Main technical features


Its brass and wood construction not only gives this telescope an authentic appearance, it also ensures durability.

You will appreciate its lightweight construction that allows you to comfortably hold it for long periods of time.

Thanks it is glass optics you can enjoy bright clear views of objects on the ground and in the sky.

Since it comes in an attractive matching brass and wood glass top box, this telescope is ready to be proudly displayed in your collection.


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In-depth information


One of the first aspects you’ll notice about this brass and wood spyglass is its attractive and authentic design. This makes it a great addition to any collection, especially since it comes with a matching glass top display box. The wood has an “aged” look for an authentic look, and the artfully tarnished brass accents only adds to its appeal. The front brass plaque on the box proudly proclaims that this replica spyglass is from Dollond London. Along with making it easy to display this telescope for everyone to admire, the box also protects it from dust and scratches.



Since this is a handheld telescope the last thing you want is for it to be too heavy to comfortably hold. Weighing only 1.54 pounds, that won’t be a problem with this replica nautical spyglass. The tapered end fits comfortably in your hand so you can spend hours scanning the horizon. Best of all this telescope is collapsible so you can easily take it with you. This also helps make storage a breeze.

Not only is this telescope designed to look great, it is also capable of providing you with a high quality performance. The wide glass aperture is capable of gathering plenty of light so distant and close objects appear bright and sharply defined. This is important if you are scanning the horizon pretending to be watching for hostile ships. While you might not actually be in the Royal Navy the authentic design of this spyglass will certainly make you feel like you are. When this is combined with its high quality optics, it is easy to see why this spyglass is a favorite addition to any collection. Best of all it also comes at a price that almost any consumer can afford.


Known issues

When it comes to authentic appearance and elegant style, it is hard to beat this wood and brass handheld telescope. While there aren’t any mentions regarding its stunning appearance, some consumers have noted that it can be difficult to focus. This is due to it being a handheld model and might not make it the best choice for beginners.


Buy from for ($53.98)




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