front, along with functioning vintage style latches. To ensure that everyone can see the telescope’s beautiful design the protective box comes with a clear glass top.

Even though this is a vintage style spy glass, it still comes with a durable construction so you can enjoy it for years. The body of the telescope is constructed from sturdy wood and brass so you can rest assured that it is a good value for your money. Best of all this also means that it is lightweight, and won’t easily cause arm or wrist fatigue. The matching storage box is also constructed from the same high quality materials.

One of the best aspects of this telescope is that it is incredibly easy to use. Simple extend it to its full 16 inch length and look through the eyepiece. Focusing the telescope is just as easy so you can clearly view objects at a distance. When you are ready to place the spy glass back in the case, it simply collapses back down to its compact size. Since it tapers down at the handle, it is also fits comfortably in your hand.

Not only is this handheld telescope designed to be displayed, it is also fully functional. Whether you are watching the scenery, a cityscape or trying to spot a bird or other wildlife, objects will appear sharp and clear. This is due to its 32 times magnification capabilities. Even though you might not want to take this telescope with you on a hunting trip, it is still ideal for other viewing applications.


Known issues

Some consumers have noted that this handheld telescope is not as easy to focus as other models, and might not be the best choice for beginners.

It has been mentioned that even though this telescope can be collapsed down to a compact 6.5 inches, it is not as convenient to carry as some other models. Its large wood and brass storage case is also impractical for travel.


Buy from for ($53.98)




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